5 Ways to Style a White Collared Shirt

Header_White Collared ShirtToday Kelli Murray is back to share 5 ways to style a white collared shirt. It can be so fun to take a basic piece from your wardrobe and find new and pretty ways to style it!A_FINALSimple top? Why not have a little fun on the bottom!?  I am loving all of the printed bottoms I am seeing out in the market right now. Are you!?  Floral, ikat, polka dots…I'm loving them all.  Weather you love a bold pattern with lots of color, or you lean toward a more muted and understated look, there is bound to be a style for you.  A simple white collared shirt is the perfect match to your busy bottoms!  I paired my "crazy pants" with a classic black heel, a coordinating bag, gold jewelry and my favorite sunglasses.B_FINALA sleeveless collared shirt can quickly become elegant by pairing it with a statement collar necklace and a dainty skirt.  I wanted to keep this look classic and refined, so I added simple black accessories.  This is something I would wear to the theatre or on a date night somewhere special!C_FINALWhen masculine meets feminine, it's almost always a good thing! (*almost always!) One of my favorite ways to style a collared shirt is with a blazer. To up-play the "masculine" I wore a peach scarf bowtie and felt boater hat. My blousey polka dot shorts are what kept me feeling feminine!  This fun and playful look would be good for almost any celebratory occasion (aside from a wedding probably)! More like a graduation or a birthday party! D_FINALSo if you saw me on the street tomorrow, this is probably what you would see me in! I love comfort (who doesn't, right?) and mixing different textures and fabrics in what I wear.  The beauty of a white collared blouse is that it can morph to suite almost any look, day or night.  For running errands or buzzing around town, I love a good cutoff denim short and textured cardi that I can throw on and off depending on the weather. And loafers….they are the new heel right? I am brainwashing myself to believe that because my feet have been singing their praises. haha.E_FINALI had to sneak my little lady into this one! My daughter Rylee is in fact the queen of boho in my little world.  Now if only she had hair to braid! *Sigh. One day!  I know it seems odd to mix a collar with a bohemian vibe, but I thought it worked here.  If you want to layer a collared shirt under a dress, a good rule of thumb is to make sure your dress is somewhat structured and has a high neckline.  That way, you're collar almost seems part of your dress, or at least compliments it. My embroidered mini dress and platform flats did just the trick! 


(And in case you were wondering, that faint purple hue in my hair is the last of what remains of my purple hair experiment with my sister!)


Thanks so much Kelli, we love all these cute styling ideas! xo. elsie and emma

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  • Yup, signed up. Beautiful world…I’ll keep you posted if I come up with anything.

  • so cute! where did you find the blue embroidered dress at the end? i love it!

  • I love a nice crisp white button-down shirt. I have them with ruffles down the front, huge cuffs and even a sleeveless one with a cool shoulder detail.
    Amazing that something so simple can be so versatile!

  • love the last outfit!! those platform flats are so cute too


  • where are those nude platforms from? i’ve been seeking a pair and those look perfect.

  • Where is this top from?! I’ve been searching up and down for one with a tie at the bottom after seeing it at H&M a few months ago.

  • Samantha – My top is rubbish. You can get it here – http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/rubbish-tie-front-sleeveless-shirt-juniors/3241633?origin=keywordsearch&fashionColor=Beachy+Toile+Cream-+Bone&resultback=684

  • Kate – My shoes are from H&M but I’m not sure they are available any more!? Check out Solestruck and Free People for similar styles. xo

  • That last one, with the blue denim dress…so cute!

    Question, and I’m serious about this because I really don’t know, what is it with girls standing pigeon-toed? Is that a trend that I’m not familiar with? I see it in a lot of clothing blogs. When my sister was a little kid she had to wear her shoes on the wrong feet so she wouldn’t stand/walk like that.

  • I love the shot with her baby. Moms can be cool too.


  • These are all great outfits! Especially the red skirt outfit.


  • I love all of the outfits! 🙂 I especially love the peach bow tie!


  • I’m lovin the everyday look! Thanks for sharing the great tips! those shirts are timeless.

  • please…where’d you get your shoes in the boho look??? lurve them 🙂

  • Wow some great style ideas here! I love everyone of them. White really makes prints pop.

  • <3 them all..!!Especially the 1rst and the 3rd way….!!!!keep showing us ways to wear everything…!!!;)

  • Love the ideas you give here!


  • I love all of these stylings!


  • I like shirt which you can use in different looks!


  • OMG…that shot with the baby is amazing!!!! She’s soooo cute: LOVE IT!

  • Sophia – you can get my white collared top here – http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/rubbish-tie-front-sleeveless-shirt-juniors/3241633?origin=category&fashionColor=Beachy+Toile+Cream-+Bone&resultback=574 it’s also available in a lot of other colors too.

  • Rachael and Kristin – my platform flats in the last photo are from H&M but I bought them a while ago. These from Solestruck are pretty similar – http://www.solestruck.com/jeffrey-campbell-beebee-black-nubuck/index.html
    Free People has some pretty great “flatforms” too.

  • Love them all thanks for sharing

  • I love all the looks! You’ve inspired me! Now I know what to wear today! 😉

  • Nice! I even couldn’t recognize the girl was wearing a same shirt!

  • Lovely ideas. Where are your shoes from Keli in the final photo?Rx


  • I really wish that she had included where to GET that white collared top – that is exactly the sort I’ve been looking for all summer and I still have no idea where to find it! Help anyone?!

  • I love the braid as a headband in the girly boho pic. I don’t think it works as well on curly hair though. -_-


  • Love it I approve of each look!


  • I love love love those shoes you’re wearing in the last photo! Do you know where I could get similar ones?

  • these all rule but i’m above all else i’m swooning over her sock bun in the first image — perfection! xo. http://blog.tarapolly.com

  • so glad you posted this!! I am always checking out collared tops in shops and I never buy them cos im stumped at how to style it! Awesome post, loving the boho look

  • Oh my gosh! Cutest baby!! I love the first and second look.


  • I’m excited about this! Thank you for being so generous with your experience and encouragement.

  • Last outfit is my favorite! And what amazing hair she has, wow! 🙂


  • The dressed up and classic look is my favorite!


  • I love the last one. SO cute. I need to go get myself one of those blouses. SUPER cute.

  • White shirts are so versatile, so ussful, I love this great display of classic looks!
    Material Fixations

  • I always enjoy these “Five Ways” to wear an item. The tip about wearing it under your dress is helpful.

  • I love when you feature different bloggers and Kelli has some great style tips. Just in time for me since I just bought a white collared shirt like hers. The last pic with her and her bebe is super cute!

  • Love these posts– not only are they inspiring, it also provides a checklist of closet must-haves!


  • Great ideas! Going to run out and find myself a white collard shirt 🙂


  • I love that look with her baby girl as an accessory 🙂 what a cool mom!


  • i like tomboy chic look. Think look inspire me to put the scarf at the collar. Hype!

  • I love all of these looks! They all look so great and laid back! xx


  • I love it styled every single which way!! x

  • Fabulous tips, as always! You always chose great posts for submission, I think so.

    PS: your blog looks so clear now, I like that!


  • Really nice! the 4th is my favorite and her daughter is so cute!!


  • I like all of them & your girl is adorable with the headband!

  • Dressed up and Classic is my favourite, but these are all great looks. Nice job.


  • How fun! Great ideas, I love dressed up & classic and girly boho, I need to try tomboy chic, looks really cool!



  • Lovely!
    I really like color pop with prints (but wouldn’t be able to pull that off that well) and I just must try Tomboy chic, specially since I have a new shirt!

  • These are great looks, I especially love the white shirt with the print pants.

  • Love this! thanks for the ideas! I like the everyday look and the dressed up look.


  • What great ideas, I especially love the one with the dress at the bottom!

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