5 Ways to Style Socks!

Ways to Wear SocksWe are so excited for this one! Today Kelli Murray is back to share five cute ways to style socks. Socks can be an intimidating accessory, especially during warm weather months.Ankle socksCute ankle socksPATTERN + POP – Socks are an accessory that can spice up any outfit.  With this look, i paired a simple black and white striped dress with a brightly colored ankle sock and heels.  This look might be a little "blah" without the extra pop of pink from my socks and coordinating clutch.  Accessories can go a long way in completing a look!  If you happen to have a fun floral sock, you could do the reverse of what I have done here and pair your patterned sock with a solid dress.Black socksSummer socksECLECTIC BOHEMIAN – There are a lot of ways you can style a solid black knee high sock….but i decided to take a more unconventional route and turn it bohemian.  Sometimes contradictions in fashion just work! I choose a colorful patterned dress and gypsy like fringe vest to offset my black accessories. Also, secret: wearing black heels with black knee high socks and a mini skirt creates a wonderful illusion of longer legs! Always a bonus, right!?Summer styleBlack ankle socksFEMININE MEETS GRUNGE – Socks can be appropriate for an everyday casual look as well.  Here, I wore a ruffled black ankle sock with my favorite oxford flats.  For a day look, oxfords are my number one shoe choice to wear with an ankle sock.  Comfy and cute!  Mixing girly and grunge, I choose to pair a nude pleated skirt with a lace skull tank and military jacket.Grey socksHow to style summer socksLACE + LAYERS – I would say this is more of a fall look than anything, but I had to show you a colder weather option to styling socks…..because it is in fact my favorite way to wear them! With boots and lots of layers! It never really gets TOO cold where I live in San Diego, even in the winter months, but for those brisker days, this look is just right.  Have fun and try mixing different textures within your layers.  My loose weave sweater nicely offset my scalloped crochet shorts, and my heathered knit socks worked well with my leather boots and bag.Knee socksWhite knee socksSIMPLE VINTAGE CHIC – Like I mentioned before, one of the easiest ways to wear over the knee socks is with a short hemmed skirt.  If you're not comfortable wearing a short skirt with a bare leg, socks just might be your best friend! Try them with a lace up bootie, patterned skirt, basic blouse and a vintage hat!

Thanks so much Kelli, we love all your sock styling ideas!

  • Wow amazing site. She dresses seems to be very gougers.. She are looking very beautiful. All dresses are very fashionable and stylish. Create a modern style agency that will better serve both fashion and photos are having a more successful. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Every outfit is extremely pretty and cool! Love that one with the skull top! 🙂

  • I love these looks, especially the knee high and over knee socks. She looks so good! I have a question though, do you think that there’s an age limit on wearing short skirts? I’m 37 but look a few years younger, and I wonder whether I can still get away with wearing short skirts with bare legs and socks! And if so for how long… I feel less worried about the length when I’m wearing opaque tights but maybe there’s an age when short skirts shouldn’t be worn, whatever else you’ve got on!
    Hope that doesn’t sound silly (or like I’m being a prudish Brit) but I wonder about these things!
    Thanks lots, Gabrielle x

  • really cute outfit ideas. love the last one.


  • I love this, I’m never sure how to look good with socks. Over the knee socks are usually too tight around my legs

  • I’d like to know where each pain of socks came from! I’ve been looking everywhere for knee high or over-the-knee socks!

  • Very cute suggestions. I also think knee-socks layers over tights is super cute for winters where it gets a bit colder.

  • These are such cute ideas!!! I love love love the eclectic bohemian look and the vintage chic look as well! Definitely gave me some awesome ideas to try out!

  • Kelli is just cool and has such amazing style! I would never be able to put outfits like that together! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • I’m a big fan of this post. Socks are my friends… I can get my legs out without feeling like I’ve ‘got my legs out’.x

  • That’s such a cute and fun post ! very inspirational !

    – anastasiajasmin

  • Wow!! I love every single outfit. I’ll be wearing lots of knee high socks and wellies at UK festivals this summer!! Great post! 🙂 x

  • Bought my first pair of bobby socks last week:) Hopefully I’ll be able to style them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • kelli has been my style icon for years because of her versatility! i need to try the ruffled socks but i’m a shortie so i don’t know how that would look with my stubs for legs. ;p

  • Love the looks with the cute short socks!


  • Daniella – boots are from ASOS two years ago.

    Leah – my socks in the last photo are from Urban Outfitters, in stores now.

  • Omg, the last one is definitely my favorite, wauw! Gonna buy some knee socks somewhere haha 🙂 Hugs and kisses from Holland xo

  • I love this post. I’ve always been trying to add socks into my wardrobe but can’t figure out how to style them without looking silly. I really like how you’ve styled these looks.


  • loving this! does anyone know where the black bag in the LACE + LAYERS look came from?

  • Love this. Most amazing sunglasses EVAH! Do you have a credit for these?

  • I love this post! So different! Socks and tights are my favorite in the fall 🙂

  • Man, I could have used some socks yesterday when the air conditioning was freezing out my knees! This is a great post.

  • What a fun post! i love the knee high socks.



  • Haha I still don’t think I am as cool as Kelli to be able to rock socks like she does. She looks awesome 🙂

  • Lindsay Cole – my booties in the last pic are by Dolce Vita.

    Heather – Try ASOS, Urban Outfitters, and Target for socks! 🙂

  • Love these! I love wearing socks to add a little something but sometimes for me it tends to go the way of frumpy grandmother… grandma chic?

  • I definitely need to invest in some cute socks for the fall!

    – Gracie

  • Love the one with the black socks!


  • These are gorgeous love the hot pink and white lace socks, Cute!

    Becky, K.


  • I love the looks of the socks with heels and the knee high socks on other people, but I just don’t know if I’m B.A. enough to pull it off. Maybe I’ll take a risk and try it.


  • i fell in love with the second outfit !


  • I was wondering where did you get the pair of booties in the last look, the simple vintage chic look? They are so cute, and I have always wanted a pair like that.

  • Knee socks just spruce everything up, don’t they? LOVE this post!
    xo Heather

  • I love the last look, it’s so close to how I dress.
    I’ve been craving a good pair of knee-high socks, but alas, I haven’t found the right ones.
    Cute post 🙂

  • I love this post! I have some knee high socks but I def need some pink ones from the first picture 🙂


  • Thank you for this. I bought some really nice socks a while ago but I’ve never worn them because I’ve never really known how to properly. This has given me some ideas and I may brave wearing some out soon 😀

  • I’m a big sock lover so this is right up my ally. Thanks!!!

    – Sarah

  • I never wear shocks, but I always love how they look on pictures. Maybe I should try? Love the post! Thank you for the ideas!!

  • I absolutely adore this lady’s style! I love every single one of these outfits and I can sense a new obsession with socks coming on!
    Thanks so much!

  • I LOVE all of these options! I think socks will be making a comeback in my fall/winter wardrobe this year! Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Socks are so rare to actually see. What a great post!! Brings those socks out of the shoe and right out into the fashion open.

  • such pretty outfits. i really like the last one, simple vintage chic, with that darling printed skirt.

    cute girl with cute legs…

    i think i would look silly

  • What an inspirational post! I have some floral mid-length socks as well as some shorter polka dot socks that I wear with oxfords and skirts, but I LOVE the way those knee socks look with boots & skirts! Can’t wait to give this a try! 🙂


  • This is such a cool posts!!! love it!! soooo useful!! THANKSSS!


  • I love socks! I’m so glad it’s no longer a major faux-pas to wear them with heels and sandals. Great looks!

  • simplemittens, check out this post- https://abeautifulmess.com/2012/05/5-ways-to-style-a-maxi-skirt.html nothing but long skirts 😀 XO!

  • PLEASE tell me where those spotted oxfords are from! I need them desperately!

  • I love socks, looking out for a cute pair of frilly socks¡ any suggestions where to find a cute pair..

  • These socks give out such cutie yet sexy look! I must try to mix up like these for upcoming school year. Perfect!!!



  • The heavier knit ones seem to say up the best Tanya. But for the lighter weight ones….just make sure they are tight to your leg, otherwise you’re right, they’ll slowly creep down 🙂

  • Fantastic post! … but how do you make your over the knee sock stay up? Mine always slip down my legs when I walk

  • I am LOVING the long socks!! Thank you for this post. It has inspired some of my own outfits.

  • Love it! Socks are probably one of the most underestimated things when it comes to fashion 😉

  • Great post… I’ll def be taking these tips, as I have a lot of knee-highs from Anthropologie!
    Check out my blog if you get a chance, and follow if you like!



  • as a true lover of socks, this post rocks my world. I love the pink the platforms. awesome.


  • I am in love with the 2nd look (those shades!) man oh man so stoked for fall fashion!

  • I was sad when Kelli didn’t have a new post for me to read on her blog today. Then I went over here, and here she was! That was fun for me, thanks 🙂 Oh yeah…and I’m down with the knee or thigh high socks for sure! Is every day too much? nawww

  • Fun but I’d like to see some styles with longer skirts that are more practical!

  • The first is my favorite! I love your “five ways to style” posts!


  • Love the eclectic bohemian look, who knew socks could look so fashionable?!


  • Every outfit is extremely pretty and cool! Love that one with the skull top! 🙂


  • Ooh, love all of these looks! I think they’re all so great, almost impossible to choose a favourite, though if I did have to, I’d probably go for either feminine meets grunge or lace with layers!

    Pip x

  • cool ideas, thank you for sharing!
    my favourite is the bohemian style 🙂


  • Love this post, such good ideas <3
    http://ohmyolivia.blogspot.co.uk/ xo

  • Very charming looks!


  • This is my favorite fashion post you guys have ever done! I have a bunch of socks that I can never quite get to work with my outfits. This is brilliant and perfect and I’m trying my version of the grunge one today! THANKS 🙂

  • Really useful post)) It’s hard to wear “public” socks

  • Lacey socks are the best. I used to wear them often, so pretty:)


  • Cute! Now I must to to the store and buy some thigh-highs!


  • your simple vintage chic is amazing!:)))
    love all those looks so much:)


  • OMG. I love them all and I just cant wait for fall to rock these styles:)


  • Great…. now I need to go out and buy cute socks 🙂 Love the pink ones!!

  • Wow! The lace and layer style is outstanding! I just love automn because I can wear long socks with many styles and colours!

  • I can’t get enough of knee highs for fall! I wish it was cooler in Texas so I could sport them now!

  • The first comment says it all, “Too cool for school.” haha.

  • You guys are too cool for school. Such cute socks. I need to run out and buy some new ones now 🙂

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