A Beautiful Mess App Update!

New art from #abeautifulmess
We recently released A Beautiful Mess 1.06!!! What's new? We added fonts, doodles and backgrounds to the base packaged (meaning, everyone gets them for free when you update).We also found a vector vs. bitmap efficiency on the backend to reduce the app's file size without reducing its quality (in other words, you won't have to be connected to wifi to update).A Beautiful Mess app!Photos clockwise from left: @audrey_efi, @narchos, @kristenuous, @carlabonafonte

ABM app!!!!Photos clockwise from left: @onahazymorning, @seekaseybake, @livysouth, @mjiiiie

We've been loving all your new creations from the #abeautifulmess! Keep 'em coming! And if you love using the app, please leave us a review on this newest version in the App Store. xo. Elsie & Emma

P.S. We're moving full steam ahead on buliding it out for Android. We were originally hoping for an end of summer release, but the ideas grew. And to ensure the best user experience, we're now shooting for early/mid-October, but we will definitely keep you posted. 

  • I have been checking Android Market everyday for this app. October 1st and I am so excited to hopefully see this app. Hurry (in the most kind way possible), seriosly hurrrrrry!

    xoxo, Missy

  • Oh great! I have a post-it reminder on my monitor and have been checking back for the android update. I have revised my post-it to ‘October’. Can’t wait! 🙂

  • I have no idea how to reach you guys!! And I’ve always believed in supporting small businesses but I am a bit no Imbreally disappointed.. Now there are lots of other apps and yes yours brings your art work which is who I was gun ho!! I honestly can’t complain about the app it’s self too much.. It def could be way way way easier to use.. On selecting doodles n going from one thing to another… It should flow just like your filters and the filters as ppl who are always about photography n tips n a book out now. It’s hard to believe the filters were lacking.. But my biggest waste of money way paying yes the 99 cent for each add on.. I couldn’t wait but after buying Add ons to two other equally great apps that do the sane n then some I paid 99 cents fir their add ons n I suddenly gas buyer remorse from buying yours cause I got way less for the cost!! I was fine w the app happy even had plenty if my friend who have bought ur app.. But the add ons really need to be re thought.. I don’t know if it’s cause if the app building company you went w but it’s def. a rip off.. N I know you wouldn’t want to do that but how can u fix it? I’m stuck I bought them n I’m stuck out of money that wasnt worth spending!! I will still use your app but I won’t be buying add ons again.. I like all 3 apps I’ve got all 3 bring different things n in time maybe your will get better.. Bit for now I am disappointed.. And before ppl start harping I’m not posting the other apps n I could.. I’m not bashing ABM cause I believe that this is a newbie thing and sadly they didnt know that there were others offer better.. For add ons at the sane price s I wanted was more.. Then when I tried to leave a review on the App Store apple just blocks my review n say all u see is the great revues and the great reviews are coming from ppl who have only bought the app n that’s it.. N thru know its a work in progress.. So don’t bash me.. Unless u bought each add on and then u can say what I want cause then u know what I got!! Emma and Elsie and the rest if the crew I would of liked a way to reach u w out putting it out here.. I don’t want negative ugly comments towards you or me!! But I do think you need to re think your add ons.. I’m am def.. Not happy Ty and wish there was a way to make me happy but there’s not I’m stuck w it and its add ons that I won’t use some of us at single don’t need the love n mr n mrs stuff I know u both just got married but u need to think last that n what is going on in ur life.. Some great quotes and fun play on words would be a good idea but def don’t go w the lazy word ppl r using when texting that makes the sound like they r in kindergarten. I hope to get a response but I won’t put my info here for fear that ppl might think so horrible n attack me.. When I’m just stating what others have in hope that u will really look into this and if unwantbto know ur 2 other competitors plz message me.. Cause they have it pretty much figured out and maybe seeing that can help you.. Your will always be different cause your art work is different,. I can easily edit n just bring it over if u choose to not focuse on editing w filters!! Ty for hearing or I hope you see this!! Plz any friends plz plz show this to them cause how else can I reach them?? Thxs again God Bless

  • So excited for the android version! I keep looking at the wonderful pictures you post here and just drooling.

  • Love the app! Thanks for all the updates. I use it almost everyday and have two suggestions. Firstly, please make it so that you can hit “return” while typing text. This will help in being able to have vertical text. Also, is there another way to decrease the size of text other than pinching it? Sometimes you can’t get it as small as you would like to on the iphone. That’s it! LOVE it ladies. xoxo

  • oooh really hoping for early october on the android version. Just in time for my birthday 😉

  • Can’t wait! I’m so jealous if all the beautiful posts I see on instagram. Just looking at all the creative things you can do with it, gets my mind all frantic with ideas .

  • I wish you would have a link to the app on iTunes. Maybe it’s on your home page and I just don’t see it…

  • Moved from Apple to Andriod and I’m absolutely itching for A Beautiful Mess back!! Can’t wait!!
    Ashley xo

  • I love this blog and check it almost every day. I can’t wait until the app is ready for Android!

  • I truly love your app! Like L-O-V-E IT! I love editing my photos with it! You added more fonts and doodles AND you decreased the size of the app…AWESOME!!!!! I’m updating mine right now!

  • Thanks for giving an update for the Android users! Much appreciated! Can’t wait!

  • I love your app! I use it all the time, My friend is really looking forward to the android one!

  • I have been following you since you created abeautifulmess for iphones and I just cannot wait for the android version! I will be first in line (next to a millions others I’m sure) to purchase abeautifulmess for my galaxy!

  • please! no more ideas and release the app for droid!…..and then like apple, well just update.
    ive been waiting since you announced it in April (?) and man! i almost cried when it was announced that its another month
    longest christmas ever!!!!!

  • oh awesome, thank you for doing an android app! too many cool apps don’t get re-done for android. can’t wait to see it!

  • Whoops I accidentally wrote over my own comment… What I meant to say was that I love your app so much I cant believe I ever survived without it!


  • I LOVE love love the app, can’t use it enough and I’ll be sure to leave a review, everybody needs to know how brilliant it is xxx

  • I love love love this app! Hours of fun to be had! Well done girls, you’re doing such a great job!

    Maria xx

  • Can’t wait for the Android release! I’m excited!


  • I don’t have an iphone,I haven an android smartphone will you make one for the android market?

  • YAY! I just switched over to Android recently and I was super sad when I saw I couldn’t download it again. Can’t wait 🙂

  • Seriously cannot wait for the android app! All my friends post the best things and they are all use your app. Thanks for making it awesome!

  • I love all of the new doodles! I will definitely continue to reviews on each version release 🙂



  • Always so much fun! One of my favorite photo apps to use! 🙂

  • So exciting! I finally got an iphone, and I have the app! Absolutely adore it so far, very excited about the update!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • Love the new little features! 🙂 Still my fave app ever!! Hehe!

    Lulu xx


  • I have just downloaded it, excited to experiment with the new features.


  • Love the new updates! 🙂

    ♥, Brittney @ True Vintage Love

  • i need to download this app asap! it looks so fun.



  • Ooooh!
    I didn’t even know you had an app! I’ll be downloading this for sure!!

    Thanks girls x

    Blanks & Bliss

  • I love seeing the photos that everyone shares with your app! So many awesome and inspiring ideas 🙂

  • Your Android update makes me both very sad and very happy.
    The wait is KILLING ME. KILLING ME!

  • looking forward to downloading it on android! x

    I Took Part in Nivea’s #DareToDip Campaign!

  • Hi! I do love your app! One thing I wish it could do though… When adding text, I wish I could hit “return” to start a new line of text.

    Thanks for the updates!

  • Greattt I’m Android user and I am…keep calm and waiting for app 🙂 love so much your web and all the things saw us Because in my environment it’s difficult to find people like you… Thank you! Lol

  • i was always secretly a little jealous of apple users because they had this cute app 😉 lol can’t wait for october!

  • Can’t wait for this to be on Android! Will probably be the first app I’ll have bought!

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