3 Ways To Wear Stacking Rings


For my engagement ring I chose a simple oval solitaire. I absolutely love my diamond, but it's weird for me to imagine wearing anything every single day for the rest of my life. A little change is fun for me, so I chose stacking rings for my wedding band. I thought it would be fun to collect stacking rings over the next few years (ahem… anniversary idea?) and experiment with styling them different ways.

Right now I am wearing a family wedding band. It was worn by my father's grandmother for 63 years and my mother for the last 30 years. My mom gave it to me before the wedding. In seven more years it will have been worn for 100 years of marriage… how special is that? In addition I purchased three tiny gold stacking bands from Etsy. So at the moment I am wearing five rings on my finger every day and I love it!


Here are three ways I wear my rings… 1. Super simple without the diamond. This is how I wear them when I'm working on something crafty like a dying project. It's no fun accidently dying your stone pink… I would know. 2. Spaced out. I love wearing my rings like this. It feels more gypsy and pretty… 1970s inspired! 3. Plain Jane. This is how I wear them most of the time. But I love having options!  XO, elsie

  • A stacking ring is really a must-have for fashionistas! It also helps that you can wear it in different ways. Rings look great on its own or all stacked up. It helps you define your style by dressing up your fingers. You can totally experiment with a few pieces for a demure look. I particularly love the first. It matches the nail polish and the white laced dress perfectly!

  • I like how you wear your ring in a different manner. Wearing it in a different style is one way to make it even more interesting to look at. Also, it doesn’t look like the ring has been worn for so many years because it doesn’t have any signs of wear at all – in fact, it looks brand new! The ones who wore that before you must have taken good care of it!

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  • Looking good! What’s ruly impressive is the age of the ring. It has witnessed nearly 100 years’ worth of experiences and memories from three different people. And there is no doubt that trend would continue. The design is beautiful, and it’s a look that won’t go out of style.

  • Great post! I love this new trend. It’s beautiful and so special since you can personalize your ring exactly how you want it and no one else will have that exact replica! Also looks like you have a new tradition on your hands (literally!) wearing your family ring. Great blog, love it!

  • That’s a great idea! Nothing beats a simple ring as an accessory. You don’t need fancy bling-blings, even a plain band with some stone rings will do wonders.

  • this is what i did with my wedding rings as well! my diamond ring is from the ’20’s and i paired it with a simple white gold band on either side.

  • Oh my goodness gracious! You always have the cutest ideas! All your wedding posts have got me day dreaming about what I want my wedding to be like (whenever that is) and just the other day I was thinking of what I want to do for my wedding/engagement rings, since I want something fun, and semi-nontraditional. This is such a lovely idea! Seriously, I cannot get over how cute that is!! <3 <3 <3

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  • Fantastic idea! I love you have made something “universal” completely your own 🙂

  • Any chance you’d be willing to tell me what font the words “STACKING RINGS” is in? I would appreciate it!

    x Hilary

  • The first ring-wearing idea reminds me that for a majority of my life, my mom wore just her wedding band so she wouldn’t scratch us kids. I had totally forgotten that until I saw your picture. Thanks, Elsie!

  • LOVE this! I’ve been wondering about those rings… 🙂


  • What a wonderful idea! I’ll certainly keep this in mind for the future 😉


  • I did this too! My engagement ring is a ruby (hubby’s brimstone) though, and my wedding band is a thin band of rubies! My second is a thin silver band with a 2mm opal to celebrate my daughter. I love looking at my hand and always wearing something so special!

  • 2. Thanks a lot for the information which was very helpful for me. I had uploaded all images and saved the information.

  • 17. I am excited about learning way more than what I have already taught myself. Thank you!

  • I love the look of stacked rings. Sometimes a thin band can get lost on your hand, but when you pile a few of them together they really have an impact.

  • I LOVE that idea!! you are brilliant!!!
    such a cool look!

  • Oh! thank God! I was so confused about how I should wear my rings! You are genius!!!

  • I do the same thing with mine! It keeps it fresh. Great ideas! LOVE the 100 years of marriage ring. Amazing.

    ♥ sécia

  • I LOVE that idea!! you are brilliant!!!
    I definitely love them spaced out, such a cool look!


  • I love the look of stacked rings. I am building my collection to wear with my wedding band/engagement ring!

  • I love the spaced out style! I’ve never thought of doing that.

  • I like the idea of leaving spaces between the rings, thanks!

    xx Grace

  • I have a collection of about 20 something stacks collected over the past 25 years. A lot of them are from my moms boutique. A few years back my sister married and stacked her diamond between 2 bands. I wear about 7 stacked rings a day and told my boyfriend that I would like 3 Cartier eternity bands for our marriage. I love love love stacked rings and love to see you love them too! So classic.

  • I love this! We’re not married but I want us to get wedding-style rings for our 10 year anniversary next year I really like stacking rings, I think wearing one thin, delicate ring on it’s own could look really pretty too!

  • When my son was born my mom gave me an eternity band with his birthstone. I wear it with my wedding band and engagement solitaire. I hope she gives me a birthstone eternity band for any future children we have so I can stack those, too!

  • Good idea. I am so horrible with rings, I just can’t stand washing my hands with them on, and since I wash my hands constantly, I have lost many a ring. That makes me sad, so I normally wear really cheapo/fun rings. Some simple silver bands might be a good idea though. As a Fiber Artist, I absolutely understand you ring dyeing accident : ) . I guess I just need something super low maintenance. Maybe some pretty silver bands are in my future.


  • I love the look of stacked rings. Sometimes a thin band can get lost on your hand, but when you pile a few of them together they really have an impact.

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • ooh, yes love this idea. I was just (funnily enough) looking for stacking rings to add to my diamond & wedding band. Great inspiration, and I’m with you it’s SO fun to switch it up. xx veronika

  • wow – you just gave me a huge idea for my own wedding band… now i’m contemplating if it would work.


  • thank you for posting this!
    my ring set is from my husband’s mother & I’ve purposely kept them separated so I could pass it down again someday…which turned out to be not-so-great as I just lost one of the bands this weekend.
    I’ve been so so bummed about losing it, but this is a fantastic way for me to make the best of it by just purchasing more bands!

  • I love number 2! I love ANYTHING that’s Gypsy like. ^_^ Also, I totally know what you mean as far as dying fabric, etc. goes.

    I loved my engagement ring so very much that I decided to keep the ring for my wedding ring as well! It’s white gold with three tanzanite gems, surrounded by little diamonds. ^_^

    In the future, Jen and I want to buy matching wedding rings from a beautiful store called Brilliant Earth. So than I’ll have both rings and I’ve been wondering what to do with them! This is a great post!!!

  • What a perfect time for this post! My bf and I just went looking for engagement rings (for the first time – eeep!) over the weekend, and I fell in love with a stacking set. I’ve been thinking about many of the same “options” that you’ve shown here, and am happy to have some validation on my choice. Thanks, Elsie!

  • Those are so cool! I love this! What a great idea. Thanks!


  • I’m not even engaged yet and I am always looking at wedding bands…etc…I love the look of these stacked rings http://www.etsy.com/listing/61339907/renaissance-pattern-stacking-rings-with …etsy always sucks me in! thanks for sharing 🙂 -Lo

  • i LOVE my stack rings! I have silver ones in a “nut bolt” shape and i’ve been wearing them for years!!!


  • what a pretty idea! i dream of wearing a white gold or platinum engagement ring with a thin rose gold wedding band. we’ll see what happens some day!

  • I love the idea of using stacking rings for your wedding band! It really would be the perfect anniversary gift. Also, I find it extremely special that band has been worn for nearly 100 years of marriage! My favorite way you’re wearing them has to be #2! SO pretty! <3

  • I love this post! Good idea!xx

  • That’s very sentimental and innovative! Very romantic… You’re adorable!

    🙂 -Alex

  • I absolutely love that idea! It must be so wonderful to have a family ring that will soon be worn for 100 years. How romantic.

  • It’s smart to take your diamond off when crafting, even though Drea is right, it’s not possible to dye it, but you can get things (color, food, etc.) stuck to the bottom and it’s a pita to get it off. However, having worked at a jewelry store for 4-5 years, I cannot tell you how important maintenance of that ring is. You should have it professionally checked and cleaned every 6 months at the latest, closer to 4 would be better. Because it is set in a 6 prong head it’s very important to have your tips and prongs checked, to make sure they’re still doing their job and holding that diamond in it’s place. Also, you shouldn’t wear your diamond to bed either. A lot of people snag their jewelry on the threads in their sheets while sleeping and break prongs, therefore losing their diamond. I’m a big fan of stackable rings too, and it’s nice to have thin bands so when it’s really hot and your fingers swell, you can wear less of them to relieve some of that swelling in your finger.

  • I have stacking wedding rings too!! You beat me by 1 though! I wear 4 everyday 🙂 Such cute ideas to wear them spaced out… I must try it!

  • yeah i love wearing several ring on one finger as well.
    ps: really love this creative blog!

  • I feel the same about wanting a little change in things, and this idea of having different rings is so pretty, I love the 2nd option, the spaced out, although they all look very nice.
    I hope you wear your family wedding band for many years of happiness with your husband! 🙂

  • I love this idea! My dream wedding band is alternating pink sapphire and normal diamonds, I’m such a girly girl at heart!
    Love and Turtledoves,

  • I have to agree with not being wanting/imagining wearing the same ring all the time. I actually purchased some gold stacking rings for my wedding band from Etsy as well and I am wearing them now.

  • Drea… he! I’m sure you’re right. One time I got a lot if red dye on my diamond and it took me a LOT of cleaning to get the pink tint off. That’s why I don’t wear it when crafting. XX

  • Umm………..not to sound like a know it all, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to dye a diamond any color.

  • this is what i did with my wedding rings as well! my diamond ring is from the ’20’s and i paired it with a simple white gold band on either side. our 1 year is in october and i have already hinted at a skinny diamond band to go with all the other rings. love!

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