5 Ways to Style Denim Pants

Denim_HeaderToday Kelli Murray is going to share five ways to style a classic—denim pants: Denim is a staple in every wardrobe.  No matter what the style of denim you gravitate to…..skinny, boyfriend, high waisted, wide leg…there are countless ways in which you can style them.  For this post, I chose to show you 5 ways in which I style my favorite go-to skinny jeans.  With Fall quickly approaching, denim jeans are sure to make a comeback on my daily outfit rotation.  Here are some ideas for ways you can style yours too!DENIM_1Accessorize Everyday Layers -Styling your denim jeans with a pair of boots and a simple cotton tee is a great, effortless everyday look.  You really can’t go wrong.  But if you want to add a bit more style to your simple ensemble, just add a few layers and accessories! I added a long statement fringe vestfelt hat, vintage sunglasses, and a leather bag.  By adding just a few accessories, your simple outfit can quickly turn chic.DENIM_2Denim Dressed Up -I for one have way too many dresses and not enough occasions to wear them to.  Is anyone with me here!? One way I like to get wear out of some of my favorite mini dresses is to pair them leggings and boots, or like I did here, with skinny jeans and a wedge.  It’s appropriate for a casual party or a dinner date with your guy.  The key here for me is a “mini” dress.  The shorter the hem, the better this look is pulled off.DENIM_3Flowers & Fringe – Moccasins have always been my thing.  My grandma bought me my first pair when I was about 8 at the local Minnetonka store in Wisconsin where I spent my summers as a kid.  Needless to say, I’ve had a love for them ever since.  Not only are they crazy comfy, but they are pretty cute too!  Pair your skinny jeans and moccasins with a flower crown, a crochet top, and a fringe bag and you’ve got yourself a hippie boho kind of vibe going on.  I happen to love this vibe! 😉DENIM_4Denim on Denim – Fashion faux pas? No way. I am loving the all-over denim look.  The trick is all in the mix….combining denim pieces in different colors and washes.  For this look, I decided not to accessorize much because the “double denim” is statement enough.  My dark wash jeans were a good contrast to my light denim blouse.  I paired it with a white leather satchel and a lace up bootie.DENIM_5High Waisted and Belted -I thought I would never succumb to the high waisted pant, and well, here I am.  I thought they were only for those blessed long-legged females, and I am surely not one of those!  But I have found that the great thing about high waisted jeans is that you can show off that waistline when you want to…and the rest of the time no one needs to know what is hiding under your blouse!  I am wearing the same pair of denim in all of these looks, and yes, they are high waisted.  If you are wanting to accentuate that high waistline, choose a flattering blouse that you can tuck in and highlight your waist with a belt.  To further create an illusion of longer legs, I wore the tallest heels I own….that’ll always help!

For some extra fun, you can always DIY and stencil a pair of jeans with a design!

Thanks so much Kelli, you make us want to spice up our denim outfits!

  • Such a great tip, thanks! I now know how can I match my pants with 🙂

    Samantha xx

    PS: Love your style!

  • These are really helpful tips! I always use denim and try to not look plain everyday 🙂

  • I love the high waisted jeans. All the looks are great, but I especially adore the minnetonka tramper boot look and the high waisted belted! 🙂

  • Such a good post! Sometimes i get stuck in a rut for what to wear with jeans other than something boring, so this is a fun way to spruce things up!


  • The look with the dress is cute! I love wearing jeans under dresses that are too short to wear on their own. 😉

    Hope you’re having a good September so far!

  • Amazing — I really, really love the last look! Those shoeeees…. that belt…. everything.


  • I love all of these styles, it’s great how you can change one or two things and have a whole new look.

  • I love all these denim looks, thanks for the inspiration!!


  • Denim is great, especially when it’s skinny like these. Here in Taiwan, the dresses are very short but very cute, so it helps to have some kind of skinny pants under them, and denim is perfect! 😀

  • Amazing, how you can transform your outlook with a few changes. I do like the dress up one.

  • Amazing, how you can transform your outlook with a few changes. I do like the dress up one.

  • Amazing, how you can transform your outlook with a few changes. I do like the dress up one.

  • i’m so happy to finally see her smiling! i’ve alway thought, she’s so cute, why doesn’t she smile!!!!

  • I love your “5 ways to style…” series! It’s so cool. And it inspires me every time!


  • Every look here is way cute!

    xo Jennifer


  • it would have been nice to see a little more variation in these outfits. they all seem pretty boho/casual, which sort of ignores a lot of your readers that might not have that style, you know? i think it would have been more inspiring to see different looks like preppy / romantic / classic / work appropriate / etc.

  • I have to say (don’t hate me), I can’t stand ‘double denim’. Sorry- just not my thing. Normally adore everything you girls wear/ suggest.Rx


  • great post ! I Have ..hmm .. let me think .. at least 20 denim pants in my closet and love to style them in different ways !

    XX Luba
    Well Living Blog

  • this is awesome! I am always looking for ways to create cute looks with jeans 🙂


  • Taylor – The boots in my denim on denim look are by Dolce Vita from Nordstroms. I’m not sure if they are available anymore?

  • I love the flowers and fringe style!!! 🙂 So cute!!



  • Looove the flowers and fringe look!
    xo Heather

  • High Waisted & Belted has to be my favorite, with Denim on Denim and Everyday Layers following close behind. I love the attitude of these outfits – and I can tell they’re all yours. Thanks for sharing! – Alison { aliology.com }

  • My favorites are the denim on denim look and the flower and fringe with denim. Great post and lovely photos.

  • I’m loving the dress over jeans look! So comfy and romantic. Really enjoy all the details she puts into each look.
    Catherine Denton

  • These looks are great! We love jeans and you’ve just shown in this post how versatile they can be.

  • perfects all the looks. love denim pants

  • Wow! I really can’t choose! They are all gorgeous but I especially loved how you combined denim on denim! 🙂

  • Love this such a great inspiration post. Amazing outfits, never thought that denim on denim good look so good..


  • LOVE all these looks. My favorite is the FRINGE!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • Such cute ideas! I really like the one with the mini-dress and the high-wasted and belted look! So adorable. 🙂


  • The flower and fringe look is my favorite even though it’s not my style at all!


  • My favourite things to do is to dress denim pants up. I like putting fall dresses with denim skinny jeans underneath.


  • Hello, Elsie and Emma! I’ve just posted about your blog at my blog – a Blogday post! 😉
    I don’t know if you guys understand portuguese, but… there is! I love your place!


  • I LOVE all these outfits! 5 ways to style is one of my favourite posts on a Beautiful Mess so please keep bringing us more inspiration!
    You have such great style lady 🙂


  • Love these outfits! Especially the Flower & Fringe style. Minnetonkas are so cute!


  • High waisted belt, the best solution to make your legs seem longer (in case they are not! 😀 )


  • I love the demin on demin look. Where are the boots from? I love love love loooooove them!

  • I love the flowers and fringe look. so cute! I love these creative combos!

  • i love the everyday layers look. i am hoping i will find the perfect felt hat this winter, wish me luck 🙂

  • All these looks are amazing but I really love the flower & fringe one. There’s something about it that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. (:

  • How cute the flower and fringe style is?? I realy love it!! The moccasins, the flower crown, the crochet top, the fringe bag!! They all rock!! This is a real boho style 😉 Good job Kelli!!

  • I love your moccasins! Everyday layers and flowers and fringe are my favourite! I love this list because jeans can start to look a little frumpy when you don’t know how to dress them up a bit! Love it!


  • it’s great to see how versatile one pair of jeans can be, thanks for the tips!

  • They’re all great options but “Denim on denim” has to be my favorite!

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