5 Tips for Making Over Your Hallway!

When decorating your house, don't forget about the hallway! (click through for tips!) When you are renovating a new house (or just trying to refresh an existing space), it’s really easy to forget about one important space – the hallway! Now, you may be thinking that you wouldn’t exactly call your hallway “important”, but if it’s the central walkway that connects all your most used rooms like in my house, you may go through that space more than any other in a given day. So it’s a place you’ll actually spend a lot of time. I had been so focused on getting the rest of the rooms of my house put together, that I totally neglected the hallway. Partnering with our friends at Canon USA, I decided to update this space and give it some love and personality. Here are some simple tips that anyone can follow to bring life to your “boring” hallway as well!

When decorating your house, don't forget about the hallway! (click through for tips!)
You can see why I wasn’t impressed with the original hallway scheme. Definitely needed to kick it up a few notches to freshen it up a bit!

When decorating your house, don't forget about the hallway! (click through for tips!)
When decorating your house, don't forget about the hallway! (click through for tips!) 1. Photos, photos, photos! Hallways are the classic spot for treasured family photos for a good reason. Since it’s such a heavily traveled area, it’s a great place to be reminded of your loved ones (and furry loved ones too!) each time you pass through. A simple row of photos or a staggered gallery wall are great options depending on the size space you are wanting to fill. The PIXMA iP8720 is perfect for this type of project because you can print large photos to fill the wall and the image quality is amazing. I also always like to put up paper mock ups of the frames so I can easily determine placement and frame size before hammering in any nails.

2. Stay away from the dark side. Since most hallways already have a tendency to feel small and dark, use a light wall color to make the space feel as open and airy as possible. I just used an untinted white interior paint for my hallway, and it’s amazing what a difference it made even though the previous color wasn’t that dark of a shade. The light color will allow what sunlight does get into the hallway to bounce around more, making the space seem as bright as possible.

When decorating your house, don't forget about the hallway! (click through for tips!) 3. Go for a runner. Adding a runner to your hallway will go a long way in making it look like a thought-out, finished space (I used this rug for mine). Depending on how long your hallway is, you may need to add two rugs together to make a long enough one, or you can use several smaller sizes for a mismatched look. I also did a dark floor stain in my house to contrast with the white walls and a lighter rug helps keep the space bright as well.

When decorating your house, don't forget about the hallway! (click through for tips!) 4. Switch out your light. You probably don’t remember any of the lights from hallways you’ve been in, so why not switch out your boring “don’t notice me” light for something that’s worth looking at! A decorative light will add some flair and personality to your space, and it’s another way to show that you pay careful attention to detail. This little beauty is from Lucent Lightshop and is the perfect choice for a small entryway or hallway area – so pretty!

When decorating your house, don't forget about the hallway! (click through for tips!) 5. Add some green. Plants add a “living” element to spaces because, well, because they are alive! If you ever feel like a space looks good but is missing something, add some plants, and I bet your problem will be solved. Depending on your set up, you may want to have a planter on the floor or in the corner, add some hanging plants to a wall, or if you have a classic mid century home like me, use the old telephone nook as your planter ledge! Love that little tabletop planter too…

When decorating your house, don't forget about the hallway! (click through for tips!) When decorating your house, don't forget about the hallway! (click through for tips!) So as you can see, following those simple rules made a giant difference in my hallway makeover. I never noticed anything when walking though the hallway before, but now I like to admire all the cute touches as I pass through the space. I also like that I can see the hallway photos from the different rooms that connect to the hallway. Hope you found some good ideas to transform your boring hallway in your space. I think you’ll be so glad you did! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. 

  • Simply beautiful, love your narrow hallway ideas. It has given me ideas for my hall. thank u.

  • Laura, your house is seriously GOALS. Love everything you do with it.

  • i neeeeeed the name of this white. looking for the perfect whites to paint our entire house! such a gorge job you did!

    • Meeeee too and also the sheen of the paint.. eggshell satin ???

      So pretty . What’s the color paint and the more importantly what’s the sheen ?? Eggshell , Satin ???

      Thank you
      Thank you

  • Love this simple way to update a hallway! It looks great! I am totally inspired…I can’t wait to really use my printer to my advantage now 🙂

  • Great job. We’re currently finishing up our hallway stairwell as a gallery for our art. It’s amazing what a little paint and some framed photos can do. Is that plant alive or faux? Can you tell us what it is?

  • Laura are they just iPhone pictures that you printed off? The quality is stunning!


  • Very nice. White always makes spaces look bigger, and the splashes of color in the photos are super.

    You didn’t show the work on the floor though. The wood seems to have changed color as well…

  • This hallway looks so good! It’s putting mine to shame x

    Jessica — WS Community

  • The photos are amazing! I was wondering, do you edit them to make the colors flow like that?
    Maybe using your color pop (or is it “a color story”?) app?
    And would that mess up the prints quality?

    Haha so many questions! Its too perfect not to ask 🙂

  • I don’t remember the exact size but I think they are just from Hobby Lobby 🙂 They are the next size up from a 13×19


  • Curious as to where you purchased those great frames???

  • Wow you really lightened up the hallway! I love how welcoming it is =o)


  • You can always do a low light plant like a peace lily or snake plant, or put in a cute fake one. 🙂

  • I love those frames! How big are they and where did you get them??

  • Pictures are slaying, absolutely love it :p xx


    • Perhaps I missed it, but I do not see a word written up about the change on the floor. Before, it was a honey colored floor and after, there appears to be a gray color floor. Would you please comment on this? It looks amazing!

  • The hallway looks amazing. I love how you have painted it white and maintained a very monochromatic, neutral look. The simplicity make the hallway look amazing! Might steal this idea for my future dream house!

    • Hi, that looks amazing, what size Frances and pictures are you using please?

  • I can’t believe how amazing it looks! We don’t have a hallway in our home now (soooo tiny) but I love this look for down the road. And that nook is perfect! I love the details of it.

  • Amazing how different it looks with just a few changes, so much brighter and friendlier!

  • Wont the plants die if there is no natural light? However, I do love the makeover.

  • It’s amazing how different you have made your hallway look!

    I honestly feel like your home is my dream home! 🙂


  • Great tips! So understated, but such a huge difference. It looks so much bigger! That light fixture gives it such character.


  • Laura! Can you snapchat your wall photos? I want to see the cute kitty pictures ?

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