5 Minute Clean Beauty Makeup Routine (Only 5 Products!)

We have gotten a lot of requests from minimalist makeup lovers on what clean products to use, and today I’m so excited to share this routine with you! You only need five products, and if you wanted to buy everything I used here, it’s under $100.

Exa Beauty High Fidelity Foundation — First up, I’m using this amazing *new* foundation! I absolutely LOVE it. it’s a medium coverage buildable foundation available in 43 shades (for reference, I’m using shade Joshua 520). It’s got a dewy-satin finish. As you can see from this photo, it does a pretty good job covering redness and uneven skin, but it’s less opaque once it’s blended out. I use about two pumps and a blender to smooth everything out. Once I’ve done my whole face, I take the blender and what foundation is left on it for my eyelids— it doubles as a primer for your shadow later! I recommend these beauty blenders from Black-owned biz Beauty Bakerie if you’re looking for some!

HAN Bronzer — After my foundation has dried, I use this bronzer from HAN. It comes in three shades and uses cocoa powder, so it smells lovely and it’s only $16. I have the Malibu shade that is matte that I prefer for contouring, but here, I am using Ibiza which has a subtle shimmer and is the lightest shade. To apply, I grab a fluffy brush, pick up some product and tap the excess off the brush. With a very light touch starting at my temples, bring it down over my cheekbone. Once most of the product is off the brush, I start using small circular motions (again with a very light hand) to blend it.

OK, buckle up, because we are about to MULTI-TASK with our bronzer!! You’re using one product for two applications here— your bronzer and your eyeshadow. Pick up some product on a fluffy shadow brush and again, tap off the excess. Use your brush to fill in your crease and blend really well! I have hooded lids, so I take this up past my crease so you can see it when my eyes are open, as pictured above. I find this bronzer to be super flattering as an eyeshadow with a minimal makeup look since it has just a hint of shimmer and is nice and neutral.

Pink House Organics Glow Stick — I love these glow sticks because they double as a dewy glow and a blush. I just take my finger and swirl it around the product for a sec, then use my fingers to blend it out from the apples of my cheeks up my cheekbone. So easy, but if definitely gives your face some dimension.

Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara — I LOVE this mascara because it has a primer on one side and mascara on the other. Also, it’s pretty easy to find in the US since it’s also at Target! You just apply the white side first, then the regular mascara. Gives you a little extra lift!

Tower 28 Milky Lip Jelly — Last but not least, add a lip! These glosses are a great dupe for Oui Fresh glosses (rip). They don’t have the same vanilla flavor but they are very similar in texture and a few colors.

I hope this is helpful for those of you that want a little something for the day but don’t want to take more than 5 minutes! These products are tried and true, but if you have any questions, please leave them below!

xo Keely

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Credits//Author: Keely Rust. Photography: Amber Kelly. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • LOVE the Honest Beauty mascara! It’s the best clean mascara I’ve ever used. Thanks for the other recommendations as well!

  • I love clean makeup blog posts! Thanks so much for this one. I use the Honest mascara, but I didn’t know about any of these other products. That foundation looks great. Thanks for the recommendations. Keely, you look so cute in that headband.

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