A Bakery + Greenhouse date

Great Dates- A bakery and greenhouse dateHey, friends! Today I'm here to share volume two of our new feature, Great Dates! Each round we will share two places or activities that make fun pairings for a date, like dinner and a movie. You can see our first date post here

Great Dates isn't just for couples. Today it's time for a girls' date with Katie! We're going to a bakery and a greenhouse. Two of our favorite places. Ready, set, go! 

Aviary Creperie in Springfield, MissouriAviary Creperie in Springfield, MissouriAviary Creperie in Springfield, MissouriAviary Creperie in Springfield, Missouri    Aviary Creperie in Springfield, Missouri    Aviary Creperie in Springfield, Missouri    Part 1: Bakery 

We headed over to one of our favorite spots, Aviary Cafe and Creperie. Their new (second) location is at Farmers Park on Republic Road. They opened a patisserie in the new location, and it's the perfect spot to grab a coffee and a pastry. We picked a mini pastry sampler box. Isn't it pretty? Almost too pretty to eat… but not quite. Ha! 

Aviary Creperie in Springfield, Missouri      Aviary Creperie in Springfield, Missouri      On a side note, this shade of blue is my jam right now. It's so pretty! 

Aviary is one of our go-to spots. We highly recommend it for a quick treat or a delicious soup and salad lunch. It's a favorite. If you're local, you have to try it. If you're not, it's OK; you're probably still hungry for pastries now—right? 

Green Gallery in Ozark, Missouri     Part 2: Greenhouse

Our friend Karen recently expanded her vintage shop into a vintage AND greenhouse concept with her husband. It's in Ozark, Missouri, and it's called Funtiques at Green Gallery. It's incredible. 

Green Gallery in Ozark, Missouri      Green Gallery in Ozark, Missouri      Green Gallery in Ozark, Missouri      Green Gallery in Ozark, Missouri      Green Gallery in Ozark, Missouri      It's no secret that we love plant shopping. It's one of our guilty pleasures and oftentimes the cure for a blah day. Karen's new greenhouse is amazing. Katie picked up a new tomato plant, and I bought lemon basil (for homemade basil lemonade!) and a pretty red succulent. 

Green Gallery in Ozark, MissouriGreen Gallery in Ozark, MissouriGreen Gallery in Ozark, Missouri   Green Gallery in Ozark, Missouri   Inside there is a bunch of fun vintage too! 

Do you guys have any fun dates planned this weekend? TGIF. Happy weekend, friends. xx! Elsie 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Petal from The Fresh Collection and Hazel from The Signature Collection. 

  • Aviary is amazing thanks for share that place (ate there last Saturday), man you are so luck to be from Springfield! This is a piece of heaven! Great food, amazing nature and lovely people. After reading your blog for 4 years decide that Missouri will be my first US travel and here I am.

  • Pastry dates are a no brainer 😉 but I love the unique idea of heading into a greenhouse with a friend!

  • So much fun! The bakery treats look delicious and greenhouses often become my “what to do this afternoon” hang even if just to admire the surroundings.

  • this sounds like a great date!!



  • I just realized how much your blog make me want to visit USA again , and your town! You should team up with a travel/tourist agency since you have so many international readers 🙂 thanks for the greatest blog

  • I love this series! So fun!
    Going to keep this ideas on hand when the husband & I need some date ideas :)))

  • I can’t even handle that little cactus in the white drop hanging pot. I LOVE IT! The whole greenhouse looks like my idea of every single sunday afternoon I’ve ever wanted to have. Thanks for the photos, so I can live vicariously through you 🙂

  • Hi Julie,
    Not at all! I don’t regret any of my tattoos. They’re all memories from my life and also you never know what the future holds! I’ll always love fashion and sewing, whether we’re designing clothing or not (but I’m pretty sure we will again someday!)
    xoxo!!! Elsie

  • So glad you shared this post! My friends and I are coming out to Springfield this weekend, so those places will be good to visit. Thank you!

  • Hi the ABM team!

    I’m already loving your new features!!This and casual friday are so good!!

    Hugs from France!

    Ester 🙂

  • You guys are models. Seriously. That looks like a fun day…so glad you had fun!! This weekend for me is a lot of work in the vegetable garden…it’ll pay off soon!

    Thanks so much for all of your wonderful posts.

    <3 Morgan

  • Such lovely photos 🙂 xx


  • I like how you mentioned how great dates aren’t just for couples. I agree, sometimes it’s just nice to just relax with your girlfriends!

  • These cakes and pastries look so delicious! Everything looks so summery out there compared to the still cold England…

  • This seems like the most perfect day. Love the patisseries!!

  • What a perfect girl date idea! Definitely going to reenact this when my best friend comes to stay next month. I haven’t seen her in over a year. Cannot wait!

  • Oh man. Every time I see a post like this I want to move there. Seriously, if I live in the US at all, I want it to be there. Thanks for sharing! I love this series!


  • I would love to see a post about your houseplants. I’m trying to buy some for my home, but it’s really hard to pick the right ones!

    Little Miss Chatterbox {blog}

  • What a beautiful day! I love going to the Orchid Nurseries here in Hawaii, they always feel relaxing and beautiful. Taking my mama out for nursery and tea time soon, hooray for lady dates!

  • Random question for Elsie – now that your business no longer includes clothing design, do you regret your tattoos? Just curious. I’m afraid of getting a tattoo because I think I would outgrow it or my interests would change, so I’m just curious of others’ experiences and opinions. XO

  • Wait that vintage/greenhouse place looks like MY DREAM.


  • Oh those bakery pastries look amazing!


  • You are both just too cute! It looks like a fun date (and yes, I’m definitely craving some pastries right now!). My sister and I are having a crafting date this weekend at my house and I can’t wait!


  • Aww this post left me feeling so happy. Nothing beats a date with a great girlfriend.

  • Awe, you girls look so cute. That blue building in the background is stunning, by the way. I love unique buildings like that. Beautiful pictures! Have a happy weekend 🙂

    Love and luck,

    Laurali Star


  • This looks like so much fun! There’s nothing quite like a day out with a good friend, is there? I love this feature!

    Fiona 🙂


  • Those pastry’s all look so so yummy, looks like you had such a fun day x


  • This post is like an ideal Sunday for me. What a fun and refreshing day!

  • such a beautiful pictures!!

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  • Are those seriously the prices of the vintage clothes?? That’s amazing! This looks like such a fun girls date.

  • My boyfriend and I went to Ikea today – that can be a fun little date (if you don’t let the 100’s of screaming kiddies and slow wlaker get to ya!) This looks great and I’m now off to eat an entire box of pastries, thanks!

  • Such a cute idea. I love the new date series.


  • Oh my goodness, this looks like such a fun place! I should definitely take my girlfriends out more often. 😛

  • You guys are gorgeous and I love going to bakery!
    Great post as always <3


  • There is a fair going on in our city so we are planning on going on a family outing to the parade and then the fair.

  • 55¢thongs? At a resale shop? Did I read that right? I may just choked on my seltzer.

  • Okay yum!!! Those look amazing! You both are seriously soo pretty!! xo

  • I LOVE Funtiques. I haven’t been there in ages. Such a fun shop and now you can purchase plants too? I may have to drive from KC just to check it out again.

  • Does that sign say thongs 2 for $1 hahah I don’t know why but it’s cracking me up!

  • This is a fun combo..like this idea. You both look great, love what you are wearing..and coincidentally i am going clubbing with some girlfriends today…cheers to girls time 🙂


  • Hubby and I have a “disposable cameras and milkshakes” date planned this weekend! Should be pretty sweet!

    Loving this fun series!

  • Now I really do want those pastries…
    My husband and I are determined to have a front door that shade of blue (or very similar) one day. We honeymooned in Scotland and it was everywhere. Just perfect.

  • Your date sounds fantastic and those pastries look delicious! I love going on dates, it doesn’t matter if it’s with friends, family or my boyfriend, as long as it’s a special day that will make a beautiful memory.

  • That shade of blue is my jam too! It’s so bright and pretty! And aw Katie’s little succulent is so cute! Now I want to find one that size 😉


  • I love this new feature on your blog! What a great idea! You guys are adorable and looks like you had a great day!

  • Both of you are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! 🙂

    Love the happenin’ sunglasses.

    I hop you have a beautiful day!!!


  • What a great idea for a series….and it all looks so good 🙂

  • That’s the perfect business! Plants and vintage goods in one spot! I could spend hours there.

  • Fun! I LOVE that blue, too! It’s so bright and fun.

    This weekend my husband and I are going camping — can’t wait!

  • Farmers market in the morning and Baby Mary at Aviary! They have the best!

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