5 Tips for Adding Green To Your Home

1 tin containers1 tin containersAdding some green inside your home is a very good thing because plants help clean the air and provide more oxygen. Of course, some plants are better at air purifying than others, so you can visit your local nursery to talk to a plant specialist to find out which is better or you can do some research online. I found this site especially helpful. Also, besides helping clean indoor air, plants can really help spruce up a space. I love plants so much that we have them everywhere in our home and displayed in a variety of ways. The main types of plants I have are air plants, succulents, and regular house plants.

1. One fun way to decorate with plants is choosing what containers you put your plants in. I like to use a variety of things to hold my plants. I have vintage sap buckets in a variety of colors that can hold plants or fresh cut flowers and branches. Vintage tin enamel pieces also hold more plants on another wall. Air plants are great to put on a string and hang up, or can just set one on top of a stack of books. I love to put succulents in little clay pots or small glass containers. Also, I love to use wire baskets and woven baskets as well. One of my fave plant containers is a vintage wash bowl I picked up at the flea market. I put a plant inside and it makes an unexpected, but pretty plant holder.

2   air plants2 air plants2 air plants2. Air plants are really nice and low maintenance. Despite its name, they don't just live off air, but also water. I give my air plants a nice deep soak once a week for about 20 minutes and that seems to keep them nice and hydrated. I let them dry off and hang them back up in their spots. I have purchased some of my air plants from here.

3 succulents3. Succulents are another type of plant that works well for me because I only water them about once a week. With the busyness of having 4 kids, I need things that are low maintenance and succulents are just that. In fact, I have probably gotten away with watering once every two weeks.

4 regular house plants4. Regular house plants are great and the best at cleaning the air, but they do take slightly more care than air plants or succulents. You don't want to over water them though, because overwatering is worse than under watering. Just pay attention to them and once they get dry (use your finger to check if the soil is moist) give them a drink of water. The plants that have done especially well for me are spider plants, golden pothos, and warneck dracaena. You don't ever want plants to sit in water, so if some water is just sitting in bottom of the container, dump it.

5 by itself5 by itself5 by itself5. Most of my plants are grouped together throughout the house. I think they look so striking in masses, and if you mix up the groups with various containers it gives that spot a bit of texture. You can also find a few lone plants in certain areas because mixed in with other decorative items, they can be just as striking. Overall, plants are so beautiful and good for the home. They take a bit of learning, since you will have to get to know how often they need water and what types of area in your home might be best, based on light and air flow for that area, but once you get that, you will be addicted to indoor plants. Plants are just lovely and you can't really go wrong decorating with them! Have a great day! Rubyellen

  • Where do u buy those little yellow ball plants? I have been on the hunt for them! So cute!

  • Great ideas!! I love the sap buckets!! I am featuring them over at my blog today! 🙂

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  • What a great post! Do ou mind sharing how you were ale to get the enamel cans to hold on the wall in the first picture? It doesn’t look like they are on a hook or anything. I love the idea and would love to try it out!

  • lovely! I have the balcony full of jasmines and flowers <3 And some erikas in the patio <3

  • Oh my! 🙂 I need to get myself sorted outside first! BUT this is making me LOVE the idea of having some happy house plants too! 🙂

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  • These are very important and easy to apply tips to keep the home green always. There are some more things that can be done to keep the home green and healthy. Planting a lot of tree is one of those options as well. Reducing plastics can help reduce global warming as well allowing keeping everything green. Using healthier paints is also one more thing that can help keeping the home green.

  • These are very important and easy to apply tips to keep the home green always. There are some more things that can be done to keep the home green and healthy. Planting a lot of tree is one of those options as well. Reducing plastics can help reduce global warming as well allowing keeping everything green. Using healthier paints is also one more thing that can help keeping the home green.

  • I think I need more plants in my little apartment 🙂
    All these images make me happy!

    xo Sari

  • Hello, I just found your blog and I love it.
    I don’t know whether you want to know this but those enamel pots with the hanger and the little nozzle are actually for . . . douching! They’re French: there would be a tube coming out the bottom, you’d fill them with water then hold them up and let gravity do the work. When I found out I was a bit shocked – I was using one to hold my wooden spoons in the kitchen! But I think as a quirky back story for plant pots it’s quite good.

  • At first, I missed that this was a guest post and almost had a heart attack; I thought one of you had been hiding four kids somewhere!

    Great post- I’m a big fan of houseplants… but the easy kind, like this. 🙂

    xxx, j

  • I really like the distressed turquoise terracotta pots featured in two of the photos. (Along with everything else!)

  • love this! always wanted to add more indoor plants, but we don’t have many air plants in asia i think. 🙂

  • thank you! liked very much the “buckets” in the first photo, it is something that I would like to see in my home. like the color and the texture. but I cannot grow (. I tried to put the pots in the window between the bathroom and the kitchen, but there was a little light, all died.

  • I love those little succulent pots!

    Sarah x

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  • Wonderful tips. I love plants in Home.
    In the first days of May we with sister and mother planted in decorative pots seeds greens for salad and seeds for seasoning.

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  • Great post! What a coincidence, I did a post just last night about adding green to your home! Specifically, I have found that watery plants are surprisingly easy to look after:


  • Love these ideas!! I’ve gone from living in the suburbs to living in the city, so I’m definitely missing my green space. What great ways to bring the outdoor in!


  • I’m so in love with that first idea!!


  • The vintage sap buckets are BEYOND adorable! What a cool idea!! Gotta love a little greenery inside the apartment!

  • For some reason when I bring plants indoors they never make it. I’m horrible about forgetting about them. But I can grow anything outside. But maybe I will try again.


  • hahaha the best way to green your home are bigger plants like trees, either you have a garden (which is the best scenario) or not! I have already two (and many smaller plants of course) and the make me so happy! *a biologist speaking by the way*

    (New blog needing some love: http://inwhirlofinspiration.blogspot.com )

  • What a fantastic idea! I will certainly try them to brighten up my home xo Fritha http://www.tigerlillyquinn.blogspot.com

  • Nice, yet easy to do it, ideas!


  • I wish I could do this but I suffer from quite bad hayfever. Any recommendations for fake flowers or alternatives to green up my home a bit?

  • love the ideas! 🙂 http://lovesimplegreen.blogspot.com/

  • My eye was drawn to the gorgeous turquoise cracked pot. So pretty!


  • I love plants in the home, I have a few dotted about especially succulents they are one of my faves.


  • yes! I love plants too and I have soooooo many! hahahah 😀

  • Thanks for your advices, your post are always inspiring!! : )

    Lovely Idea

  • I loved it!!!
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    check it out


  • Wow, there’s so much more to having plants at home than I thought! This is such an educational post!

    Fang Ting

  • Adorable, Its unbelievable how plants can transform the space! Great tips! thank you for sharing!!!

  • We are plant lovers too, and I’m putting those beautiful air plants on my wish list. Thank you.

  • The photos are inspiring. Thanks for the post 🙂


  • I am lucky to find air plants in our neighborhood here in FL a lot. I should bring them indoors soon. I love the tip about grouping them. Makes perfect sense, and I’d never considered it! Blessings!

  • Love this post!! And I had to add that there’s a fantastic website where you can buy chemical filtering indoor plants in super cute non-toxic pots!
    www.greenyourair.com 🙂 It’s a site I created with another mama!

  • Hey, elsie!
    Just saw this, i think you’re gonna love it!

    Thank you for all your tips, your blog is just amazing, the cutest thing ever!

    Kisses from brazil!

  • I have a ton of houseplants, mostly succulents, but I have some air plants too. I keep them in seashells. I also have a gorgeous pitcher plant that captures insects for me!

  • These are great suggestions. I used to have A TON of houseplants but slowly I ended up downsizing. Now we have just one–a GIANT lily. It’s too heavy for us to lift now, but I love it! And it always tells me when it needs water by getting all sad and wilty. I can’t imagine my home without it.

  • Are you in spfd? Where is a good place to get succulents in town?

  • Succulents are my new favorite! I am loving having them in my home!

  • I never thought of this before! Definetly adding some green to my room now! 🙂


  • I just love plants, thanks for sharing some eye catching creative display ideas!

  • Thanks for the advice on all this! Would love some plants in my college dorm..


  • Love this post, and those different color books that you used under the plant base. 🙂

  • AIR PLants how awesome!!! I love having plants indoors 🙂

    Steph at http://mycreativebrightside.blogspot.com

  • I have never heard of air plants, & I enjoy watering mine, but they still seem pretty cool. I absolutely love all climbing & spider plants !


  • I must confess, i am a plant killer… no one has live more than a year in my home… : (


  • Love all these ideas! I might have to add some plants to our home. I love having flowers on our dining table. The bright colors make me smile. 🙂

  • what great ideas! 🙂 Love the plants on the wall.


  • These are great – I love adding some life into the home!

    Much love,


  • My dad is a great gardener, but every time I’ve tried to have a plant in my apartment, it dies! I had a plant that I thought was completely dead, gave it to a friend and his mom totally revived it! Maybe my apartment doesn’t get enough light?


  • I love succulents! They’re the only thing I can keep alive. I have them on my porch here in San Diego and I only have to water them twice a month!

  • I love having plants in my house. It makes me feel so fresh and smiley to have greenery all around.

  • I pretty much only have succulents as they are the only thing I manage to keep alive.Rx


  • Beautiful presentation guys.


  • I have never heard of air plants, & I enjoy watering mine, but they still seem pretty cool. I absolutely love all climbing & spider plants !

  • I adore that first photo. Such a great way to display plants indoors!xo

  • I like plants so much but I haven’t heard about these funny air plants before. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  • We don’t have many houseplants because I fear we don’t get enough light: our place is one of those dreadful Energy Crisis Era houses with few windows or windowsills. I noticed that lots of your plants are just in the middle of the room– do they seriously fare well just with ambient daylight? That would be an awesome revelation!

  • Oh I lve house plants too and have many of them, some of which I’ve had since I was a teen! Yours are very nice. I don’t have any air plants but will mow be looking into those.


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