30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge (Closed)

30-Day Self-Portrait ChallengeHi friends! This month we are gearing up for the release of our new book, A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book! One of the challenges in our book is a 30-day self-portrait challenge! We thought it would be super fun to take the challenge this month and invite all of your to join along! Sound fun??EmmaEmmaTaking self portraits is something we've become super passionate about through the years. At first it feels unnatural, awkward and pretty self-absorbed. But you know what happens next? It becomes really, REALLY fun! I took this challenge years ago, and I learned about lighting, angles, color, composition and posing. The result was so much more than just a bunch of photos of me! Self-portraits are a wonderful way to learn about photographing people because your subject is always with you! ;) 

So what do you think? Will you join us? We'd love to follow your journey! You can share your photos via your blog, instagram (#ABeautifulMess) or any other site you choose! We will be sharing ours via instagram (elsiecake + emmaredvelvet)! At the end of the 30 days we will choose a few of you to send signed copies of our new book to! 

If you're in, leave us a comment and let us know where to find you! You can join at any time. We're starting today! xo. Elsie + Emma

We have some winners! We decided to award 4 people, too many great entries!!! Winners are: @taybeelou, @lieselw, @accidentalcharm and @scurryhuh Congrats!!!!

  • Hey Ladies, Thanks for putting on this challenge, I’ve become much more confident at taking self portraits because of it 🙂 As I only have an old iPhone I haven’t been joining in via instagram but I have been blogging to share my experience with the world! Thanks again, Nikki x

  • Hello! I am Brazilian. I found the idea very funny and I’m starting the challenge today!
    You can find me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leticia.franca.9/media_set?set=a.3394457596517.1073741838.1722024543&type=3



  • I can’t say I love taking photos of myself, so I’m really excited to try this challenge. I’ll be katersprague on instagram and Twitter.

  • Oh noo.. Only 10 days left?! :O
    I want to be in, if it’s not too late! I’ll be on Instagram @tavanaashna 🙂

  • just started this up august 1. i’ll be posting on my blog… zoomsin.blogspot.com. thanks for the idea!

  • here is the link to my flickr set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lelieke/sets/72157634941790882/

  • I guess it helps to leave my address- I got so excited I clicked submit before I could leave all the info
    = )

  • Mmm.. saya x boleh kata 100% setuju… tapi tahniah admin atas pos yang membuka mata saya.

  • I’m in! Ill start today, I know I’m late but this sounds amazing! @jenniophoto

  • I’m really excited to do this, though it is a challenge! I am 7 days in and have been enjoying it! Instagram: @nataliagubinski

  • I’m going to try, as I’ve realized that there are (maybe) three pictures of me in 2013. My instragram is @lydiainky

  • I’ve been trying to keep up. I plan on updating about my journey on my blog: ygfasings.blogspot.com

    And on twitter: @ashley_amak

  • Sounds like where I am at right now! Trying to get back in a creative groove – with the focus on me!

    you can find me on instagram @sarafreeplus4

  • I really love this idea!!!!!!
    I join the challenge from today 🙂
    Instagram: @enlabotica

    From: South America (Uruguay) 🙂

  • I am in…just saw this post today and have started today itself. I am instagramming at @amynabi

  • Just heard about this today on Elise Cripe’s blog. Sounds like an interesting challenge. I’m in! =)

  • I’m in. I did a self-portrait challenge last year for an entire year, it was really fun! Thanks for the invite for this month…(instagram @mjbloves)

  • I think I might just give this a go! Find me on Instagram @marnierjones

  • I’m starting today. My life has been jam packed this week and I saw both of your insta post’s and never got around to it. But here I am… about to post my first on instagram. @makennagurzi

  • I’m sharing on instagram (@ms_katie_bee) and doing three round-ups on my blog (unwritten-untitled.blogspot.com)!

    This has gotten me thinking really differently about myself in pictures–it’s been so fun!

  • I just found this! I’m in a little late (but 30 days is 30 days, right?) (and can I stop at 30 days? Ah, that is the question!)

    @Laurenc0099 on Instagram!

  • http://pinterest.com/juneanderso

    I created a Board called A Beautiful Mess Photo Challenge.

    Thanks Elsie and Emma!

  • Find me on Pinterest: juneanderso

    I created a Board called A Beautiful Mess Photo Challenge.

    Thanks you two!

  • I’ve also joined and I love how much it helps to be creative with photos 😉 You can find mine here http://instagram.com/worQshop 🙂 Thanks for a great challenge!

  • Hi there! I love your challenges! And this one is really hard for me, as a person who doesn’t fully accept herself, but I’m in! It’s therapeutic; I think and may help me on a road to liking myself 🙂 Thanks! You can find me on Instagram @antilight

  • I’m in, but I don’t have a site to post them to nor do I have a smart phone with instagram access. Can I still do it?

  • Ooh, I think I’m in starting today! I take all of my own pictures for the blog, and I think this is a great way to challenge myself to get more creative with how I take pictures! I’ll be sharing mine via my blog (www.eccentricowl.com) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/EccentricOwl/259826060724390), I think. And probably Instagram (@owleccentric) too!

  • I’m in! Instagram/twitter/facebook/pretty much everywhere @rachelnator

  • i’m posting all of my pictures for this under the hashtag #sarahs30faces thanks for the inspiration, as always, elise and emma you gals are the greatest!! (on instagram)

  • I’m starting on my honeymoon!! @JadeRoseBlog on Insta!!

  • I’m late to the party, but I’m in! Hope I’m not too late…! Instagram @tricotee

  • Is it cheating to use a tripod and self-timer? I started with you and will post my photos on my blog at the end of the month. 🙂


  • I started the first day but forgot to write a comment haha. Great idea, I’m loving it! You can find me at: emilybrianna12

  • I’m giving it a go!! instagram: @littlemissthrifty a whole lot of swollen pregnancy face pics!

  • Cool! Am starting now!
    You can find me on Instagram @Ammybel

    Great project thanks!

  • I’m in! I’m @amaelibir on instagram and thats where I’ll be posting them from!

  • I’ve been participating for the past week and I’ve already had so much fun!! I’m posting all of my self portraits on the VSCO Grid, my URL is miranda_red.vsco.co. I hope y’all check it out! 🙂

  • I started!
    I’ve been posting them to my flickr!
    This is definitely challenging me to think outside of the box!
    Thank you for hosting.

    Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14345438@N04/sets/72157634703962885/

  • You’ve already inspired me. Thank you!
    You can find me on Instagram @paperbackpirate

  • This is a great idea. Instagram @lifestudies
    I’m not the most photogenic of individuals, but this is a great way of documenting your life for a very short time. What a wonderful concept.

  • Yay 😀 this Idea is amazing! 😀 I’m in and I’ll start tomorrow :)) (today it’s too dark alteady ;))
    Find me on instagram: @HappenedtoLive <3

  • I’ve done my fair share of selfies, but never for 30 days straight. Challenge accepted. Really looking forward to trying a few new things.

    You can find me at http://youngsoulphotography.com/
    Or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/YoungSoulPhotography

  • I’m so bad at keeping things going but I’ll give this a whirl. So, here we go. On Instagram @ageekinglasses. My first on is going to be today – darn it – I’m making myself do this. 🙂

  • Im in! This will be a really fun project! You can find me on Instagram @gabriellelander

  • I might be #hashtagging a few oldies on Insta but it sounds like a lovely idea! I’m in try try a few newbies as well. What fun.

  • I’m in! 🙂

    find me on Instagram: @tinatarnoff or on my blog www.tinatarnoff.typepad.com

  • This sounds great, so I am in too. You find me on http://parler-maintenant.blogspot.de/

  • Im doing it!!
    looking forward to it 🙂

  • Ohmygoodness, I’m so excited about this!

  • I’d love to join 🙂 count me in…

  • I’m in too! I’ll start tomorrow on instagram @jessicastitch x

  • I haven’t been taking many photos in the past couple of months, so I think this little project is a good way to get back in the habit! I can’t wait to read your book for more awesome ideas 🙂

  • total funness! I’m here: so-lets-backtrack.blogspot.com . You guys are so great– you make me think of me and my twin sister ♥ Take care, Hannah

  • I’m in with all my pretty bells and whistles on! Find me on instagram @ mrs_shugar

    Such a fun idea!


  • I’m in!
    Prob share on our blog a few at a time. Maybe on Instagram too @Sammytvr
    Sammy xxx

  • I’m participating! Looking forward to trying some new approaches and growing as a photographer! Instagram: Letterbird

  • Starting tomorrow too;) will be sharing them in Instagram @nastyaberry

  • I am definitely in, very excited!! Thanks for providing us with an opportunity to challenge ourselves!

    I’ll be posting about it on my blog: TarreynLand.Com – http://tarreynland.blogspot.com/search/label/Selfie%20Challenge

    And Instagram, user name: Tarreyn


  • What a gorgeous pretext to take a picture of myself!!! I’ll share via instagram: @milofe76

  • I am taking this photo journey with you! It’s nice to be able to do this with you two lovely ladies. I always thought it would be too conceited taking self portraits even though sometimes its a guilty pleasure hehe. Anywhoo I am posting my pictures through instagram @brocksteph

  • I hope I’m not regretting this…

    I’m in!!!!

    blog : theestherchew.blogspot.com
    instagram : theestherchew

  • Hi I’m Tanya! Ill be doing this challenge!! You can find me on Instagram under @tkphotostar

  • Count me in! Sounds like fun and a bit awkward. 🙂
    Find me at instragram: karinehammari

  • I am so in! Starting on instagram @loftypines

    Great idea!

  • I love this!! Yes please. Happening over on my Instagram and I’ll probably end up doing a blog post about it 🙂


  • Oh, wow! This sounds like such a wonderful idea! I’ll start today! instagram – rebecca_lovell Thank you!!

  • Joined up a little late but I’m in! I’ll be sharing via Instagram!

  • I’m in – I’m posting on my blog – http://laurendyhome.blogspot.com & on Instagram @laurendyhome

    I’m hoping that within the 30 days I will get over my photo-phobia 🙂

  • I’m new to all this, but very excited to give it a whirl! Gonna post on Instagram @ bmrollins

  • love this challenge! I participate ! 🙂


  • I’m in to, Probably posting my pictures on flickr flickr.com/lelieke or on my blog bouquetofbuttons.be

  • I’m in! Utilizing multiple apps, as well as yours to edit. It’s fun!
    Find me here: http://instagram.com/lightread

  • challenge accepted! happy to follow along…. though I might be starting later than others. fun!

  • So excited about this contest! I’ve been looking for something to give me the push I need to get back into photography. 🙂 Instagram @deliladlee

  • I always think I look horrid in photos. I never know what angle to hold my head or how to smile. My mouth turns down naturally and to me, I always look like I’m frowning even when I’m trying to smile. Ugh. I’d love to learn how to take a great photo of myself and stop feeling so self conscious. So… count me in (eek; introverted nervousness abounds!). Instagram: @madnessnlace

  • Ah, a little scary. But I’m in. You girls are always inspiring. Instagram: michellehoughton (you know this) and blog: www.theskinnyluv.wordpress.com

  • I’m not much of a “selfie” person, meaning most of my photos are of other people. So this will be a true (but fun) challenge.

    Feel free to follow along on my instagram feed @pomaipie

  • I’m so late, but in!

    I’ll post on Instagram under ktchancey, and there will also be a feed of recent ones at www.ktchancey.blogspot.com


  • Two days behind, but I’m in! You can find me at http://instagram.com/gayliawagnerdesign.

  • Starting today, July 18 in Brazil! Love your Blog and the idea of the 30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge!!! They will be on my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/banderaos/sets/72157634693829807/

  • I’ve been a follower of your blog since I found you in CK years and years ago. So excited for you and your sister’s successes. Much deserved. While I’m sad you’re no longer a traditional LO scrapper, I am happy to see you back in the field with PL. I pretty much enjoy your work in any platform. I enjoyed your selfie challenge to yourself back when you were first trying to really create this blog. I can’t remember if you did it for a year or 100 days, but i do remember how cool it was to see all the changes. You made it look so easy! I’m excited to get the chance to participate now. Thank goodness it’s only 30 days!!!

    My username on Instagram is: peppermintrobot

  • Okay that sounds like fun (not sure if 30 pix of me will be though!) Number 1 is up already on Instagram @McCannology and on www.mytinymind.com. Here goes…….!

  • What a fun way to build up photography skills! Love. I’m totally in!

    Instagram: theparkhouse

  • I have mixed feelings about self portiats on instagram, but this challenge seems kind of fun. I’m excited to get creative with it.

    I’ll be posting on my instagram @malsperling

  • I would love to take part in this, I’ll have to catch up!
    @ntallin on instagram!


  • I’m in. I will be on Flickr at:


  • What a lovely challenge. So exhilarating yet so incredibly scary, all at the one same time, particularly for those of us who much prefer to be behind the lens. I shall promise to try to kickstart my shutterbug adventures tomorrow 🙂 I’m on Instagram as @sheelagoh

  • Im so excited to join in on the fun! I almost gave up on day 1 immediately, but Im sticking it out and forcing myself to try new things and its been really fun so far! thanks for the push! Im posting on instragram @mrslaurenhooper

  • A day late to the party, but would love to participate as well! Instagram @dvonderlinn

  • Let’s give this a try, could be fun. You can find my selfies at:


  • I’m in! Posting on my blog. Here’s my first: http://wp.me/pZpiY-1ec Just found out about this today, so I’ll be running couple of days late.

  • Wheeeee! An excuse to put myself in the pictures (something that can get lost when you’re always capturing your loved ones). Thanks for a great challenge.

    IG @louisegleeson

  • Im in! Love self portraits and loce photography plus I really want a signed copy of your book so Im super excited!!! stepha_s@hotmail.com instagram: stepha_sr

  • @littlegalontheprairie on instagram! I am doing this challenge with the intention of embracing and loving self. I want to be judged by the feelings my photo inspires rather than if I have a pretty face or not, for my true self and identity is not defined through the body that contains it but through the soul that longs to creatively express 🙂

  • I’m in:) — emily ( instagramming @ewmcmane)
    Here’s my first one: http://instagram.com/p/b6gglLQDVE/

  • Challenge accepted! I’m pretty camera shy so hopefully this will help! 🙂

  • SO in! Self portraits are the only way I can get in pics these days (otherwise, it’s all about my kids!) I’ll be posting mine on Instagram @vlentine and on my blog lovethiscrazylife.com

  • Hey there E&E, I’m gonna join the selfy challenge aswell! I’m a bit late but I wanted to start exactly 30 days from my Birthday! (for which I am SO buying your book!) I’m so excited to be apart of this awesome culture you’ve created! Find me–and my selfies–on my blog: www.abbyoyo.com and/or @abbyoyoz on Instagram! yay yay — hava great day!

  • I’m going for it! I’ll be on instagram @susanapd.
    Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful people out there.

  • a couple days in, i think i may give this a try! you can find me on instagram @tesskrovetz

  • Ok I am in. I am not too sure about this but I believe I will learn something. Thing learned on day one: I am looking a lot like my mother and grandmother. And I need to learn to take a selfie without making me look so tired, where do I look?

    I am on Instagram at #sharonbos

  • I’m in. Great excuse for creative selfie’s. sarahe125 -Instagram and I’ll blog it at the end at www.sarahestudios.com/blog

  • My husband makes fun of my selfie’s. 🙂 I’m excited to have an excuse! I’m in. Instagram sarahe125@me.com and I’ll probably blog it after 30 days at www.sarahestudios.com/blog – great idea!

  • I have a love/hate relationship with self-portrait projects, but this one’s only 30 days. 🙂 I’m definitely in.


  • When I got my first digital camera in high school I was all about the selfie. I wonder what happened? I shall embark on the 30 Day Selfie Challenge tomorrow. I’m so excited! Mainly because my instagram @itsakaydeethang will get more attention.

  • Ok, so I started this yesterday, but just realized how great it is for me because I’ll be turning 30 years old during the time of the 30 day photo challenge. Eek! Life is beautiful, so this is an exercise in embracing it!

  • I’m a couple days late, but I’d love to join your 30 Day Self-Portrait Challenge! You two are a true inspiration. Your photos always make me want to push harder to take better photographs! Thanks for being you!!!

    you can find me at:


  • I would love to participate in this challenge!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • I’m in! Getting started a day late so I may go for one day after the initial 30 days is up, but I’ll be posting on Instagram as @mandeefranee 🙂

  • Count me in! I blog at www.constantlyalice.com/blog and I will also instagram at @constantly_alice. So FUN!

  • I’m in. I’ll post them on my blog www.pandemoniumwithpurpose.blogspot.com

    I’m just picking up my camera for the first time, so we’ll see how it goes!

  • this sounds like fun! You can find me on instagram @tamara_michelle3 or at http://themrsandthemustache.blogspot.com/

  • Totally in!
    Ill be posting them weekly over at my blog Jazzlipsandtulips

    xo Eloise

  • Your book sounds like such fun! Becoming more comfortable in front of a camera is definitely something I’d love to learn. Like so many others here, I’m the photo-taker amongst friends and family 😛

    It might feel a little self-absorbed, but I suppose there is a difference between a “selfie” and an artful photo that others might actually enjoy seeing.

    I’ll be using my blog: http://www.coloursandcutethings.blogspot.com

  • I think I might give this a try! I really need to start practising my photography more and this would be a great, fun way to do it!

  • I am SO in! I love playing around and taking portraits from weird angles or trying out some crazy idea I got. I often end up using myself as a model, it is just easier that way because I am always around and I am always up for it 😉

    Find me at http://www.klykkeberg.com or @klykkeberg


  • Hell yes I’m in! You can find me over here: http://instagram.com/craftytopknot

  • Can I still join? 🙂

    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kistymea

  • Can you give some tips? I gave up taking self-portraits, they really look so ugly! If as you say there’s a way to improve, I can give it a try. I’m fotofede on Instagram. Ciao! Federica (from Italy)

  • moving into a new city tonight. with not many friends. I think this would be a fun way to explore around 😉 I’m in! Guess through my blog! http://dontshareeverything.blogspot.de/

  • I need to do this for myself. I’ll try to keep up.

    Instagram: siuan329

  • I will try this. I am typically aiming the camera towards the two littles in our house. It might be time to turn it around and let mama have a bit of the limelight.

    On instagram: @suburble

  • i LOVE this idea! count me in…i’ll be starting TOMORROW.

  • This is going to fun! I shared two self portraits on my blog today and linked back.

  • I’m in, too! You can find my pics on Instagram at @taffystay. Like other people have said, I’ve avoided taking “selfies,” too and usually am so critical of how I look in pictures. But like I mentioned in my first photo, this is a good personal challenge to be more accepting of myself – spots, wrinkles and all! Thanks for the challenge!

  • I would also like to join in. You find me on Instagram: skoogjohanna

  • Missed day one, but have 29 days of fun left! Instagram @wsardo

  • I want to play! This is perfect timing…I should be having a baby in the next 30 days! These pictures will be such a cool way to mark and look back on this significant time in my life. Instagram: jmariehig

  • Sounds terrifying and super fun at the same time! I’ll start tomorrow 🙂 username: jacsunshinedistrict

  • Wonderful challenge, E & E! Looking forward to expanding my photography horizons. I’ll be posting my adventures at: handsofmine.com ~Abigail

  • I am in and so looking forward to this wonderful challenge! Love to you both! I can be found via my Instagram account gen_santanelli . Warmest wishes!

  • I’m in too!!! You can find me here http://dolphinandthebear.blogspot.com/ . . . I don’t have instagram (or a smartphone) so I’m kinda old-fashioned 🙂

  • This sounds like a lot of fun! I’ll give it a try, but I’m away on a retreat, with no internet access(!), for a fortnight – can I still participate? 🙂

    On Instagram as ammuthebibliophile.

  • This is so unlike me that I had to do it. I’m rarely in photos because I don’t like how I look. Now I know that I just have to create the me that I want to see. Thanks for challenging me. I’m on Instagram as @scrapcollectr.

  • I’m so in! Oh, I love this idea. I am one of those who is paranoid about seeming self-absorbed by taking self portraits, so I almost go out of my way to avoid being in front of the camera! And that’s just silly.

    You’ll find me at picsoandrea.blogspot.com
    and on instagram @picsoandrea

  • I hate looking at pictures of myself – so this is good for me:) I’ll be starting today! Instagram tresastreasures

  • My hubby always complains that I’m never in any of our photos, so I think I’ll join you in this challenge! Follow on Instagram @Lifesongmama

  • I think I’ll give it a go. I’ll post pics on my blog 11shakes.blogspot.com.

  • What a great idea! I’ll be joining in on instagram at mlpull. It will be so fun to see everyone’s selfies

  • I’m in! @creativelifeantics on instagram!

  • I am totally in! This sounds so fun. I’ll try to start tomorrow 🙂 I think I will be posting mine on my blog – www.lovelyladykatieann.blogspot.com and my instagram @ladykatieann

  • Hiiiii!!! I’d love to join in via Instagram: @keeveeta

    This will be a fun activity to apply all the things I learned from your blog. Also, an exciting way to increase our self-love! Day 2, here we go!

  • I’m totally in! This sounds like super-fun! Instagram: @asocialcelebrity

  • I started a day late, but I’m in. You can find me on Instagram @mrsktbarton.com

  • Well, with so many of my friends doing it, I decided to join in. 🙂 I’ll be sharing it on Instagram: @anasantos

  • I’ll be joining! Through Instagram and my blog!! I’m super excited!

    instagram: @sincerelyaishah

  • Why not! Love the idea of a self-portrait not having to be a straight on face photo. I’ll be posting on instagram at @apawcalypsemeow

    See your lovely faces in my feed!

  • Hey ladies, you have persuaded me! I am in, http://catseatdogs.com/2013/07/17/challenges-and-an-actual-challenge/ and @catseatdogsmakes on Instagram.
    Looking forward to the ABM book, I have a list of people I want to gift it to!

  • i’m terrible at making sure i get pictures of myself at events and such because i really hate getting my picture taken; but i know i shouldn’t be shy. i think i’ll join, who knows i might learn to love the way i look 🙂 this is a great idea, thanks ladies! i’ll post on instagram @ aribari88

  • How fun! Do you have a specific hashtag you are using for this? I’m @kikimojo on Instagram and now follow you both. Not that you’d notice will all your followers! Gracious.

  • I dig this! I will definitely give it a try!!! I’m at http://mixedmediumstheatre.blogspot.co.uk/!!!
    Thanks for the challenge ladies!


  • I’m so excited! Joining today. You can find me on Instagram at honey_sweetbee86 or on my blog at honeysweetbee.com.
    Thanks for all the great ideas!!

  • I’m in! As the one taking most of the pictures there are few of myself. I must learn my best angles and lighting and this will be a great challenge to do so. Find me on instagram as: @becmama. Lets get snappin!

  • i’d love to join; this will push me in a good way. @lillithsnapped on instagram of course

  • what a fun challenge! I’m in! you can find me on Instagram – @robinlgiles

    oh, I’ll be using my iPhone! 🙂

  • I don’t think my previous confirm posted so here’s my info…
    Instagram: Melissa_A
    blog: melissaswalls.com

  • After trying to take some good selfies for my blog recently I am definitely up for this challenge. I don’t have Instagram so it will have to be via my blog: http://dizznfizzntizz.blogspot.co.uk/ looking forward to it. Oh by the way, I love your site! I’ve only been reading about a month but I look forward to it everyday now 🙂

  • i’m in!
    my blog: http://maedchenmitherz.de
    my instagram: maedchenmitherz

    <3 excited!!!!!!

    loves, katja

  • I will give this a try. I hate pictures of myself…but, better me take them than someone else. So, I will give it a shot. Instagram @2ndheartmom

  • Thank you lovely ladies for this idea! I took my first portrait today. I really feel like if you go into this challenge with a pure heart it can be an ode to embrace/overcome insecurities. Both of you have such natural beauty and the beauty of your hearts shine through.
    I love your love 🙂

  • I feel silly, but I guess that’s the point right? I’m in…until I forget in a few days! Lol instagram ash_ltaylor

  • This is a lovely idea! ^.^ On instagram I’m @flawedfairytale xox
    flawedfairytale fashion blog ^.^

  • Yes! Instagram @pennylaneylady I’ve followed your blog for 4 years now and would like to say you are an inspiration to me! thank you! Love all the way from the UK!

  • I am very excited about the self photo challenge!! I think it is a really great idea! Follow me on Instagram @Julie_dabunzz
    You guys are awesome! I have had such inspiration following your blog! Thank you for all of your hard work!

  • I’m in too! @helentaylo on Instagram, and will probably share on my blog too – secretsntreasures.blogspot.com.au

  • Count me in! I’m doing it from my Flickr account 🙂


  • I am always very nervous of taking selfies of myself and for that reason I’m in! Thanks for the challenge. I’m excited/nervous to see how this goes! Instagram: @beccadu

  • I’m down 🙂 Just saw this today though… so starting 1 day late! you can find them on my instagram @jrwignall or if I get super ambitious, my blog, www.anthrofoodie.wordpress.com. Thanks for hosting 🙂 I’d love to get tips on some of the ways you shoot selfies. Do you use a self-timer on a regular camera a lot? Maybe I’ll discover some of this out for myself over the next month! 😉

  • I’m in…hoping to learn past the awkwardness!!! @lindsaymunson

  • I would love to take the challenge! On instagram @msvirginiagal

  • I would love to join! I never have enough photos of myself. 🙂 mallorypasquini@gmail.com or on ig: @taylorsmommy11

  • Really curious about your book and since I’m more and more attracted to photography, I’ll try your challenge 🙂
    xxx from France
    (Emma’s picture from Switzerland were stunning, I live so close compared to you and never really thought of visiting this country until your honey moon!)

    Find me on instagram : @sandra_kide

  • I have never been confident about taking pictures of myself, maybe this will push me in the right direction! thanks for the challenge and your guys’ creativity and inspiration!

    you can find me here : instagram: @lieselw

  • I’m in! Looking forward to sharing selfies all month and exploring my creativity! No duck faces here 🙂 You can catch me and my mug @charmingcharleston on instagram or on my blog.

  • I rarely do selfies, as I get very self conscious and can feel silly! But I may give this a try if i feel brave…. instagram: @saganlove

  • I’m in! You can find me on instagram @kathryn_amelia. (: thanks!

  • I’m in! My ProjectLife album needs more me in it! I’m @artysci on instagram.

  • I am excited to join in.. with my chubby 8 month pregnant face it will be fun to look back and see my cheeks..My instagram is @theglor
    Thanks guys

  • With 640 comments I am not sure you will see this… but with your Self Portraits, I assume you are not holding out your arm to do a ‘selfie’…. that you have your camera set up on a tripod? How do you do that with a DSLR? Or do you use Automatic, self timer and RUN for it?

  • bin dabei 🙂 i am in!
    on instagram: austrianwalnutproject

    lot´s of bloglove from over the ocean,

  • hey. mine will be posted on my blog here – http://hollygoeslightly.co.uk/photography-2/30-day-self-portrait-challenge-abeautifulmess

    and on my instagram @hols86

    so much fun! my 30-days start today!

  • Fun idea 🙂 I’ll try this one! Just hope I won’t foreget…
    You can find me here http://renateswords.ipublish.no/

  • Um, yes please!!! I think I can handle a 30 day commitment… I’m definitely up to the challenge! I’ll be posting on Instagram @theprettypouter

    xo, jenn

  • I love this idea! I’d like to start getting into photography and this is an awesome way to experiment and try new things with picture taking! 🙂
    Check out my Instagram @erinwiley_
    Also, I will probably be posting my photos at the end of the challenge or throughout the challenge on my blog: procrastinatorsblog.blogspot.com

  • Joining the challenge. 🙂 Find me on Instagram @kimberly_flores
    Happy 30 days!

  • Scary! But maybe I’ll do it… can I take the pics and then post them all at once at the end of the 30 days??

    Dana Ivy
    www.iadorewhatilove.com – Check out my blog!

  • @thosevintagethoughts on Instagram- so excited about this fun challenge 🙂 Kath x

  • Count me in! I love photography and am always up for a good challenge that will help my skills grow! You can find me @picklesandchapstick or on my blog: picklesandchapstick.blogspot.com

    So excited!!


  • Sounds soooo fun! Find me on instagram @ Prairiedahl

  • I’m in, let’s see if I can pull this off. I’m always afraid of the self-absorbed thing, but oh well, my followers will just have to deal with it 😛

  • What a great way to celebrate the everyday fabulousness of our lives – I’m totally in! (Instagram: lottalatte)

  • I am in! Find me on Instagram @peenvageen. You girls are amazing.

    Holler at me.

  • Just posting my first one now! Fun fun fun.

    & frankly self portraits are challenging to me. Only so many ways to fit inside that box, but hoping to get creative.

    You can find mine on Instagram – AliMoonGoddess


  • Joined in with y’all yesterday and posted my 1/30 on www.instagram.com/ladyflashback! After I’m done I’m also going to compile them and do a blog post with all 30! Yay for fun challenges! <3

  • I’m in! See you on the other side!

    Find me on instagram: syderzzzz

  • Sounds like fun! I’m in need of a way to make myself take more pictures! You can find me on instagram – @heatherschlupp Thanks to both of you for being such an inspiration and motivation to be creative every day!

  • Congratulations on your book! 🙂 So excited to try this challenge since I usually hide behind the camera. 😉 IG: @mydeardarling

  • Thanks for the challenge! Even if I get one good photo, it will be worth it!
    on instagram (organasmblog)
    on blogger: www.organasms.blogspot.com

  • I’m scared. But in. http://instagram.com/simplysarahcard

  • Sounds like FUN! I have never done a photo challenge. I’m in!Instagram @ ohhhh_indy

  • I very much love this challenge, for the simple fact that many times the snap-happy family member/friend, like myself, is never really in any of the great photos of events and good times! For a girl who has her camera slung over her arm everywhere and anywhere it’s sometimes hard to remember to catch yourself in all of those special moments! <3

  • I’ll join in the fun! @nickirlawson on instagram. Also, can’t wait for the ABM app for Android!

  • Yeah! I started the challenge today.
    I always wanted to try something that will push me to be more creative.
    You will be posting my photographs here:

  • I didn’t get to catch up on my blogs until today, but I’m in! I’ll post to instagram, then maybe to my blog in a collection… find me @anikohar

  • I can’t wait to be a part of this!!! Instagram is Eyeknowstyle (blog)! You ladies are my favorite!!

  • I have always thought of it as a bit self absorbed, but you make a good point about learning how to take better photos. Why not? Jinxers on Instagram. Whoop whoop!

  • In… (I’m gonna try reallll hard to complete the 30 days!) …. you can find me on instagram: @photosofflo …. X

  • Lets be honest, this will be a great motivator to actually put on makeup occasionally and maybe not wear my favorite shirt three days in a row and wash my hair sometime before I start looking like I have no access to a shower at all. So I’m in. On the days I remember. Haha.
    @appleblueamanda on Instagram

  • I’m in! I’ll be sharing on Instagram @onetuffmother 🙂 YAY!

  • It’s been so long since I took a selfie that I’m almost to the point of being camera shy. I want in!

    Starting by 1st of August so that it will be a full 30-day challenge 🙂


  • I’m in, too. What a great idea <3 Find me at instagram @sahnekitschcouture

  • I am totally doing it! I actually started somewhat of a 120-day challenge in May. I am getting married on August 31 this year and decided to take a picture of me and my fiance every day! It’s super fun and very challenging in terms of developping creative shots! xoxo

  • First off, I would like to let you both know how inspiring you are! And second, I’m in, I’ve always wanted to do something like this! You can check out my posts on my new blog:

  • oops didn’t see this yesterday, but I’m in! instagram @yesteryearrevival

  • I’ve been looking for a fun and easy way to get my creative juices flowing again! This will be great! @hannjb

  • i totally want to do this one day but feel kind of uncomfortable taking a photo of myself….

    – Janine

  • I’m in! i will post them on my instagram http://instagram.com/xoxorhea

  • In!


  • im in you can find me at http://joiedevivreheather.wordpress.com and insta gram hiheatherhi

  • i’m in! my instagram is little_dear and i also post on my blog: http://www.ghoststitches.blogspot.com

  • I am going to join on Instagram. My user name is @coloroverboard. Instead on trying to focus on me trying to be better at photography, I want to focus on loving myself and feeling comfortable in my own skin. For the past year I have almost hated myself someways. This is just the challenge I need to make myself more confident in who I am!

  • I’m joining starting today! instagram @ashmm1027 and blog http://outburstsofsong.blogspot.com/

  • I’m going to try this one. Already posted a photo today before even reading this so I’m going to count that as my first one. haha

    Instagram: @atticart

  • I started yesterday too! You can find me on instagram: @idylltryst

  • I am in!! I don’t usually post picture of myself anywhere because of a silly thing called fear. But I hope this challenge will knock the fear right of their feet!

    You can find me on Instagram @alliehill_

  • Count me in! The book would be a great birthday present to myself! Instagram: gweniquaa (don’t judge my white girl name 🙂 )

  • Sound fun! I’m in
    instagram @hanizeyecandy

  • I’m in! I just bought myself a new camera and need to learn how to use it so what better way! I feel a little self conscious about it but I am sure I will soon over come that.

    I am going to share on instagram @bearinablouse

  • I’m in what a wonderful and fun idea! You can find me @isabellastrambio

  • I hate stepping in front of the camera and know I need to so I’m in. Instagram @bethanymclimoreshaw

  • Yay! I kind of (really) love self-portraits! No shame :)So I’m really excited about this challenge.

    You can find me on IG @JessHeb and my blog: plantingloveseeds@blogspot.com

  • Sounds so much fun, I”m looking forward to joining in! My Instagram is hellosweetpea.

  • I already submitted a few! Fingers crossed my narcissism pays off 🙂 instagram: everyday_mirandafay

  • Totally in! On day two already 😉 Find me on Instagram as @chaniepd xox

  • Yes – we are in over at Joy and Eva too!

  • I’m in too! Find me on IG: ana_heidi (does my account have to be public?)

  • I am in!! I will start tomorrow 🙂 I’ll take up the challenge on instagram @auntylauren. Can’t wait to check out the book x

  • I tried one starting in January and didn’t do very well. We’ll try again! @crumpleandtoss

  • I’m in! Self-portraits really feel awkward sometimes, but I love challenges and this is DEFINETLY one for me 😀
    I’ll do my very best.

    I’m gonna share them trough my blog appleandfabric.blogspot.com

    Greetings, Lorelei 🙂

  • This is such a great way to learn to love yourself and be appreciative of your own beauty. Because everyone is beautiful! I’m so excited about this! @rachelsmth3

  • Precious idea! I think selfies let people show how and when they feel beautiful! @saralynn6690 on Instagram 😉

  • I struggle with portraits so this is the perfect challenge for me!
    Thanks for the invitation and for suggesting a way to improve my photography.
    I’ll be participating via Instagram : darcychateau

  • I have a dumb question… Do the pics need to be taken by us or can someone else snap it?

  • I’m with it! I guess I will learn a lot, thank you for challenging me 🙂 have a wonderful day you tow, xo Jess

    You can find my pictures on my blog: http://candywrappedappletree.blogspot.de/

  • Sounds fun and would love to win the book!

    I’m in via instagram> http://instagram.com/msveveve

  • You ladies are so inspiring, how can I say no! My insta is @emrattles and my blog’s http://thestylishcadaver.blogspot.com.au/

  • Going to see if I can remember to do this everyday… sounds like a dam good challenge to me! Instagram: @beanbagcreations

  • Great timing….learning to use my dad’s old camera is one of my summer projects!I’d love to learn more about taking pictures, I’m in!

  • This is so interesting! I’ve been experimenting with my canon eos 1100d that I got for my birthday last april, and this challenge might be just what I need, especially since I don’t really like myself in pictures. I’ll be sharing my attempts on my blog, http://jones-easterns.blogspot.com/ because the whole from-camera-to-iphone process is just a pain. 😉 x

  • Hello Elsie and Emma. This is a great idea! i’m in x You can find me at http://instagram.com/rachelpleonard

  • I’m in! I have such an exciting 30 days to come too! I’m wedding DIY’ing (lots), travelling to London, getting MARRIED (ahhh!!!) and going on our honeymoon! Eeeeek!!

    Can you tell I’m panicking a little now?! Ha!! Final dress fitting tonight yaayy!

    I’ll be on instagram @abbymunro 🙂

  • This might be fun! count me in i m igramming at @sonakmrunmayee

  • This is such a great idea, I hate taking photo’s of myself, even for my blog. I always feel so self conscious. I’m going to give it a go, I hope it boosts my confidence! You can find me at my blog. www.styleandinfluence.wordpress.com

    Thanks Ladies 🙂

  • Oh woah that’s quite inspiring… I might try it and will post the results on my blog.

  • Ooh what a challenge ! I don’t like them really of me so will be fun trying out stuff ! Thanks girls ! It’s cool to see everyone elses too !

    I am @spotted_rose xx

  • This sounds exciting and I’d love to have a copy of your book! 😀


  • This looks so fun, and I’ve been thinking about a doing a challenge on my blog. I’ll keep this one in mind!


  • woah, I’m definitely in! That’s exactly the kind of motivation I need right now! Thank you ladies for this challenge 🙂
    If any of you’d like, you can find my instagram @aheartfullofhope

    Let’s have tons of fun! 🙂

  • Wow! This is a fun challenge – not only applying what I’ve learned from your blog about photography but this also helps us increase self-love <3

    I’m in on Instagram: @keeveeta

  • I am in! Find me @annietsai on Instagram!!! And can’t wait to see your book!

  • I love the idea, I am defiantly in! You can find me on Instagram @officiallyhana

  • I’m in! I’m always super bad with all sorts of challenges, but I’ll give this one a try and prove to myself that I can stick to a challenge if I really want to. You can see my pics on my blog at http://www.pearlsandscissors.com/
    See you there!

  • This sounds like so much fun! Count me in! I’ll be sharing on instagram {http://instagram.com/roasted_beanz} and then taking the best ones each week to post on my blog. Thx!

  • I love this. I’ve been all into #theadventuresofminion so this will be a nice change. Follow me on Instagram @grentarik!

  • hey this is a great idea! now there is one more reason to take selfies :))

    you can find me on Instagram as @pinosh_ 😉

  • I’m in also! Sounds really fun! You can find me at my blog www.islaeverywhere.blogspot.com.
    I think I’m going to share the photos also on instagram (@islaeverywhere)

  • I’m doing it!
    On instagram @misslau
    blog http://nonnuclearmaven.wordpress.com/

  • Ooooh! Exciting! I have been looking for a photo challenge and this one seems about ideal!
    Find me on instagram at syaseilooj

  • I’m in. Can we repost an older image? I have a really nice pregnant pic ….. Find me on Instagram @ esmari07

  • Sounds like a really fun challenge to create different ways to capture a moment! I will give it a go! Instagram… @glimpsinggembles

  • aaam..why not?! I’m in, too!
    I’ll put my photos on instragram http://instagram.com/tukovilis

  • I’ll definitely try to keep it up for the 30 days! Super excited! 🙂

    You’ll find me on instagram at @das_maedchen_mit_dem_farbtopf

  • I’m in! I love the idea. Maybe we should have a hash tag? @nlafountaine on Instagram and I will post a weekly round up on my blog fuzzyloveknots.com

  • This is a great idea, and is going to be so much fun!! and i love taking pictures of my self so..;)When do we start? the first of august?

  • This is exactly what I need to boost the creative juices! count me in
    Instagram http://instagram.com/fiercefemme

  • I’m in! You can find me on instagram @taliavdw

    ♥ Talia Christine

  • Already took a #selfie with my sweetie and used your app to edit/post it to Instagram today! I am @sashavohm. I normally don’t take a lot of pics of myself, but this should be fun!

  • I totally forgot to leave my info where you can find me at!

    instagram: @jesslegaspi
    Blog: http://jesslegaspiphotography.wordpress.com/

  • I’m in! My photos will be at http://www.flickr.com/photos/craftybohemian/

  • i’m totally doing this. i always feel awkward and look weird in photos no matter how hard i try to look natural. 🙂

  • I’ve been gearing up the courage to going back to being myself on Instagram. After building up followers from perfectly composed and edited landscape photography, I’ve felt reluctant to “Disappoint” them by doing anything different but hey I love self portraits and who cares what others think. I’m in 🙂 @sophie_louisa

  • Reesenichole via Instagram. Hesitant to participate but your comment about it improving your skills at portrait photography drew me in. Plus I would probably do anything you guys told me to. Yes including jump off a bridge if you told me it would make me more creative. 🙂

  • Will join via Instagram. @nicolebagozzi starting tomorrow!! Thanks for being yourselves!

  • This kind of scares me, but that’s a good thing. I’m in. Instagram @liveyourart

  • I’m loving this, now you guys got my creative juices flowing. What a challenge to push my creativity. Count me in sistas! Instagram @shannieclaire p.s I’m so excited about your book coming out!!! You go girls!!

  • This sounds like fun! I’m down 🙂
    IG – dearbarbz

  • I’m gonna give it a go! You can find my pictures on my Instagram account – “scooter_doo” 🙂

  • I can’t wait to buy your book, that is so exciting !

    I’m in for the challenge, this sounds fun, I’ll start tomorrow 🙂
    Find me on my blog

    or on twitter

  • Sounds fun! I need mucho practice in this. You can find me at @tallmisto on Instagram.

  • I will be doing mine on my beginner blog www.momstew.com 🙂

  • I am totally IN!!! Where do we get the list? How do I follow your blog?

  • hi!! this is bella, from hong kong, please count me in!!! Instagram@morning321hk

  • Ok, I am gonna go out of my comfort zone of being committed to something that is somewhat long term. I want to do this 🙂 I am gonna do a page of my everyday posts on my blog!! As always you girls are so pretty!! Excited to follow along and see what photos you post everyday! 🙂 And I am excited for your new book, I would love to win one!!



  • I’m in, my photos will be at http://www.flickr.com/photos/craftybohemian/ .

  • I’m in! Instagram @BigAppleKelly

    I agree that it probably will be awkward at first but if it teaches me more about photography, I’m all for it!

  • I’m a bit self conscious but I will certainly give this challenge a shot.

    Instagram: Mikki McGehee

  • I always feel so narcissistic with self portraits but am willing to give this a try… You can check mine out on instagram @mismikado.

  • Count me in!

    I can be found on Instagram as @ohhonestlyerin
    and on my blog: http://ohhonestlyerin.com

    Stoked for this!!

  • being a new, working mom, i haven’t been spending much time just playing around with photography. this is going to (happily) force me to mix things up! sharing on Instagram with iPhone only shots: @JessOhBee.

  • I’m in and giving selfies a whirl! Convinced my big sister to join in too! xoxo. instagram @lavenderandpink

  • Im in! I cant wait to try this challenge out. http://openspaceskendra.blogspot.com/

  • Love this idea. I recently saw the new Dove ad and believe women should stop being camera shy!


  • i will give it a go! you can find me on instagram @msmindy (it’s private & so i don’t know if that matters)

  • This sounds super fun. Especially because I generally don’t take self portraits. I’ll start today!

    Instagram @blackberryburrow

  • As I’m not an Instagram user, I’ll be participating during Twitter (@thelovedly), as well as sharing the photos on my blog. Excited! Finally, a 30 day challenge I can dig. 🙂

  • I’m in… Instagram @lazc
    I usually don’t do self portraits… But I’ll try 🙂

  • Love this idea! My instagram username is taybeelou <3 Excited!

  • I am intrigued. I’ll do this. Never done anything like this before though. I’ll be on Instagram @annesliman

  • Wow how odd – I posted a self-portrait last night on a whim (I rarely do that these days) so I think I’m in! On Instagram I am @bethiibee 😀

  • Elsie and Emma,
    I just posted my first one. Thanks for the push to try something new. Even if it is something that makes me suuuuuuuuper uncomfortable! If you want a peak, i’ll be on Instagram @lizhotta 🙂

  • Challenge accepted.. Instagram @mo_nessa
    This my seem silly but it really is good to help us that struggle with our inner critics.

  • This sounds like great fun! I’m in. Though my times when I post photos may be a bit wacky, being all the way out here in Australia. I’ll post on my Instagram and Tumblr

    instagram.com/becc1187 (@becc1187)

  • I’m in on Instagram. My account is lalafriendly and it’s private but I used the hashtag. 🙂
    Awesome idea.

  • I am SO IN. Here’s to hoping I learn something and can get some better photos! I’ll be posting on Instagram under NotBuffySummers 🙂

  • I would love to do this, but so many people here in Jamaica think taking a picture of yourself is vain, it is such a mindset…so I am going to think (and pray) about it…as I like to do “selfies” every now and then on the Blog and would love to learn alot more! I ordered your book as soon as you announced it, and cannot wait to flip through it in August and learn more.

  • Totally in too!!! My good friend Christine is doing the challenge. I can be found on instagram at themessinmessenger. It follows the literal and figurative mess of raising my three vegan babes. Haven’t been blogging lately though as my middle babe spilled milk on my Mac

  • Hey girls. Been following your blog since I was 15 and it’s my daily read. Thanks for always inspiring! I’m doing a 365 day challenge with a theme every month. In January I took self portraits, if you want to check them out:
    http://amyscottpic.wordpress.com/2013/01/page/5/ few pages of photos 🙂

    Got your e-course a few months back on starting a business and in the process of going through your steps to open up my very own cafe in Cape Town. Can’t thank you two enough for what you do. xoxoxo

  • finally! An excuse for selfies! I am SO IN via instagram : VerveEvolving and will most likely blog about the experience a few times! www.verveevolving.blogspot.com

  • I just snapped my first submission! @poorandpretty xo

  • Ahh yay! I’ve totally wanted to this since you mentioned it a few posts ago… and now I have an excuse 🙂 I can’t wait to get started. woo for instagram @alejandramendozaza

  • I’m totally in! You can see my selfies on my blog http://creativitylizette.blogspot.com/

  • I’m definitely in! So exciting! I love a great challenge!
    Instagram @luchapau

  • Okay I’m in! Love this idea! I’m terrible at selfies… hope the practice helps to improve my skills. I’m at @laicie on instagram and @1000threads on twitter.

  • So excited about this & for the book to come out! I’ll be following along on Instagram for sure! Instagram: littlepinkbee

  • So excited to participate! I’m in @ Instagram: asilversnapshot
    Happy Tuesday!

  • ugg. you are so right. i feel like its self-absorbed – but we shouldn’t feel like that! I’m in. 🙂

  • Super fun! I think I’ll give this a shot. I’ll probably put up a post once a week on the blog. I’m thinking people probably don’t want to see my mug everyday!

  • Love this idea! I want to learn more about photography!!!
    I’m on instagram at joyyworld

  • This feels outside my comfort zone, so I am definitely in! Instagram at @dkoren. 🙂

  • Love the idea! I’m Katness80 @ Instagram and maybe I’ll do a collage after 30 days in my blog at www.lifeissweetinnyc.com

  • Yay! I am joining the journey. I have been intending to start a self-portrait project including images that mimick old photos of my mom. This is just the kick in the butt I need!

    My cousin just introduced me to this blog last night. in love.

  • Oh fun! I’m on instagram: stephiestylings & twitter: @stephiestylings & blog.stylingsandstories.com

  • I’m in like Flynn! (that’s my maiden name…!)
    I am alison573 on instagram. 🙂
    Excited about your book, too. Have really gotten into taking photos (especially self-portraits) these past few months…

  • I’m going to give it a shot! You can find me on Instagram @retr0phot0

  • Hi lovelies!!
    I am so in!!!
    You can find me on #lunaticfringeart
    Woohoo.. Is there a list of prompts or something??
    Or do we just go for it?

  • I remember how much I loved Elsie’s 365photos! I’m gonna try @a_laura_ble on IG

  • I’m in! I am up at the cottage for a few weeks so it’ll be easy for now! Might be tricky when I’m back to reality. I’m instagramming @malloryleeder

  • Count me in! — And my mister, if I can convince him to join. This sounds like an inspiring idea!

    Find us at http://chantelleelace.wordpress.com/

    -Chantel (and, probably, Lee)

  • I will see you all on Instagram @iam_thepapergirl… Lets have some fun

  • I’ve actually been thinking about doing this lately. I noticed I stopped taking my own picture a while ago. I’m @geekishlyapropos pretty much everywhere (minus the s on Twitter).

  • Sounds like fun and a challenge! Find me on Instagram: @settilove

  • Wow this sounds great, and like you said a great way to learn about photographing people. Can’t wait to get your book when it comes out. I will be doing this through instagram…@pvaughan86

  • This sounds like a fun photo challenge. I’m in!
    on instagram @craftinterrupted

  • chalenge accepted.

    instagram: @christychilders


  • I’d love to try this! I’m gonna post on Instagram @ambercdavidson. This will be tons of fun!

    Also I love your new app! It’s awesome!

    Thanks, Amber

  • I love a challenge and hate myself in photos so this is a double challenge that I am all in on! Thanks for the fun!

  • Count me in ladies! I have been trying to motivate myself to take a picture every day for a month, and this is the perfect excuse! Thanks.

    Instagram: @tritzbits

  • I’m in! I’ll be sharing via Instagram @juliastrawberry

    Thanks for the fun 🙂

  • I’ll give it a try too. On instagram @justcallmesparkles


  • I’ll give it a try too! on instagram @justcallmesparkles


  • Aloha from Hawaii! Sounds fun! And thanks for the opportunity! I’m having fun with your photo app as well! www.minibigmoments.wordpress.com

  • I’ve just started writing a blog so this could be good practise for me!

    If you have time please check out my first couple of posts, http://bloggingwithbonheur.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/all-pink-everything.html


    Karis Bonheur, x

  • ok, not terribly good at the whole selfie thing but here goes. Looove your blog by the way, fabulous.

    I’m at LISSAJANE393


  • Bet. Let’s cipher! I’m @christiantotty on Instagram ?

  • ** Challenge Accepted **

    instagram @ladyjrae

    I love photography. and I think this will be a very fun challenge.

  • I already started on Instagram. @aublar

    If I keep up with it I will post them on blog every week or so- lookfeelbebest.blogspot.com. Thanks for the inspiration! I can’t wait to get my hands on your book! I have asked for it for my birthday!

  • I love this idea, i’m a photographer and i’m a bit unispired lately so it will be good to take at least some photos of myself; i love your blog!
    in instagram i’m @tthemonsterr

  • I’m in! Any form of procrastination from study sounds good 😉 @jessiekate16

  • I love this idea but I’m a little scared! Im taking my first photography class in the fall just in time to recieve your book for inspiration!! Going to try the challenge 🙂 thank you two (and the rest of your team) for giving me something to look forward to everyday.
    Instagram: @katekeskinen

  • What a lovely idea! I am totally in! You can find me @lavieculturelle on Instragram!

  • I’m in! this sounds really funny! I never take pictures of myself so this will be an excellent challenge!

    My instragram is: heyvickyvicky

  • Fabulous idea! I’m in! Starting tomorrow?

    Instagram: @mivasophia
    Blog: mivasophia.blogspot.ca

  • Oh my goodness! Yes, I am in! I really need to learn to get comfortable in front of a camera and I reckon this will help! I’ll be doing this on my Instagram: @alexandrasian

  • Count me in! Sounds fun and might get me to actually get in some pictures. I’ll be posting on Instagram and Flickr.

    Instagram: @angie_green1
    Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/21287716@N03/

  • Elsie –
    Based on your post from December 26 (https://abeautifulmess.com/2012/12/lets-try-a-365-project-.html), I started a 365 day challenge “365 Days of 2013”.

    I couldn’t agree with you more…at the beginning it felt unnatural, awkward and pretty self-absorbed. But as the months past, I found myself becoming very aware of lighting, angles, color, composition and posing (and noticed that my first photo is almost always the one I chose to post).

    I’ve been posting my self-portraits on Instagram (ptschetter) and a blog – каждый день – (“every day” in Russian): http://kazhdyy-dyen.blogspot.com

    Thanks for the inspiration and best of luck with your book release!

    Twitter and Instagram @ptschetter

  • YES!!! totally in! I’ll start tomorrow! and after that probably post a week together on my blog.
    love this!

  • I guess it’s time to get creative, cause I’m in on instagram (@ajcarreras)

  • Wow, this really will be a challenge, a very uncomfortable challenge since I’m the photographer of the family… but I’ll do it. I’ve never liked pictures of myself, especially now, since becoming a new mom. BUT, I’ll do anything in hopes to get a signed copy of a fab book and to take a closer look at myself…through a lens. :o)
    instagram: lindseypie23

  • Eep! This makes me so nervous since I prefer to be behind a camera, but I’m in! Lets do this!!

    instagram: @spammyla

  • Sounds like fun! I feel self-conscious taking self-portraits, like people think I’m ‘so’ into myself – but as you say, it’s practice!

    Instagram: rae_chou_chou

  • This sounds like fun! I’ve attempted this in the past and failed about 4 days in, but with a group joining it, it may be incentive to stick to it! I’m J3SS1C4 on instagram, and I’ll share all the pics on my blog at the end as well.


  • Love this challenge. I’ll be participating on IG. You can find me under @littlestsmitten

  • I’m in! I’m going on a road trip with my boyfriend for 3 weeks coming up soon so I am excited to get creative with this! Your blog is amazing ladies. It is defiantly a daily to do for me.
    @drea7 on instagram

  • Lovely and inspiring idea! Doing it on insta!
    Follow: @cauliflowerhead

  • I’m in! my instagram is @adi_15xo and i will do it in my new and first blog. i would love to get a book, definitely checking it out! i have forgotten how fun photography really is ! 🙂

  • This is lovely. I just posted my first! On Instagram @ohwhimsicalme 🙂

  • excited! It’s definitely weird taking pictures of myself. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s pictures everyday. I’ll be posting on instagram @ssotelo98.

  • Yes please! I think this will be a good challenge for me since I am always behind the camera and hate photos of myself. @shylahv (Instagram)

  • This sounds super fun, plus I’d love a copy of your book : )
    I’ll be doing it on my blog: http://anniescarlett.blogspot.com

  • I actually hate taking pictures. I am really insecure, so maybe this would change things. Since I am new to blogging (other than tumblr)and I am actually giving it a real try this time, I will do this!


  • I love this! I will join in starting tomorrow!
    instagram: @amiacw
    blog: www.teapotsandbelles.blogspot.com

  • I am so afraid of putting photos of myself on my blog but I am going to challenge myself and do this!! Both scared and excited, here goes!
    First post; http://katiescreative.blogspot.com/2013/07/30-day-self-portrait-challenge-day-1.html

    Katie xx

  • I think I’m in 🙂 You can find me on instagram @ ginandjuiceboxes

  • I usually think self-portraits don’t go very well for me but I am definitely trying this out! Not sure I’ll be posting it on Instagram but maybe I’ll post a 30-day round-up on my blog 🙂
    can’t wait to see your book, so exciting!

  • Hello!
    I love this idea!
    I am not on instagram or have a blog though….

  • I love this! I’ll be joining in on my Instagram: @peacoatsandplaid

  • Kind of a scary idea! I’m in. You can find me at @heidilynn72 on on instagram

  • hi Elsie & Emma. super excited about the book; I’ve pre-ordered a copy! I’ll be sharing my photos via instagram 🙂 @sofia_maria

  • I’m totally in – blogged about the challenge (and posted first photo) here: http://mommablogsalot.com/2013/07/16/30-day-self-portrait-challenge-day-1/

    You can also follow me on instagram @thingsmommaloves

  • I will give it a try…very very UNphotogenic!! I just started an instagram for this so I guess I can be found @kelntroy Yikes, so out of my comfort zone! 🙂

  • i’m in! i’ll be at @lifeandsnapshots on instagram!! i’ll go follow your instagram now!

  • Excited to join!! I have been looking forward to your new book!!
    You can find me on twitter and Instagram @antlersandroses

  • Oh my goodness – you could spend every minute if your day looking at all these selfies! I’m going to join in on Instagram @hippychick4eva x

  • I’m in. Starting today. I used to take pictures of myself all the time, not because I was concieted, but because I felt something in that moment I wanted to capture. I want to think of myself that way again.

    IG – @germyarnsi

  • I admit: I’m a little skeptical (maybe it is going to feel really self absorbed?) but I am in! I feel that there’s lots of learning to be had! I’ll be on Instagram @sydmdavis and probably post a few on my blog too http://syddavis.blogspot.com you two are just full of awesome creative ideas, thank you for sharing and giving back!!

  • Yikes! This is a little scary but I’m going to try it. IG: jessiehagemeyer mymessielife.com

  • Awesome! I will definitely be joining along. I’m rebeccalately on instagram.

  • I’m SO in. Selfie whore right here.

    FIND ME on Instagram: @rahlala

    Thank you for doing this! Love your photos (and blog, and ideas, and creativity, etc). 🙂

  • YAY! How fun!
    Instagram @bethanyhalford AND @whoawaitwalmart
    Thanks, lovelies!

  • I’ll be @littleminky93 on Instagram! And there’ll probably be some on my blog as well 🙂 www.knittinggoddesswithacat.wordpress.com

  • Wowsers….30 pictures of myself in a row! I am going to try. On Instagram @marlene818

  • I’m in ! I just love the idea !
    Instagram : Isnaha

    Tanks for the challenge 🙂

  • Sounds fun! I am new to Instagram, so this will be the push I need to get started! I may miss a few days next week because of vacay, but I’ll try to make ’em up! I am @margievisnick and http://scrappinmargie.blogspot.com/

  • I’ll join! I’m on Instagram @fashionisevo (same handle for twitter).

  • i am in ladies! this is going be fun 🙂 instagram @thislittlehouse1

  • That’s why I used to love daily booth (but the app stopped posting) I’m in, I’m @boldaslove on Instagram.

  • I’m in for this challenge! How fun! My instagram is @eliseburkhead

  • Ooh this sound fun, I’m not good at selfies at the moment so I hope I get better by the end. I’m on Instagram @zoeblofeld. X

  • So excited! Instagram @azum86 and blog: http://www.allysonwonderlandphotography.com/

  • COUNT ME IN! Well, I don’t really like taking photos of myself… But, since your book is one of my most covet items of the year… I am gonna take up this challenge.
    Will be posting the pictures on my blog!



  • I love A Beautiful Mess, I love this idea, and I am so in! You can find me @kimbiiie on Instagram!

  • What a great idea! I’m in! You can find me on Instagram @abby_johnson

  • This is a great idea! I’m getting married next year and am rather uncomfortable in front of the camera so this might help me relax and make it more fun for our photos on the day! I’m in the process of moving house and starting a new job so I think I’ll be joining the ladies above in making August my self portrait month.

    ‘Craftandthrift’ on instagram 🙂

  • Oh, I love this idea! 🙂

    I’m in for sure the_awilliams on Instagram

  • This sounds like fun, so why the heck not?!?! You can find me on instagram @kristiebluejeans or on my blog at www.kristiesbluejeans.blogspot.com.

  • hey why not try a little “selfie” challenge, you can find me at either below!


    instagram: alyssanapps

  • the first selfi from -fatcatconnection-!


    Love from Germany
    Bambi & Birdy!

  • We have been doing a 365 day outfit challenge on Instagram @rawtherunusual since seeing your 365 challenge idea so this fits right in!

  • I’m in! I just got a camera phone and excited to get started on this! You can find me on Instagram @fmathie

  • I LOVE the idea of a self portrait challenge. For one, you are teaching yourself a little about portrait photography (yay!), and the best part, learning to love yourself!

    You can find me instagramming @amberrs ( instgram.com/amberrs )

  • It does feel self indulgent but also fun! @christabrower on insta

  • I want to join! 🙂 Do you want the pictures to be posted one at a time or all at once? Mine will be at www.malloryandbrett.com 🙂

  • I’m in! Cedarandpine.com is my blog and ill be sure to post them there! And ill probably put some up on Instagram @ohhhchelsea!

  • I’m so in! You can find me on my blog: http://www.chickiedee.com/blog AND on Instagram: @robbielee

    Thanks a bunch, ladies!

  • one of my favorite kind of challenges. i started out the same way with my own photography. so excited about your book! i pre-ordered the book already, cant wait!

  • Hi Elsie & Emma,

    My name is Georgina and I have decided to try out your challenge!
    I am in the midst of starting my own blog but am not confident with posting pictures yet, so I will be sharing my self portraits on Instagram instead.
    You can follow me at @chickypix, I have tagged you both to my first picture!

    This is such a neat idea, I hope to get a Canon Rebel next year to further my blog passion, so learning about lighting and composition in a small way first is a great start!

    I love your blog, and hope to someday be half as good as you girls are at it!


  • Sounds like fun, I’m going to give it a whirl…no time like the present. Your self portraits always look amazing so hopefully ill teach myself some tips along the way. Will post them on Instagram Blackbetty24 and my blog http://www.lovelybettycornwall.blogspot.co.uk/

  • love it – i’m in! i’ll post a few on instagram at @soalaina and i’ll blog a few on my blog – http://www.soalaina.com/. fun idea, i am SO terrible at selfies 🙁

  • Ooh, I’m in!! Is there a hashtag? I’m @slinkchic 🙂


  • I love that during a time when everyone makes fun of “selfies”, you two are embracing what greatness they can be and encouraging a self portrait challenge.

  • I’m sooo in! Thought about doing it when I read Elsies Blog-Birthday-Post, so this is a great idea doing it all together! Love it

    Instagram @PrettyLittleThingx

  • I’m totally into doing this! I’ll probably post a round up every week or so on my blog http://teatimewithdinosaurs.blogspot.com

  • this sounds like a lot of fun! i’ve never really gotten into the whole instagram thing, but i’m going to give it a try there! @leahruth9

  • yes! i need some self-portrait help and this is the perfect way to do it!
    you can find me on instagram @mamagesblog

  • I think I’ll try this out starting tomorrow! I’ve planned to do this for months, always take the first photo and then forget about it for a week or so. Hopefully not this time round!
    find me at @sundaycarvery

  • I might give it a try! You can find me on instagram @light0a0candle, or my blog light0a0candle.blogspot.ca