5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Cheese Platter

5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Cheese PlatterCan I just admit something: I LOVE CHEESE. Love it, love it, love it. I don't know who invented cheese, but they should probably have their own national holiday. Cheese is sort of a big deal. I absolutely love getting a cheese platter as an appetizer when I'm out with friends so I've been itching to create my own little spreads for get togethers. Here are my top five tips for creating the perfect cheese platter.

Cheese Platter How-To1. Select cheeses with care. Your cheese selections are going to be the meat and bones of this appetizer so you don't necessarily want to just grab whatever. It's good to provide a selection of textures and flavors; try choosing cheeses that are aged, soft, firm and blue. You don't have to serve all categories but it can be fun to! Also, keep in mind your guests' preferences. Be sure to serve at least one familiar cheese. And note if anyone has special dietary needs, like serving cheese made from raw milk might not be a great idea if you plan to have pregnant guests. Be considerate, but don't be afraid to offer adventurous options too.

DIY Fancy Cheese PlatterCheese plate labels2. Label each cheese. This probably seems super obvious but I cannot tell you how much I wish more restaurants did this. If a guest tries a new-to-them cheese and they love it they will probably want to know what it is. Of course you can simply keep repeating the names all night if you wish, but labels can be a great solution. You can get really crafty with your labels or go as simple as tooth picks with printed slips of paper. I made these labels with ZERO artistic ability in about 3 minutes.

Spicy mustard, marmalade, honey3. Accompaniments are a must! Half of the fun of trying new cheeses is trying them out paired with different flavors. Be sure to offer all sorts of accompaniments with your next cheese platter: crackers, baguette slices, jams, sauces, chutneys, berries, sliced fruit and don't forget the wine.

Cheese Plate Styling4. Set up your platter giving guests an idea how to pair the cheeses. You can see I set up little pairings—blue cheese with honey, Dubliner with sour apple, Colby jack with spicy mustard and goat's milk cheese with candied pecans. This will get apprehensive guests comfortable with the idea of pairing the cheese with accompaniments.

Cheese plate pairCheese Party Plate5. Serve it sliced and slightly warm. I like to go ahead and slice all hard cheeses (no need if the cheese is already soft enough for spreading). I feel this invites guests to go head and dig in! It's also good to set out the cheese 30 minutes to an hour before serving, cold temperatures mute flavors. If you think your cheese will set out during a whole evening of entertaining find a creative way to keep it semi covered; you could serve it in on a cake stand or two. You don't want cheeses to dry out before being consumed.

Have fun creating your own perfect cheese platter for your next party! xo. Emma

  • What cheese are you usually using? Anyway, thanks for this post, I really want to try this out. It looks so yummy!

  • Love all this picture, but the picture I prefer is the models in black and white, with the long dress! Very good pictures! Kisses.

  • What do you do with all the bread and crackers? I love the arrangement but it’s hard to eat if there’s nothing to put it on.

  • Mmm, raspberry and mint sounds relish! If you use warm/hot water to fill your trays, the water will freeze clear. Can’t wait to make some of these to show off!

  • It’s true …you first eat with your eyes..Your cheese presentation looks so inviting. I like the set up of a prepared cracker along with the cheese to give your guests the idea of a good pairing.

  • OMG I want this NOW!!! 🙂 I’ve just tasted something incredible yesterday: fresh goat-cheese with raspberries! mmmmm

  • So beautiful – Can’t wait to see more
    Friend Link: http://www.yourcheapshoe.com

  • Wow, that looks so yummy! I would never have thought to put most of those accompaniments with any sort of cheese; where did you learn what’s best to eat with what cheese?

  • This makes me want to have friends over now! Thanks for the tips!! You’re the best, Emma!

  • You should try some Juustolepia it’s a Finnish cheese that is baked after it’s made and warmed before eating. It’s great with honey, jam or mustard. There is also Juustolepia made with jalapeños. Several Wisconsin cheese makers make Juustolepia here in the states.

  • What a great idea! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’ve always wanted to serve a cheese party at our frequent game nights but wasn’t quite sure how to make it work for both seasoned cheese lovers and our less-food-adventurous guests. This is a great place to start, and I love the beautiful presentation! I have a feeling our next game night will include a cheese plate.

    -Jennifer @ JennJill Designs

  • This has made me crave a cheese board so much! I love them! x

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  • I too, love cheese and these tips are great! I especially like the idea of including various honeys/jams/mustards to go along with the crackers and fruit. Cheese platters are always a big hit when I host.


  • Love this post! Very informational for us cheese lovers out there. I’m for sure using these tips! I want to put one together now!


  • Oh these are such good tips! Nothin’ better than a good cheese platter! Will definitely be trying these out at my next party (when I say party, I mean me at home with a bunch of cheese)

  • That looks awesome. I love cheese (apart from boring gouda on butter on dark bread – kind of a german breakfast “tradition”).

  • You would love it in France then! We have cheese coming out of our ears here 😉

  • I have never tried blue cheese and honey, but love both those things, so will have to give it a go. Am now craving cheese! Thanks for the ideas. Laughed at your labels created “with ZERO artistic ability in about 3 minutes” – EXACTLY what I need! x P

  • I, too, absolutely love, love, love cheese 🙂 Thanks for the tips for serving it to others!

  • this looks lovely! we had a sharing platter for lunch today – meats, cheeses, pork pie – was delicious! Lovely idea – I did a similar cheese board for our New Years party last year too! Check it out here;



  • I love cheese and we have an amazing cheese factory just 7km from our house.

  • I will do this the next time we come back from Wisconsin. Their cheese are unlike any that I’ve ever had before.


  • It looks delicious! You should go to Wisconsin someday, they’re known for their cheese!! 🙂

  • Whoops! Here’s the link: http://thesillygoosefarm.blogspot.com/2012/06/host-your-own-cheese-night.html

  • Thanks for the awesome tips! I host tasting dinners at my house, and the last one was a cheese workshop – it was so fun! Here are the details (plus tips for a cheese plate), if you’d like.

  • That’s so yummy! my mouth is watering right now lol!


  • That looks delicious! I LOVE LOVE LOVE cheese, and I just find this as an excuse to eat more cheese. I’m not complaining!


  • Looks so good, cheese is the best!


    i will do this in the next dinner at my home

  • Cheese platter looks great. I remember being laughed at in France when I asked for some apple on the side of my cheese but I love the contrast of the tart/sweet/salty/soft/crunch.
    Can i also recommend quince paste- it’s a must have here in Australia on any cheese plate:

  • In France, cheese is more than a simple food. Chesse is one of my guilty pleasure (one other is chocolate ! 😉 ).
    My favorite one is Basque sheep cheese. With black cherry jam it is fabulous ! You can also try to eat firm and old sheep cheese with fig jam, it is wonderful (and also some kind of habit in Corsica).
    Your platter is beautiful and inspiring, thanks !

  • Love this post. Isnt cheese just so wonderful! I also really love the new blog layout.

  • Looks scrumptious! This is such a great idea for a party, it’s so easy to prepare!

  • I love cheese, too! It’s practically a food group for me… 🙂 One idea for serving cheese that I found via Pinterest seems perfect: a DIY chalkboard serving tray. Here’s the link: http://witandwhistle.com/2011/12/21/diy-chalkboard-serving-platter/ I think it’d be great for cupcakes, too, or anything really. I adore + admire you guys’ blog, especially the new design! ♥ Monica

  • Great post, pretty pictures. Mmmm, I love cheese.

  • This is one of the best ideas (though I probably think that about all your posts), the board looks even more enticing!

  • omggg this looks soo incredibly yummy!!!!!!

  • i was seriously just looking for cheese appetizer displays on pinterest, last night.. and then, i see this! whoo hoo. its perfect for some garden parties i am throwing this summer. thanks! happy weekend <3

  • Hi Emily, we hired a formatter to code our blog custom. I don’t think there is a theme that looks like this. Sorry!
    Thanks for your kind words… XO. elsie

  • what an amazing layout for a party- so creative, thanks for all the ideas!

  • oh cheese, how I love thee! I’ve been considering going dairy free…i think this post just convinced me that was the worst idea ever. (i kid…all about moderation, right?)

  • Thanks for the blog tips – I’m saving to hire a freckled nest genius 🙂

  • wow look so good….i have never knew there are so much i need to know

  • just discovered your blog and I love it!
    hope you can check mine out as well! : )


  • Hello Elsie and Emma! That looks so yummy! I have a small question, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what theme do you use on Typepad? I use the Theme Builder and my Main Content Column is very small and it won’t allow me to make it more than 500px. I love on ABM how the photos are so big and the column is so wide! I would love that for my blog too. Thank-you so so much for you help, I greatly appreciate it! I think you guys are SO awesome and I want to have a famous blog like you when I am older! Love from Emily oxoxoxoxoxoox

  • Thank you SO much for your advice and ideas. I love cheese and would love to have a cheese (and wine of course) party.


  • I guess I could do a vegan version of this with Daiya’s havarti wedge and some of Dr. Cow’s versions.

  • What amazing tips and ideas. Definitely hosting a wine & cheese night in the near future. Thanks!

    Silver from A Silver Snapshot

  • Yum! I must have a party now! Oh my gosh I should NOT have read this whilst hungry!PS – LOVING the daily elsie and daily emma xo

  • Lovely! & I adore cheese too {& that dubliner is to die for}


  • I’ve never given this much thought, but I sure will now! Great tips!

  • looks so tasty


  • Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my new blog, so add me maybe ? 😉


  • This looks amazing! Man, I do love cheese- can’t wait to actually create a cheese board xx

    P.S. Loving the blog’s new look


  • I would suggest some caramelised onions as well, it’s delicious with milder cheeses. With nut bread, it’s simply divine !

  • Ohh my this has me wishing for cheese! Great party idea!


  • This is looks really yummy! I’m such a cheese lover myself! May have to try this out myself! <3

  • I usually serve my cheese in a little more rustic style, especially since I regularly eat some for dessert after dinner, so the pretty arrangement doesn’t matter as much, but I think I’m willing to give this little cute display a try, especially since my birthday is coming up.

    Thank you for the cheese-spiration!


  • I love a bit of cheese. I doubt you have it in the US but Wenslydale with either apricots or cranberry is so creamy and delicious. Goats cheese is always a winner too. I paired Goats cheese with asparagus for a tart- that was yummy. You can find the recipe on my blog if anyone is interested.
    http://whatpeggysaid.blogspot.co.uk/ ~kim x

  • Yummo! Looks delicious. I’ve never tried to make my own cheese platter, but maybe I will!

  • Yum yum yum, I’m getting hungry just looking at these.

    xo, vicky

  • oh yum. Cheese is my favorite. I think I’d just like to have your pretty platter delivered to my desk right now 😉

  • We go to Ophelia’s a least once a week for their fantastic cheese platters. I also LOVE cheese!

  • I’m having peeps over this weekend for cheese and treats to watch the EuroCup final game. Thanks for the tips. 🙂


  • this probably isn’t a big secret but did ya know that wholefoods pinned your fancy grilled cheeses?

    love this. will be giving it a try.

  • This is making me hungry! Cheese is one food I cannot live without.


  • Oh wow this looks amazing!


  • That cheese looks soooo good! The Diets definitely out the window now! xoxo

  • That cheese looks absolutely divine!

  • Never thought of putting labels on the cheeses!
    Awesome idea!

  • Mmm…this looks so good + it’s so pretty. I love cheese too. P.S. I love the new blog layout + personal posts. I REALLY missed the personal posts + wondered what happened. Glad they are back. ♥

  • Dubliner is by far my favourite cheese 🙂 It’s the Irish in me. I love cheese platters.

  • Now I’ve seen these photos, I’m so distressed that there is no cheese in my house. It all looks so yummy!

  • what a great idea! i never know how to serve cheese. great tips. thank you!

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