A Beautiful Mess App on Windows Phones!

Hey Windows! A Beautiful Mess now available for Windows phones!! Hey there. It's me, Trey again, with a pretty awesome announcement. We've hinted at it for a few months, but now we can officially say the A Beautiful Mess photo app is in the Windows Store!! So all the main features we've been sharing are now available to use on your Windows phones with your crazy high-res cameras. You can—
• Choose between editing a single photo or creating a collage
• Play around with our filters
• Add custom text
• Pick from the borders, doodles, and phrases custom designed by Elsie + EmmaA Beautiful Mess for Windows phonesShortly after the initial launch of the A Beautiful Mess app, Nokia reached out to us to see what interest we would have in launching on Windows. Considering it was a whole new operating system with completely different development requirements, it was a pretty intimidating idea. I'd played around with the Lumia 1020 (the one with the 41MP camera) a little, and it's a really cool phone. But as we've mentioned before on the blog here, it's not as easy as copying and pasting the iOS code to Windows. It had to be essentially rebuilt from scratch. And we had zero connections with Windows developers. But Nokia offered to help us along in the process, so all of you Windows users can send a big thank you to their hardworking team and the folks at The Mobile Lab for making this possible. A Beautiful Mess on Windows 8The feature set is virtually identical to the iOS and Android versions, with a few user experience adjustments to match the structure of the Windows 8 operating system. For example, rather than double-tapping to edit a placed object, you select your layer from a slide-out menu. Anyway, play around with it. Everyone put in a lot of work to make it the easiest experience for Windows users possible. Be on the lookout for more updates with even more features. –Trey (+ ABM team)

For all support questions, including phone compatibility, please email support AT themobilelab DOT com.

Phone Requirements:
• Windows Phone 8 operating system
• Data plan
• Movement and directional sensor, HD720P (720×1280)/WVGA (480×800)/WXGA (768×1280), more details

  • Hi there! I LOVED this app on my iPhone and did all my daughter’s monthly photos with it for her first year…and then I switched to an Android phone and I can’t find it in the store. Am I missing something? My favorite part was the custom text and I want all the photos I make of her to have the same font. Is that something you’ve included in A Color Story? (I have that app too but haven’t really looked into the text options because I didn’t need to – ABM was doing such a great job with it).

    • Hi Amber! I’m sorry, but we are no longer updating the ABM app (it’s over 6 years old). If you have anymore questions, you can contact our app support here: https://acolorstory.com/support/

      We have a newer app called A Design Kit (it’s free) that’s similar (with more features) if you want to check that out!

  • I can never find decent apps for my Windows Phone, so I was overjoyed when I read this. However, after trying to get the app for my Nokia Lumia 800 I got the “not compatible with your phone” message from the A Beautiful Mess app. I am so sad about this, especially because it also isn’t supported by my iPod Touch’s software (iOS 6.)

  • I can never find decent apps for my Windows Phone, so I was overjoyed when I read this. However, after trying to get the app for my Nokia Lumia 800 I got the “not compatible with your phone” message from the A Beautiful Mess app. I am so sad about this, especially because it also isn’t supported by my iPod Touch’s software (iOS 6.)

  • Looks great, didn’t know you guys had a photo editing app. I’m going to check it out and will write a review. Great job, go on 😉

  • Yay! I have already got it on my iPhone, but I will let my mom know that it has come to Windows (she really wanted to get ABM App)


  • I love this app! I have had it since the first launch! Sadly ever since the latest version came out it hasn’t worked on my iPhone 4s. The app shuts down immediately after opening. I have emailed support a few times and have been waiting for an update to fix the problem for months 🙁

  • could you please do an app for blackberry?? i would really like to have it on my phone. thanks

  • I’m so excited!!! I’ve been following you guys for a while…CONGRATS on this APP!
    I’ll be linking up on my blog w/ a post in the near future too.
    Y’all are awesome!

  • Hi! thank you ! I’ve bought it today! Great aplication but collage doesn’t work on my Windows phone.. I don’t know why…:( When I click on collage it takes me to my main panel of Windows Phone. Please help me!

  • Good job! It’s amazing! But for some reason the collages don’t work for me, it only shows the patterns but when I want to select a picture, the app shuts down 🙁 Any idea what to do?

  • I think you guys should add more filters to this app. Other than that, it’s great for adding cuteness to pictures!

  • Please email in to the app support so they can help you with your specific issue:


  • How about the iPhone version? It’s been two months since I’ve been able to use it and it seems unfair given that I paid my fair share of money…

  • Those are of the few times I hate My very old and battered android, haha!
    Congrats!!!! I loved it (checked it out on Mr. R’s iphone ^_^)
    Loads of love, SJay!

  • YAY!!!! I was hoping that would happen! You guys (and the Nokia team) are awesome.

  • wooo!


  • Yay! Thank you for doing this! I have a Windows phone (and love it) but the app store doesn’t have nearly as much options as other os stores. I saw your other posts about the app and I was always a little jealous. Now I am off to have fun with the photos on my phone!!

  • The A Beautiful Mess app is one of my absolute favorites! I use it almost daily. So cool that Windows Phones can use it too now. My favorite blog, always sharing the love!

  • I had No Idea you guys had a photo editing app…Love It! editing and Collage all in one…

  • Nice app, but we have not got this system! Happy weekend!!!


  • Hurray! Finally. Been looking forward to this ?
    Quick tip though, was looking for the download link on your post, but none led straight to the app. Here it is for anyone trying to find it: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/a-beautiful-mess/86235b11-7bb6-4251-bdaa-c18085818484

  • OMG thank you so much. Before I could only use this app on my iPad, now I can finally have it on my phone too!!!

  • YES!! It usually takes so long for good apps to come to windows, but I’m excited yours is here!

  • Oh gosh I JUST asked about it and now the app is out! I am so excited, I was so disappointed when I realized that the app wasn’t available for windows phone. Buying right now!

  • Congrats on your app!! 🙂 My finacé is a software developer and loves creating apps 🙂 Our is about to hit the google play store! Woo 🙂


  • This is going to sound crazy and backwoods, probably, but I’ve never heard of a Windows phone! Huh. What a world!

    Congrats on your continued success! You deserve it!


  • I AM SO EXCITED. I was literally debating switching from Windows to iPhone because of this app! I’m beyond excited 🙂

  • Congrats! I didn’t even realize this existed! I’m going to check it out on my Android. 🙂

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