3am blogging

dear world of blogging,
i really missed you and i want to be friends again, just like we used to be.

1i have sooo much to tell you about. it’s already after 3am, though… so i’ll make it quick.


Thanksgiving was wonderful. I have the coolest family ever, see—->

3how cute are my mom and dad? i am SO thankful for them.
4my baby brother, doren, and our foster sister, rachel. she is sooo awesome. she’s staying with my family all year and she likes pugs, crafts & listening to larson’s music (so basically she fits right in!!! :D). we adore her.
5and the boy. it was our first thanksgiving together. we hung out with both of our families, which was really fun. his family is super sweet.
6awwwe. and look at what doren got my for my birthday!! it’s the cutest bear ever. i now sleep with him every night of my life. love
8and my home is beginning to look like Christmas. this is just a little taste though, hopefully it will get pretty festive around here this week. i love holiday decor. less is not more. i want it to be a kitschy wonderland in here with a ton of glitter and snowflakes!! yessss


i * l o v e….

well, i had better get some sleeps. i am doing a photoshoot for mr.larson at 10am and then dropping him off at the airport.
11happy monday!


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