’90s Fall Fashion Wishlist

’90s fashion is back. It’s hard to contain my excitement. My excitement for EVERYTHING ’90s. Are you with me? The days of browsing eBay and Etsy for vintage clothes (from one of my favorite eras) is officially over because you can find all the goods at places like Urban Outfitters, Target (love their Wild Fable line) and Ban.do.


Shop Tops:


Shop Dresses + Skirts:


Shop Jeans, Pants + Overalls:


Shop Outerwear:


Shop Shoes:


Shop Accessories:

If you really want to take a trip down memory lane, you can find photos from old Delia*s catalogs online (!!!) and browse to your heart’s content. xo. Jacki

  • The 90s are definitely back! But I’m a bit sad that instead of supporting small businesses largely run by women, ABM is suggesting buying environmentally harmful and sweatshop-made mass market products. Can I suggest that a mix of both might encourage some of your faboosh lady readers to think outside of the big box? Xo, a vintage proprietress and style lover!

    • Erica, I’m so with you on this issue. I hope ABM will re-discover, support and feature independently owned shops found on Etsy and other sites online in addition to neighborhood boutiques. We need to support these, curated by hard working women entrepreneurs worldwide who carry the cool fashions that are then copied line-for-line by the mass markets.

  • This is all very “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” and I’m loving it. Lara Jean wear two outfits in that movie that I did wear in the 90s, no wonder that movie went straight to my heart. I recommend it 😀

    (Also, yes to what Erica and Jen O said. I reduced my big store shopping by 70% and now I pretty much wear independent stores in my hometown, so it can be done).

  • I love 90’s fashion. Being born in this decade is such a blessing. Cool style and cool generation. Thanks for sharing this blog. I know now where to buy this kind of outfits.

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