8 Ways to Use Removable Wallpaper!

8 Ways to Use Removable Wallpaper! (click through for tutorial)When decorating a space, the sheer amount of decisions you have to make can be overwhelming to say the least. Every choice you make affects all the other choices in a room, and it’s stressful to make lots of decisions that you can’t go back on (or at least not very easily) once made. It’s also tough if you are the type of person that changes their home design a lot or gets tired of visual things faster than others. But if any of these situations describes you, I’ve got just the solution—removable wallpaper! It’s a great way to add a pop of color or pattern to your home and it’s easy to remove, so you can feel free to change it up as needed. It’s also great for renters who can’t make permanent decisions for the space, but want to liven up the existing area in the meantime. And, there are so many ways you can use removable wallpaper too. Here are a few of my favorite ways:

Decorate a desk: I got an inexpensive white desk to use in my new workroom because I liked the clean lines and shape, but the faux wood veneer was just not doing it for me. A few strips of speckled dot wallpaper later and this desk became too cute for words. Such a difference, don’t you think? Two thumbs up!!

8 Ways to Use Removable Wallpaper! (click through for tutorial) Give your built-ins a bold look: Built-in bookcases can be a great addition to a room for either storage or display purposes, but pulling off the shelves and adding a fun pattern to the back wall (like this black and white stripe pattern) can really take a simple built-in shelf from functional to just plain fun!

8 Ways to Use Removable Wallpaper! (click through for tutorial) Dress up your drawers: I gave our bedside nightstands a little makeover when we first moved since they got rather dingy in transit from one state to another. Using this palm paper to cover the fronts of the drawers added a giant punch of personality to the project and it took only minutes to apply. Quick and cute—my favorite kind of DIYs!

8 Ways to Use Removable Wallpaper! (click through for tutorial) Create statement stairs: If you really want to add some pattern in an unexpected way, try covering the bottom half of your stairs! It’s a great way to showcase a staircase and it really adds a modern feel to your steps. Do each the same or alternate with coordinating patterns as well!

8 Ways to Use Removable Wallpaper! (click through for tutorial) Make random nooks notable: Lots of people have those odd little cubbies or nooks in their house that they aren’t totally sure what to do with. For me it’s this phone cubby in the hallway. I mean, it is an adorable reminder of a time when you only had one stationary phone per house, but I’m not totally sure what to do with it in 2015. So, rather than let it sink into the overall hallway, I decided to highlight it instead with a pretty pattern and this cute little ceramic phone planter. Couldn’t be a more appropriate spot for that planter for sure!

8 Ways to Use Removable Wallpaper! (click through for tutorial) Cover up some cubes: What are the three most important words when you blog out of your house? Storage, storage, storage!! I can’t get enough of it. Since the closets are quite a bit smaller in this house than the last one, I’m doing more storage furniture in the rooms and wanted to make a basic storage cube setup a little more personal. Once I covered the outside of a few foldable storage boxes with a pattern that matches the desk across from it, it made the whole setup look much more custom and fun.

8 Ways to Use Removable Wallpaper! (click through for tutorial) Look inside for a surprise: Don’t forget that the inside of drawers can be an ideal place to hide a bit of pattern that’s just for you to see! Desk drawers, kitchen drawers, bathroom drawers…if it opens, you can decorate it! For an art room desk, what’s more perfect then a brushstroke pattern inside?

8 Ways to Use Removable Wallpaper! (click through for tutorial) Wallpaper a wall: OK, yeah, this is the most obvious one of the bunch, but if you have a hard time keeping bold choices for a long time or don’t have the budget to wallpaper a whole room, just doing one wall of removable paper is a great choice. I’m head over heels for this black and white palm print wallpaper and it’s the perfect vibe since we are going for a midcentury California feel in our current house. Love it!

You may have noticed that I already used the “removable” function of the wallpaper on those nightstands next to our bed. I loved that green palm print on the drawers, but when I added the black and white wallpaper to the wall recently, the patterns were a little too much to be right next to each other. Since it was removable though, it only took about 10 seconds to make the change back to white. Yes!

Now that you know there are so many ways to use removable wallpaper, there’s no excuse not to add some print and pattern to your space as well. Since it comes off so easily, you don’t have to keep it forever, but take it from me, you’ll enjoy it while it’s there! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • Love the ideas. Shop our removable wallpaper collection! Peel and Stick with remove without damage features and it’s reusable!

  • love all these ideas! I wish I had known about removable wallpaper before now. I decorated the space above my desk with scrapbook paper and wall tack, but next time I’ll use removable wallpaper!


  • I didn’t even pay attention to the wallpaper, just all the succulents!!!!! I was like, “yes…oh yes…..OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!….Dang that’s a cute planter….YAS!!!” Succulents are in the top ten list of God’s most beautiful creations ;).

  • It is totally different and new idea.
    At all the places, the change with these things played well.. or what I say you played well with your removable wallpaper. Look at those stairs & the nightstand.. I must say absolutely awesome and anyone can use this idea.. Even your idea is Eco friendly.
    Well I followed this blogs to the category small spaces and the idea of the Bathroom makeover was amazing. I must say the flour stunned me. By the way my apologies because I haven’t found comment box there so I just put this comment about that post here.

  • The cubes idea is brilliant! I’ve been wanting cubes for my office that match my branding, but they’re harder to find than an awesome wallpaper that matches!

  • Laura, I love your style! Where did you get 1)your blue task lamp and, 2) that little gold hand?


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  • Omg this is so awesome! I love how cute the dotted wallpaper makes the table look! and the black and white palm print wallpaper!!

    Rachel x

  • I wish I had seen this before doing my removable wall mural! I used scrapbook paper and sticky tack to make a design over my desk, but next time I’ll go for removable wallpaper. Thanks!

  • Love all the bookcase ornaments! Looking online for some gold elephants and a buddha for mine 🙂

  • This is such a great idea! Now I wish I had some removable wallpaper, and that I wasn’t living in my dorm.

  • Removable wallpaper. Wow, I haven’t even heard! I guess I’m still camping out in the 20th century! Lol.


  • Hmm, I did have a bit of paint peel off painted wood when I removed it but I think it was because I didn’t let the painted area cure before apply the wallpaper. If you are worried, you could always try a small test section and leave it on for a few weeks and peel it off. Even if you did have to touch up a few spots of paint, it would still be worth it to me!

    Laura 🙂

  • The Chasing Paper wallpaper is thicker and more fabric like while the CB2 is thinner but not shiny like contact paper. Feels like you’re peeling off a big sticker 🙂


  • Mmm, I didn’t notice that when I pulled it off so I don’t think so!

    Laura 🙂

  • After seeing your drawers tutorial for these I went out and bought a blue marble paper and did my desk/vanity. It worked great! See it documented on my blog at amberbutbetter.blogspot.com


  • I had no idea that removable wallpaper was even a thing! But now that I do I am dying to give this a go! Amazing !

    Holly x

  • These are such brilliant ideas! we have so much wall paper left over, would be great to try one of these projects!!


  • Wonferful ideas, we used too our wallpaper in some details, boxes and deco frames.


  • What a great idea. Love how it dresses up a space.I am going to look out for where to use this in my home.

  • Love this! Just bought some thrift shop bookcases I need to paint & finish…will definitely be doing this on the inside panel!

  • So cute! I love using the wallpaper for accents in the nooks.


  • I have been trying to think of easy ways to revamp an old dresser without the hassle of re-painting it. This will work perfectly!

  • We’ve been wanting to do removable wall paper in my office for a while now! I love all these fun uses that you showed for it!


  • We just used removable contact paper to spruce up an Ikea crib. Easy, quick and clean – unlike most of my creative endeavors. Now I can’t stop browsing Spoonflower’s wallpaper selection! Maybe it’s time to give the kitchen cabinets a face lift…


  • Wow! I love the look of this! I love wallpaper, but hated the install! I will definitely look at sprucing up a few things in the house with this!

  • I want to do this on the inside of the drawers on a chest that I’m redoing. How much panels did you have to buy for the desk and storage bins?

  • These are all beautiful! I’v actually done the second project and lined my bookshelves. I really loved the outcome. 🙂


  • Great ideas! I love that it goes off so easily and that you can change it as often as you want without a big effort!


  • Wow, didn’t know there was such a thing as removable wallpaper, but now I have at least a dozen ideas in mind about what to do with it. Thank you for this inspiration!


  • Does this pull the shine off of some materials? I am thinking Ikea type furniture. I really like how the desk turned out.

    xoxoBella | http://xoxobella.com

  • I’ve been so tempted to use removable wallpaper in my apartment, but it was painted with the cheeeeapest paint ever and I’m afraid it will peel off! Any suggestions on how to prevent peeling?

  • How similar is removable wallpaper to contact paper? Same weight and type of adhesive, or is it lighter/heavier paper with a different type of adhesive?

  • I love this DIY project. You ladies put together some stylish scenes. My fave is the palm frond side table!

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