3 weeks to go…..

till The RVA Store officially opens!

here are  few early sneek peeks. many more to come….

Elsie and rachel

i am in LOVE with these cute eye masks that emma made. the one i am wearing in this pic looks a little like the classic Audrey Hepburn one, right? adorable.

Elsie and rachel 2

and rach made these gorgeous leather journals. they come in lots of killer colors. if you look closely the strap looks like a little bow & arrow! they are the prettiest journals i've ever seen.

well, i am working down in my shop hanging up two installments of paintings (with my amazing dad!!) today. Also going to visit the screen printers & check on all of my new woodcut necklace charms! it is such an exciting time. i feel absolutely honored to be living this dream & to have the support of my online friends! thank you. happy monday! els 

  • eeeeek!!! another class?! omgawd, exciting! whatever it is, i’m signing up!

    and the store merch is looking amazing, good luck with everything!!

  • You are forever inspiring Elsie! I love every post and just thought I should tell you. I can’t wait to see all that you and the girls are cooking up 🙂

  • Beautiful energy, beautiful people, beautiful things. Enjoy yourself. This sounds like an amazing time for you.

  • Ahhhh, I just gotta get me one of thoughs journals (hmm, don’t know about that spelling *hehe*) I LOOOOVE them! can’t wait till the grand opening. Love Johanna

  • loveLOVE all the fantastic stuff! too cuute! and another online class!?? with both of you!!?!?! i’m sooo there!


  • WOW!!! Seems like you have such a great time!!!! And I really really cant wait till the new online class. First one was so great! I’m sure I will follow the next one!

    Hugs from me!


  • The eye masks are adorable ,, and I love the leather journals!! Thanks for the sneak peeks!!

  • I’m really excited about the new Red Velvet Art stores opening! Can’t wait to see all the handcrafted goodies.

  • wonderful!!! i hope i will be able to do that class!! it will be great!! yours was sooo inspiring and fun!!!

  • Hi Elsie,

    Good luck with the shop – it looks great!

    I’m very excited about thee new online class!!! I can’t wait…

  • awww how wonderful!!! a new class to go along with the new store! and i’m so excited for those journals, i hope i can snag one! hehe:)

  • just wondering if your rva store will have an online storefront for those of us not lucky enough to be able to visit face to face?

  • SWEET!!!

    I got a little surprise today. I was on my lunch break, sat down with my cup of ramen noodles and a brand new magazine of Creating Keepsakes. I find it rather exciting to open up the first page. I know im a dork. But anyway….turning in to the next few pages I see something out of the corner of my eye. 3-4 pictures of the cutest couple ever. Elsie and Jeremy! Yup that was my excitment for the day. So what did you do Elsie? Did they call you to put those pictures in, or did they do that on there own? I didn’t really see your name on the page at all.

    Anyway … Getting excited for opening day!!!! Love the eye masks, and the journals!

  • ooo im so excited to hear abou tthe new online class money was tight last time around but i have it now sooo i will be there! and congrats on the shop!!! whish i could be there on opening day

  • Those are the cutest little journals ever!!!! i’m so excited for you. Maybe hopefully this year I’ll be able to make a trip out to springfield, MO.

  • Hi there!

    I am so impressed with what you gals have created. I bet it will be a huge success. Hopefully I will be able to visit the shop if and when I travel to the US

  • Augh! The sleep masks are so precious! And the journals make me want to write write write. I LOVE a new journal. I can’t wait, I’m so thrilled for you girls! -e

  • i’m very excited for you!! i wish i live on U.S. to spend all my money on the store! i looove this pretty things that you all make!
    congrats!!…. from brazil!

  • Hey Elise, I missed your class.. Will you be offering it again? I would love to take it, Thanks!

  • oh goodness i want|NEED one of those gorgeous, inspiring journals…so stinkin beautiful!!!!

    will they be for sale online when the shop opens up?

  • It all sounds so exciting, your new shop, new adventures. You are so inspiring, so energetic (when do you sleep), and fun to keep up with. Good luck in your new adventure, it will be grand, no matter what.

  • hey everyone!!! 😀
    thank you so so much for your kindness & support. gosh, you make me so happy & inspired.

    yes… rachel’s beautiful leather journals will be for sale in our store. i can’t wait for you to see it.
    the online store will be up Feb. 1, same day as the local store opens!

    i am gonna post about the class tomorrow!!! signs ups start friday.
    xo. elsie

  • the eye snuggly things are sooo RAD! I <3 them! Too cute! I hope you will have an online store too! ;).... WOOT! RVA..

  • Hiya,

    I just stumbled across your Fab blog…I love it…fantastic photography.

    I look foward to seeing more!

  • hey elsie!
    I saw your adorable postcards in the creating keepsakes magazine! :]]

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