5 Tips for Lifestyle Photography

LifeStyle Photography Tips 1 when in doubt, bring the camera Photographing everyday life is one of my biggest creative passions! There is just something so special about capturing the things that make today wonderful. I’ve been photographing my daily life for nearly ten years and I love looking back on random moments from years past. In the days of film photography people were afraid to “waste” film. They chose to take more posed photos of groups of people and less small memories of each day. We’re so lucky to live in the digital age where you can literally take 100 photos on your phone today and only keep your 3 favorites. I always think back to my high school self (who spent a lot of allowance money on packs of film) and imagine how blown away I would be if someone would have told me that in just 10 years time I’d have a phone that took better photos than my camera. The resources we have at our fingertips are truly incredible! Here are 5 tips for capturing your everyday life… 1 when in doubt, bring the camera1. When In Doubt, Bring Your Camera. 

I try to bring my digital SLR with me as much as possible. There are so many random photos that I would have missed if I hadn’t been lugging my Canon with me everywhere I go. I have quite a few camera bags to switch out (some that double as purses) and that’s super helpful! It’s always easier to leave it at home, but I’m determined not to let any dust collect on my camera. I never regret bringing it along! 1Here’s a photo that I captured this week while at lunch with my sister. I loved the way the light was coming through the blinds. It’s always worth it to bring your camera and when that’s not possible, rely on your phone camera! 2 zoom in22. Zoom In

Instead of focusing only on wide shots of people, take time to zoom in and capture little details! Each day there are countless expressions, moments and pretty vignettes in your life that you might not remember if you don’t caputure them. Always remember to zoom in and photograph the little things you love in life! 2 zoom in I love this photo. Even though it doesn’t show our faces it communicates a lot!

2 zoom in

This photo from our home tour was my favorite because it captures the happy vibe of our home on a lazy morning. 3 be weird3. Be Weird

There are little things that make you unique. Be sure to document these quirks and special qualities! The photo above was taken the morning after Jeremy proposed to me. We get coffee together almost every morning, but this morning was extra special! I am glad I have this photo and it means more to me than most of the posed photos we took that day. One of my family members even commented that it was “kinda weird”, but what matters is that it tells a little piece of our story! 3 be weird 3Step outside the box of getting a “good photo” and try to capture something really personal. This photo of my grandfather riding his bike is one of my favorites because we used to ride bikes together when I was little. It means more to me than most of the smiling/posed photos we have together because it evokes a memory. 4 cell photo photos are A-OK4. Cell Phone Photos Are A-O.K.!

Cell phone photos have completely changed the photography world in the past five years. The quality has quickly gone from something you couldn’t really print to something that, at times, rivals traditional photography. It’s pretty exciting! I often post cell phone photos on my blog and have a basket of them printed out on my coffee table (I shared about ways I display iPhone photos in my home here). There is nothing wrong with using your phone as your secondary, or even primary, camera! It’s a great way to capture everyday life because it’s always with you.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from this past month, via my iPhone… 4 holding hands4 holding hands4 holding hands4 holding handsThese little things might have gone undocumented had I not had my phone at my side.5 When In Doubt, Take The Photo5. There Is No Such Thing As A “Wasted” Photo

When in doubt, snap the photo! The above photo was taken in an airport while we waited for a flight. I asked Jeremy to hold up his coffee because it said “Jerry”. To my delight the photo that resulted is one of my favorite random photos of him. Sometimes the most unlikely moments can produce the most special images! 5 first month datingThis photo was snapped by one of our pals during our first month dating. It looks very posed, but it wasn’t. It was just a random little snapshot that turned out to be one of our most cherished memories of our early relationship! Sometimes the smallest moments can mean so much more later on. This is why there is no such thing as a “wasted” photo!

I hope you’ve picked up a few helpful hints from this article. Taking everyday life photos is one of the healthiest creative habits to excercise. If you’re not currently in this routine, why not try some today? xo. elsie

Dslr basicsWant to learn more about photography? Check out our e-course!

Photo Credits: All Photos by Elsie Larson + Emma Chapman except coffee shop photos by Kelli Trontel and home tour photo by Janae Hardy

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  • I find that documenting the small moments makes a HUGE impact on my feelings because I am suddenly appreciating all the tiny, beautiful things in life that I otherwise wouldn’t acknowledge. It makes me so grateful to live in such a lovely world!

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    It really stated the idea of everyday photos!
    Some of my friends considered me to be a weirdo to take my camera all the time with me, but that doesn’t matter because I know, that I’m right!

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    Adore your blog, it’s fantastic and very inspirational

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  • I personaly have a small digital camera (nothing fancy) and my Iphone. When I went to Italy last Septembre I took way more pictures with my phone than my camera because I could put effect with all the photography apps I have on it. Turns out I did well because a month after I came back I had transfered all my digital camera’s picture onto my laptop and deleted the “originals” but kept the ones on my Iphone and a few days later my cat made my laptop fall on the ground which killed my hard drive. None of my personal files could be salvaged 🙁 Luckily I still have most of my Italy pics on my phone and I’m planning on printing them out to display them in my home thanks to your tips.

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    Also, a tip I liked was to wrap your camera in a scarf (in lieu of a small camera bag). I only own one large camera bag and hate lugging it everywhere, and, admittedly we do not have heaps of money to spend on various sized camera bags, and so a scarf works well.

  • I love when you post about photography, it’s definitely something we all use and I’m always up for new tips and tricks.

  • I love the intro on this post because it reminds me of my high school days taking tons of photos. I was definitely afraid to waste film and yet loved taking photos so much that I’d do it anyway. I remember entire sets of film that got overexposed and were basically black. And I also remember the joy and excitement of opening up that package of photos that you haven’t seen yet. I am definitely thankful that the digital age allows us to take everyday photos without those costs.

  • I agree and it’s why I love Instagram so much. The act of taking daily life photos is very much a physical “counting my blessings” exercise for me. Thanks for the tips!

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  • I recently retired and made my first project a “round up” of all my photos. I have not counted but there are thousands…both traditional film and digital. After aout eight months, I am still finding photos in unusual places. I have weeded and discarded and still I have about five photo albums.

    I love your title “Lifestyle Photography” and plan to take photos of more random everyday things…even if no one but me ever looks at it.

  • I love this post! Such great tips. I’m taking photos with my phone a lot and started a 365 days photo challenge this year which means I’ll have a bunch of “little moments” collected after a year.

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    This tips was also great, I mostly use my phone camera because it take such great photos in strong sunshine.

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  • Elsie,
    This was amazing. I really enjoyed your tips. Sometimes I get bummed because my photos don’t consistently yield the result I would like. But I’m learning about light, and the need to take millions to get the right one. There’s one picture that I took at the Mr. Brainwash art show that knocked my socks off! I don’t know how it worked, but it just did. Here’s the link:
    I love it with all my heart. It’s my husband pushing my baby girl in the stroller. It was Ambra’s first art show.

    Anyway, thank you so much for the inspiration. I always admire your photography, and I can’t wait to use some of your advice.

    Warmest Regards,

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  • Jin, I’ll try to do a post about this in the near future… with examples!
    One tip.. when I use actions I usually lower the opacity after applying the action so that it’s not too intense. Hope that helps!
    XO. elsie

  • hi elsie! i love LOVE love the post editing you’ve done to your photos using rad labs. i was wondering what stylets you’ve used for most of your photo edits? i, too, love vivid colors but i can’t seem to get the right recipe without making the pic too bright, or too contrasty. thanks so much!!*

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  • so true..great post. It is amazing how many amazing moments I have captured on my phone. It also makes me giggle b/c I used to think all my Au Pairs living with me were crazy for taking photos of the food on a holiday or special occasion but now I love to capture the moment. I usually work really hard at preparing that meal so why not cherish it with a click!
    P.S. Would love for you to visit my blog and let me know your thoughts…new blogger, seasoned Fashionista!


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  • That last photo is so sweet. It’s lovely to have moments like that to look back on later in your relationship! My very first photos with my boyfriend is a dorky 4-set we took in a Japanese photobooth, & they are COMPLETELY ridiculous, but I think they will always be my favourite. They show all our laughter & happiness, which was a true sign of how the rest of our relationship would pan out.

  • I completely agree with you about catching little moments. I have found that since having my son, I have been taking a lot more random photos. They are mostly of him, but they are so precious 🙂

  • As always, this is such a helpful post! You’re so right about bringing your camera everywhere; I always regret it when I fail to do so! But, of course, they always say that the best camera is the one you have with you, even if it’s only a point-and-shoot or iPhone. 🙂

    <3 Samantha

  • Awesome pics, I am also ever so grateful for my iPhone and Instagram. The novelty still keeps hanging on!
    The picture of your grandpa on the bike makes me smile and think of this shot of the incredible Henry Miller: http://tea-bicycleandglasses.tumblr.com/post/7229171612/misterchewtoy-henry-miller-and-a-bike-how

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  • Q: what about those of us who don’t have iPhones? I just feel like without Instagram, there’s no way to be part of this quotidian-documentation revolution, and it breaks my heart.
    A: Well, I am a huge iPhone lover, so if you have a chance to change I’d say take it! But in the meantime try to make the most of whatever phone you have with apps if they are available to you.
    If your phone camera doesn’t take good photos, maybe consider getting a new iPod touch? They take the same photos and you can use photo apps without the phone commitment.

  • I love this post! I just got a new iPhone, my old one took rubbish photos but my new one takes amazing shots. I don’t have an SLR but you have encouraged me to take my digital one everywhere with me. Great pics and btw I have the same Kate Spade iPhone case 🙂

  • This is such a sweet post! I’ve been trying to capture more photos (especially on my phone) whenever I can lately. It’s so nice to look through my phone and just see silly little photos that remind me of all kinds of memories that would have otherwise been long forgotten!
    xo Heather

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    Thanks for this post! I will definitely be bringing my DSLR everywhere 🙂

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    You are so right about camera phones. I used mine all the time which I think was why I became so interested in photography and am now saving up for a dslr!

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    My question for you is this: what about those of us who don’t have iPhones? I just feel like without Instagram, there’s no way to be part of this quotidian-documentation revolution, and it breaks my heart.

  • Oh Elsie I’m so like you this way. I’ve always loved taking pics of everyday life. But all to often we only bring out the camera on “special occasions” only. I am determined to do more everyday photos this year! Thank you for sharing I esp. love 1Your day after engagement photo 2Your pug and weenie 3You and Jeremy holding hands in car 🙂 Stay Sweet and Glittery

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  • Great post! I was just lamenting to my husband today how often I regret not having my DSLR with me when I’m out and see something amazing that I miss out on photographing! Definitely a new resolution to bring it along when I head out in the morning… 🙂

  • Thank you for the tips, love all the photos. Love the zoom ones, just to show some special details, and love the weird ones, you know those photos that everyone wouldn’t think about taking 🙂
    Very useful post. Wish you a great weekend ahead

  • Q: I love the nail polish you’re wearing in the picture after you got engaged. Do you remember what it’s called/the brand??
    A: It’s hard candy. Not sure about the color, through!

    Q: I’d love to see was purses you use to carry your camera around. And, do you put the camera in a smaller bag and then your purse, or do you just throw your camera in your purse with everything else? Thanks!
    A: I’ll blog about this soon! I have a bunch. Some huge & some small.

    Q: I was just wondering what other aps you use and how your pictures are such great quality even though they’re from your phone?
    A: My favorite Apps for iPhone are picture show and instagram. My friend with a Driod told me that there is an app called “Vignette” that is really good for that! Also, when I e-mail myself photos I choose the largest file size always. Hope that helps!

    Q: great tips! it would be nice to hear if you do any post-processing of your photos at all?
    A: Thanks so much! I do use photoshop for nearly all of the photos I share on this blog…mostly to correct colors, brighten etc. I use Totally Rad actions… there’s a link to them on my FAQ page. It makes photoshop much much faster!

  • Thank you for these great reminders – it’s true that it’s so important to be open to capturing special moments every day! I love how random/unexpected snaps turned out to be some of your favorites.


  • I love taking pictures of mundane things! Especially food! I am in love with your blog. Such an inspiration! Keep it up.

    Maude 🙂

  • This is such a helpful post.
    The pictures you have used are beautiful 🙂

    Laura xoxo

  • great tips! it would be nice to hear if you do any post-processing of your photos at all?

  • I have been loving your photography tips posts. They have been so insightful and inspiring. Right now, I don’t have the $$$ to purchase a real camera, but I have been snapping away on my iPhone.

    Also, I loved that you mentioned film when you were growing up. So true!! Someday our little ones will have no idea of what it was like “back then” 🙂

  • About your phone pictures, how do you get the quality that high? I have an andriod so therefore I don’t have instagram. I was just wondering what other aps you use and how your pictures are such great quality even though they’re from your phone? Thanks!

  • Thank you for sharing these. All of your photos are lovely. I still have a lot to learn. The first step I need to take is brining my slr everywhere. I just get too nervous I will break it, but what is the point in having one if you don’t use it?

  • Those are all wonderful photos. Thanks for the tips!


  • Oh my are these photos pretty! Great tips this is SUCH good advice!!! I love all the photos there so sweet and I would have so much fun if i started doing this (which I am going to start!) and I definitely agree with the phone photos I use my iPod for photos for my blog because it’s so much more convenient than my camera and the pictures still come out great! 🙂

  • I really love your photography posts. You’ve shared some really great tips that are super helpful! I’ve been trying to carry my camera with me as much as possible and purchased a new camera bag/purse a few months ago to aid me in that. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Great tips and these are a great collection of photos! I love taking photos too!



  • This post is amazing! Thank you for these tips, they’ve really inspired me!


  • i like lifestyle photos too. elsie, you may have actually introduced me to the idea of them many moons ago. 🙂

  • Great advice, I need to carry my camera with me more often.
    And, the picture of “Jerry” cracked me up because my boyfriend’s name is Jeremy too, and he gets that a lot.

  • I love love love this post!! Such wonderful advice and I love these little documented moments of life.

  • Fantastic post Elsie!!!!! Beautiful photos! 🙂

    Love from NJ!
    xo Jenny

  • I love the nail polish you’re wearing in the picture after you got engaged. Do you remember what it’s called/the brand??

  • Thanks for the great tips! I just bought a new camera and would love to tote that around with me more. My problem is that i’m so worried something will happen to it if I just throw it in my purse. I’d love to see was purses you use to carry your camera around. And, do you put the camera in a smaller bag and then your purse, or do you just throw your camera in your purse with everything else? Thanks!

  • Thanks for sharing these great tips! Once I get my camera back I will be sure to put some of these tips in to action! And all the photos are fantastic by the way! I love all the special meanings they have, i think thats what makes a great photo so great 🙂

  • Thank you for the tips! I’ve been carrying my camera around a lot more now… I still need to get a camera bag that doubles as a purse, since right now it’s kind of rolling around loosely in a tote. Your phone pictures are sooo good! My phone takes horrible quality photos, I want an iphone so much!

  • This is great! I’m working on a lifestyle shoot next week and these tips will definitely come in handy! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Gwyneth, I store my favorite photos as full size files on a Flickr account. I download old pics to use ALL the time. It’s very convenient! 🙂
    & yes, I only keep my favorite photos.


  • love this tips…i totally agree! and these photos are crazy beautiful.

  • Love love love this post! It’s these little moments that you’re always capturing that really make me love your blog. I love the way they give me tiny insights into your beautiful life.

    Question! I’m sure you take loads and loads of pictures all the time. How do you store all of them? My hard drive is filling up fast… SLR pictures are big! Do you delete a lot of the “bad” shots, rely on an external hard drive, use CDs….?

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