8 Easy Ways to Add Storage to Your Home

I am pretty much obsessed with storage and organization all year long, but it’s especially exciting during spring cleaning season. And let’s just go ahead and pretend it’s spring right now—even if the weather outside says otherwise. OK?

This is actually part two of a three-part series of posts we are working on with The Home Depot. You’re getting a little sneak peek into how we transformed our brother’s living room and dining room (see the before photos here). One thing I LOVED about this project, in addition to getting to work with my brother and his girlfriend Ruby, is how much storage and organization we added to their home without making things feel cluttered or overwhelmingly full. Their space still feels super open and clean, but see if you can spot all eight places we added some storage before I show you. We used a number of cute items from the Home Decorators Collection, which features a lot of different styles that can suit a variety of spaces. I also wanted to add that even though our brother does own his home, all of these ideas can easily work for rental homes as well!

First let’s talk entryways, which in my opinion are often a very underutilized space. To be fair, they tend to be as unique in size and shape as homes. Also, this is right by their front door, but if you tend to use a back door or side door (like from a covered garage) more often, then that may be a better spot for you.

#1 Coat Hooks or Coat Rack

Even if you have a coat closet, I sort of love the look of a few simple coat hooks. Even if you don’t need them for your coats or jackets, they can be handy when guests drop by. Or, you can hand other things like reusable canvas bags for grocery shopping. If I didn’t store mine where I could see them I pretty much forget them every time. 😉 If you can’t install coat hooks, you could utilize a free-standing coat rack or hall tree.

#2 Entryway Shelf or Table

If you do have a little more space, why not add a small shelf or even a small table with drawers to your entryway? It’s a great place to throw your keys or a purse when you enter your home so you can easily find it again on your way back out the door.

#3 Entryway Basket or Catchall

I love this basket we added to Doren’s entryway, and it stores more throw blankets for them since it’s right by their living room. If you have a dog or other pet you walk often, you may want to use something like this to store a leash, toys, or other little necessities.

#4 Coffee Table with Storage!!!!!

This is kind of my favorite thing. I love a good coffee table since I am pretty much a constant snacker. Ha. But having extra storage in your coffee table is pretty darn helpful, especially in smaller living rooms. This table has a lot of space, and you could fill it with quite a few extra blankets or pillows. But I also love tables with shelves, like this one, as you can store magazines, books, or remotes so they are easier to find.

#5 Entertainment Console

We all pretty much fell for this TV stand right away as we were working on this room transformation. Obviously, it’s a great way to store a TV, but I also love that it could potentially hold speakers or other parts of an entertainment center, plus other items you may have but don’t want out all the time (like video game systems, DVDs, etc.).

#6 Bookshelf

Of course I have to mention adding a bookshelf. We love that this one attaches to the wall, but there are plenty of cute freestanding options as well if that doesn’t work for you. This one is pretty cute. Obviously, this is a great place to store, well, books, but with the addition of baskets you can pretty much store anything while still keeping your space feeling clutter free. I also love that a good bookshelf can double as decor since you can style it with little items or art that makes your space more personal.

#7 Coffee Cart (or Bar Cart)

When Trey saw me putting together this cart, he was a little jealous it wasn’t for our home. Ha! But I love a cute cart to store all the things you need to whip up your morning coffee. Or a bar cart makes entertaining a breeze as you can quickly throw together cocktails like a bartender. I love that Doren and Ruby’s coffee cart also has a secondary purpose as the bottom shelf is used to store their dog’s food and toys (her dog bowl is just before the cart). Storage and organization should make everyday tasks like making coffee or feeding your pup easier!

#8 Mail or Calendar Storage

Finding a way to organize paper mail, documents, calendars, grocery lists, and maybe hang a few cute photos or things is an often overlooked priority. Even though it’s 2019, I am still shocked by the amount of mail that Trey and I receive weekly. Doren and Ruby have their own mail and other life documents to keep track of as well as their family calendar which includes things for my niece, Penelope. In Doren’s house, we added a couple of different items to help with this kind of organization. Also wanted to highlight this cute mail holder (similar to the one in the photo). And if you are renting and concerned about using nails or screws, have you heard of the life-changing magic of Command Strips yet?

What other storage do you feel is necessary for a well organized home? We’d love to hear! And thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this post. I can’t wait to share the final reveal of these spaces with you! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

  • The coffee cart is amazing, I need one!

  • Can’t get over the Studio Ghibli posters also HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE !!!!

  • Oh wow, this is brilliant, I love every single idea! I’m completely obsessed with storage and organising as well, can’t stand the mess or even the slightest clutter 🙂 I agree with you on this one, just makes you feel at peace when the place is nice and tidy and everything is in it’s place, isn’t it 🙂

  • The room looks amazing! It’s inspired me to really look at our reading room. I have no eye for decorating, but I’m going to give it a try!

    • I had the same but a blogs like this one reminds me that design is just a fun full of ideas 😀
      i want veka composite doors ok so i will buy it and they i will be thinking how to use them – just be creative!

  • Could you tell me where that cooshy couch came from, please?

  • Love this! Our home is 108 years old and we have ZERO closets on our first floor. I am also NOT a fan of open clutter (open shelves, etc). So we have learned to be creative with storage, which includes:

    – A secretary desk in our foyer (holds mail/dog leashes/misc.)
    – A hutch in our dining room that we use as our bar
    – Coat hooks on the steps leading down to our basement
    – A dresser in our living room that acts as our TV stand

    Luckily we also have a built-in bench (https://www.instagram.com/p/BtYhimsl7ff/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link) in our foyer that doubles as shoe storage.

    I think our home looks layered, traditional and modern all in one with these touches. 🙂

  • I am in LOVE with that bookshelf!! I need to find one just like it (and the space in my house for it!)

    • Will for sure link it and everything in the final reveal soon! We all fell in love with so many pieces we used in this room. Such a fun project to work on with Doren and Ruby.

  • Your space is so beautiful and serene, I love it! The palm leaf (or whatever species, haha, I don’t know plants well) makes such a lovely piece of decor in your entryway. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Great ideas! I live in what I so lovingly refer to as the matchbox apartment because we are constantly feeling crammed in and are looking for creative storage solutions! Will definitely try some of these! 🙂

    • Totally! I love having everything in my space organized. Can feel a little overwhelming or over the top at times but since I’m such a visual person it makes a BIG difference in my mood and feelings about a space when it’s cluttered versus organized. Just feels so much more peaceful. 🙂

  • I love the sofa! Please tell us where it’s from when you post the full makeover!

    • It’s from The Home Depot— we’ll share the rest of the links soon 🙂

  • What a great room makeover! The coat hooks in the link look a little different from the ones pictured. Where are those from?

  • I LOVE the gold photo-display thingy next to the bookshelf! Can you please link to it?

  • Hi Emma! Just wondering where the mail holder in the last picture is from. It doesn’t seem to match the one that you linked. Thanks!

  • I love this space! Especially the Studio Ghibli posters!!! Did you know that most times the brass accents on the fireplaces are held on with magnets? I pulled mine off and sprayed them black with a high heat paint. It was a big improvement for us!

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