A Beautiful Mess Book Club: January Selection

A Beautiful Mess Book ClubAs you may or may not know I love reading! It all started the summer after 6th grade. I guess I would have been twelve or thirteen years old. There was a book fair at our school library on the last day of school. I think the idea was students could pick up a few books for summer reading. I was intrigued by this book that had a funny little illustration on the cover of a boy riding a broom, trying to catch a small golden globe with wings. On a whim I bought it. This book turned out to be Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. And it was awesome!!!! That summer I absolutely fell in the love with reading, and it’s turned into a lifelong thing. Probably many of you have a similar story. Do you remember the first book you stayed up through the night reading because you just couldn’t put it down?

During the last two years I’ve noticed a sharp decline in the amount of reading I do. I have a busy work schedule and a full social life. I am very lucky and thankful for these things! But I wanted to make a small goal in 2014 to be a little more committed to reading—like actually make time for it, rather than just waiting for the free time to appear. And that’s when Elsie and I hatched this idea: start an A Beautiful Mess book club!

A Beautiful Mess Book Club January SelectionHere’s how it works: Every month we read a book. Just one book a month. Nothing that scary. We will announce the book at the very beginning of the month (or a few days before) so you will have a little time to buy, download or check the book out from your local library. We’ll try to have variety, reading different authors and subject matters as often as we can, but every book will be a for-fun read. Mostly (if not all) fiction. We are very open to suggestions but most selections will be chosen a few months in advance so don’t fret if your suggestion isn’t up next. At the end of every month we will host an online discussion of the book on the blog. You should totally join in! If we select something you’ve already read you are still very welcome to join in and connect with us at the end of the month.

So are you in? In January we will be reading The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. I already got my copy. You should get yours. Do it. Do it. (That’s me cheering you on.) xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Janae Hardy and Emma Chapman

  • Okay, your library is out of control. I am in love…I do a book review every week to every other week and this next on my list. SO far so good! No Spoilers

  • This is great timing for me after re-evoking my love of reading at the end of last year. Another book to add to my ever growing reading pile. Happy New Year 🙂

  • What a great idea! I’m all for reading more, I used to love reading when I was younger, but stopped reading so much at about 15 (got discouraged by reading books I didn’t enjoy and having to over-analyse them at school, then years of only reading to study). But now I am out of education I am making time to read for enjoyment once again. And now I can join a club for it! Thanks!

  • This is a great idea! Now, to track down a copy of that book… 🙂 Also, I absolutely adore your library shelves — although I think if I had them I would just constantly reenact that scene from Beauty and the Beast! 🙂

  • Well this is strange, because this is exactly something I wanted to make time for this year. But I’ve already started reading the book Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. And so far it’s really good. I’ll have to check this book out next and try to read along.

  • Great idea! Like you, my amount of reading has also declined and it’s not so great. I’ve kind of made my own book list for the year so unfortunately I won’t be participating but I look forward to your books 🙂

    Erin // http://www.erinoxnam.com

  • Love this idea! Will try to keep up, although I just started a book club with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law where we read something from all women who have won the Nobel prize. This is going to be a great year for my brain! Happy New Year from Norway.

  • I’ve been wanting to join a book club! Not that I have time either, but at least I’ll get a few ideas for new books to read.

  • just bought the book. thanks to amazon it was possible even if its not yet avalible in austrian bookstores. i’m looking forward to this project!
    happy new year!

  • I need a good excuse to read more…in fact I’m aiming to read one book a month in 2014 so this is perfect!! I’ve just downloaded this to my Kindle and can’t wait to get cracking!!! 🙂

  • I have ordered my book I belong to a book group that meets at my house every month, but love the idea of an online discussion too. Fabulous idea.

    Leanne xx

  • I have a similar story about reading. I was always really quick when it came to reading (I could read children novels by the age of 4 and by 8 I was on to adult stuff). When I was 13 we moved to a completely new city where I knew no one and during the summer so while my mom was working, I had to keep myself busy. My solution? I spent my entire days at the old library next to my moms work. That summer I read hundreds of books in a little over two months. And my love for books has only grown with time.

  • I want your library in my home! Right now my books are in boxes. (Insert Shame Face) 🙂

    I LOVE reading as well and adore book clubs too so I think I’ll join in.

    Happy New Year ladies.


  • I feel the same-totally. You should join in! It’s very low pressure. I’m not a fan of stress for stress’s sake. It’s all just for fun and to make reading a FUN goal together. 🙂

    Was that really cheesy? Yes. Ok, I’ll try to stop now.

  • Yes, and you could join in next month or whenever it fits your reading schedule. I really like the idea of folks hoping in and out as they can. It should be fun and feel like a treat, not a chore or adding on to your already busy life load. 🙂

  • This is such a good idea! I also feel that I have been reading less than I’d like to lately. I picked up something of a brick recently, which I’ve just started, so will join in from February. 🙂 xx

  • I am very excited you guys are doing this! I love reading and this book you recommended seems really good, I’ll go find it at the library. Thanks for doing this and I’ll make sure to join the online discussion 🙂


  • Great idea! It’s not available in my regional library though, so I’ll have to skip this one. I’ll put it on my list for later!

  • Love book, love your blogs, of course I would like to participate… but I don’t read that much English books and this one is not translated in French 🙁

  • I thought about starting my own blog book club, but I’m a horrible leader haha!

    Unless something comes up, I’m definitely in!

  • Oh I love book clubs! If you haven’t read it, you should check out The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. It made me cry, it made me laugh, and it totally sucked all the women in my family in.

  • Love this idea. One of my New Years resolutions is to read more and this will keep me motivated. Plus, I’ve missed my book club that is now defunct. I might try getting everyone back together to join in on the ABM book club!

    Cheers, Cath

  • Just bought the e-book, can’t wait to start! I read a lot already, but I have been looking for a fun book club to join, just to get some new impulses, read books that I haven’t found on my own. Great idea! Love your blog:)

  • What a great idea! ABM’s ability to evolve, constantly adding new kinds of content is something truly special!

  • Holy Crap! I started reading this thinking “Great now she’s gonna suggest an awesome book and I’ll have to a) stop what I’m reading now and join the book club or, the more dreaded, b) read two books at the same time. BUT I’m already reading The Interestings!I’m about 6 chapters in and LOVING it! Great choice for a first book!

  • Those crazy depressing novels by Lurlene McDaniel… those were what I took out of my school library, until I had read them all! I was in grade 5 I think. Then I got into Lori Wick novels at my church library, and then the “Diary of a Teenage Girl” series. It’s been a while since I’ve finished a book… so I’m totally jumping on board. Great idea, girls!

  • When you announced this book in your email newsletter I immediately put it on reserve at the library and will start it today! Thanks for the inspiration to read more.

  • thank you for linking to wolitzer’s page and not just linking to amazon books!!! 🙂 yay for an abm book club. awesome idea.

  • Do you have a list for the whole year planned yet? I’d love to join in on random months (because I already have a hefty list to get through this year.) I’d like to plan ahead if something from your list interests me.

  • Amazing! I really want get reading lots of books this year and I’ve set myself the challenge of reading 52. This can be the one to start it all off! Looking forward to it!

    Rhiannon xx

  • This idea is fantastic! I would highly recommend the Silver Linings Playbook if you have not read it yet! It is a really great book that I always recommend to friends when they want a good read.

  • Oh my goodness! I’ve had a book club going with my best gals for the past 2 years and this is the book we’re reading for January! Plus a choose your own adventure book, Trouble on the Titanic-ha!
    Love your blog! I’m from Springfield, MO so it always feels homey to me.

  • This is exactly what I’m looking for. My new year’s resolution is to read more fiction. I can handle a book a month. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Amazing idea. I love reading too. I will try and keep up but so hard finding time to read with a little one. When I lived in the city, I used to be in a fab ladies only book club where every month we would review the book at a different independent restaurant. xx

  • I am so excited for this, it’s just nuts. Excuse me while I remove myself from activities for the next couple days, hahaha. Great way to start the year!! 🙂

    <3 Elizabeth

  • The Interestings is the BEST book I read last year! I love the idea of a book club – I’m in!

  • I am so excited about this…I myself have fell short on my reading over the past several months and have been thinking about making a effort to read more. This is just the thing to get me going. This looks like a great read and I am downloading it now and excited to get started.

    thanks for the push

    Kim Bolyard

  • You should do the ‘Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak as one of the books this year. It’s really, really amazing and thought-provoking (perfect for a book club, no? :D). If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend!!

    Alice 🙂

  • Great Idea.
    I’m so sad I can’t join because I have already made my reading goals for 2014 and found a couple of projects and a read club! I hope you have a good year, so glad that I can see what you’re reading ’cause I always do that in your “food Coma” blog.

    Good luck and great readings to everyone 🙂

  • I am so excited about this! I am an avid reader and I am always looking for new books. I have just put this book on hold at my library so I am all in. It’s so important in this era of electronics to hold the weight of a book in your hands, the feel of the paper when turning a page and to read without the glare of a screen. Bravo!

  • Oh, i LOVE that you guys are doing this! i’ve been a lifelong reader but have been in a bit of a funk lately, not really knowing what to read. This will help out so much!

  • oh my gosh this is so exciting! one of my goals for this year was to read at least 2 books a month so this is perfect motivation! 🙂

  • We do have about 4 of the books planned already. But I am hesitant to announce too soon as I sometimes change my mind about what I want to read next based on how serious or funny or heavy or light the previous month’s book was. And I won’t know until I’m at least a week or two in. If that makes sense.

    But, I often will be announcing the next month selection a week or two early via the ABM newsletter. So sign up for that if you’d like a heads up (don’t worry, we won’t spam you). 🙂

  • Can I just say…that you guys are the coolest. A book club is an awesome idea and I love that you’ve incorporated it into the blog. You two are an amazing example of what it truly means to make your dreams a reality and your work not a job- you inspire me a bowl-load. Happy 2014!

  • i have never been for reading fiction because i can never pick out a good book myself, but this year i’ve decided to be open about it and i definitely trust you guys’ recommendations. i’ve started reading the sample on amazon kindle and will buy tomorrow. hoping my kids will let me finish it before the month is over. i’m already sucked into it and i never thought i would enjoy fiction.

  • What great motivation to make time for reading again! Plus, this book is on my “want to read” list… I’m in!

  • Book ordered on kindle and I have begun. Your book club member from rainy Brighton, England. X

  • I’ve been wanting to join a book club, but all of the ones held locally meet up while I am at work. I just requested this book from my local library. Hopefully I’ll get it read by February.

  • I am so glad you are doing this! I actually just finished this book a month ago. My last read was Silver Linings Playbook, which I loved!

  • I’m so excited about this book club. The idea of doing this virtually is great! I can’t wait to read and discuss. Which platform will we be using for the online discussion?

  • Love reading. I take the train to school every day for an hour, so that will be my opportunity to take part in this beautiful book club idea. Yay!

  • I’ve been wanting to read more books too, so this will help me as well! I’m also looking for good suggestions, but the only books my friends read are ones I have zero interest in. I’m pumped for this!

  • i would love to read this too, but i don’t know if i’m ambitious enough to read 12 english books in one year 😉 this book unfortunatly isn’t published in german so far… 🙁

    Greetings from austria, Becci 😉

  • I’ve always hesitated to join a book club, because I’ve been scared off by the formality of it and, quite frankly, I thought it would just be another chore to put off! Knowing how much I enjoy reading your blog, I think this might be the first time I take the plunge. I’m really looking forward to your book selections, and I’m hoping this will help me reach my goal to make more time for fun reading in 2014. Thanks for your continually inspiring ideas and Happy New Year!

  • Oooo I’d love to join the Beautiful Mess Book Club. Sadly all my attempts at Book Clubs last year fell flat. Yay! Cant wait ladies xox

  • oh, what an awesome idea! I’d love to join for January, but it’s only available in hardcover here, and I’m a bit lazy about dragging a heavy hardcover book with me on the subway. Paperbacks are my fave. But I really look forward to reading the discussion at the end of the month!

  • Great idea! I’d love to join in! Suggested book for the future : “Blue Plate Special” by Kate Chistensen. I just now put it down and sincerely enjoyed it. It’s creative, simple yet engrossingly honest and of course, delicious.

  • Ooh that sounds like a good book! Seeing as I just started working at Half Price Books, I think The Interestings will be one of my first purchases. 🙂

  • I’m in need of a good book and discussion. Thanks for this – looking forward to it. – Gabrielle allkindsoflovelies.wordpress.com

  • yes!!! reading more is one of my 4 simple goals list for this winter! I have never thought about joining a book club but it’s a new year, so let’s do this. I will definitely be participating.

  • Wow. Harry Potter made me fall in love with reading too! It was the first book I stayed up all night long and well I was willing to read over and over again. Similarly, my new years resolution is to find more time for reading too since 2013 was quite a busy year and I only got to read a few novels. I really love this idea guys! I’m looking forward to join in the fun! 🙂

    Happy New Year from the Philippines!

  • I love this idea! My husband and I have been talking lately about how we need to make more time to read. I will definitely be joining in- and hopefully I can convince him to as well!

  • Such an awesome idea–I’m in! I have so many good intentions when it comes to reading, and an enormous stack of books waiting to be read, so it will be really helpful to have a place to “check in” with others 🙂 looking forward to diving into this book!

  • I love this idea so much! I’ve been wanting to read more but I haven’t found a good community where I can learn about new books. Just ordered The Interestings on Amazon! Bring it on 2014 🙂

    Happy new year to you and Elsie!
    –Jess , NYC

  • I’m in! I challenged myself to read a book a week this year! I used to be a much better reader. I need to get back to it!

  • YES! I have been looking for something like this. Reading is so important and I would LOVE to be able to do a book club thing.

    Can I recommend this book called, “The Whole Golden World” by Kristina Riggle? I just want more people to read it because it’s such a fabulous book and I would love for people to discuss this with.


  • I used to have a book club, but it was so hard to work with everyone’s schedules, so I think an online one will work so much better. I’ve got the book on hold at my library so that I can join in! Great idea!

  • I have been wanting to read this very book for awhile already. Here is motivation to bump it to the top of my wish list.

  • I love this! I get so many ideas for what to read next from the blogs that I follow, but then have no one to discuss them with when I’m done. I’ve already read this book (and had really mixed feelings about it), so I’m looking forward to the end of the month convo.

    Thanks for coordinating!

  • The Boxcar Children – I devoured so much of that series in the fourth grade! I love the idea for this book club and can’t wait to see the selections each month. Thanks!

  • Genius! I’m totally interested, and I want to try to participate. But lately I’ve had trouble setting aside time to read though. Life is very busy for me at the moment with two little ones. I’m still going to try though.

  • I looooove to read and will definitely be joining in! Going to get this on my Kindle right now!

  • My first book was Harry Potter too!

    As it might appears, (because of my bad english,) i’m a french person and i’ve been putting of reading english book for a long time now!

    So this is really one of the best idea we could have! I’ve put a copy of the book down at the librairy so i’ll be able to join in! Hope the english won’t be too hard to understand!

    Good job!

  • What a fabulous idea!
    My reading story is much the same as yours, Emma. I picked up Harry Potter in grade 4 and never looked back. I have to limit the amount of new books I pick up, though, because I have a tendency to neglect everything else as I devour the pages. I’m working on it 😉
    I’ll definitely be checking back to see which books you ladies choose each month, and I will jump in whenever I can!
    All the best in this New Year!

  • Harry Potter was…IS actually one of my faves! This is a fantastic idea. I am going to see about reserving it at my library. Or maybe the nearest actual city. Either way! Thanks. I made this very goal myself: read one new book per month!

  • When I was younger, I loved reading Nancy Drew books, then the Hardy Boys… and of course… who didn’t love reading the Harry Potter series? 😉

    One of my resolutions this year is to start reading again. So, I’m in!


  • This sounds great! I LOVE to read, but I’ve only read one book (for my own personal pleasure) in the past year. Ever since my son was born, it is just so hard to find the time. I’m going to try and get to the library this week to find this book. Can’t wait for all future selections, too.

  • i love love love reading, this year Santa Claus (my husband!) gave me 8 new books, since i was feeling a bit the same… not making time, but using the (very little) time y eventually have left, so, i also started the year with the same resolution!
    loved your idea, and hope i can sync mysefl to your choices often!

    happy new year!

  • Hi great idea downloaded the book ready to go. Can you let us know where we will find “the book club” on your blog will it open in as a new theme ? Also will you let us know the dates when you will give us the next book and when you will be reviewing .?
    STOP , I sound like a control freak ! I’m not really just thought it was a great idea and wanted to join in.
    Makes a change from reading sewing blogs which I love ,but need to widen my horizons for 2014

  • I love this idea SO VERY MUCH!
    As I write my PhD-thesis in English literature I read A LOT but mostly books from the Early Modern period (Shakespeare & Co) and I love that with joining your book club I have an excuse for reading (more or less) contemporary literature for fun. If you ever want to read Early Modern literature and need recommendations – let me know (;
    Lots of love from Munich/Germany, xx Tabea

  • oh my gosh!! my sister just gave me a signed copy of this book for Christmas! I am so in!! Thanks

  • one of my resolutions this year is to read three books a month. this will be a wonderful way to keep me accountable to that goal 😉 I’M IN!

  • I am so excited for this i actually can’t wait. book already held at library, can’t wait to start reading

  • The book that got me reading was also Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! I saw the movie and went home that night and read the book in one sitting. After that, I was a regular at our local Borders every Saturday afternoon (until I moved away for college). It’s great to read books for the sheer joy of emersing yourself in a different world.

    I think your book club is a great idea! Happy New Year!

  • Yay! I feel like my one woman book club just got a little bit bigger! And what a great choice for the first read! May I suggest The Fault In Our Stars by John Green as one of the selections… It’s SUCH an amazing book, and quick too!

  • Yah! I love this idea. I get so many book recommendations from the blogs that I follow, but that means I can never discuss them with anybody. Looking forward to chatting about this one at the end of the month. (P.S. And perfect timing… My baby is due shortly, so I won’t be able to leave the house as easily. But I can now still be social. Yah!)

    Thanks for setting this up!

  • Great idea! Thanks for starting this up, it will be my first book club. I’m excited!

  • I love this idea. I’m always searching for new books to read. Looking forward to my first real (virtual)”Book Club”.

  • Thank you for doing this. This is such a good idea!! I am about to call my library 🙂

  • Did it! Will start today as yesterday I finished the book I got for Christmas 😛

  • This has actually been on my wishlist for a while, so I am happy to get this taken care of with some like-minded readers.

  • Oooooh, I’m in! My mom got me a Nook last year for Christmas and I don’t use it nearly as much as I should. So this will hopefully help me force myself into setting time aside. Eeee!!

    Can we please read some weird Potter-esque fantasy somewhere down the line, haha?

  • I love this idea! I get my book recommendations from the blogs that I follow, but that means I never have anyone to talk to about them. Also perfect timing – I have a baby due at the end of the month, so I’ll need as much from-home social interaction as I can get.

    Thanks for setting this up!

  • SOOOOOOO happy you guys are doing this! I was just thinking to myself I wish I read more often this will definitely get my butt in gear! THANKS!

  • this book was actually on my to read list. so i think i will check it out at the library now 🙂

  • How fun! I absolutely adore reading and feel like I devour books so quickly I’m always looking for new suggestions! I’ve been trying to write one book review a month on my blog, too, which has been fun. I totally know what you mean about needing to make time, sometimes it can be hard, but it is so worth it! I look forward to reading the ‘Interestings’ and seeing what comes up in the future months!


  • You guys should really read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. It is my absolute favorite fiction novel of all time. So beautifully written :).

  • I’m so excited about this and am heading out to pick up my copy now! I’ve been in grad school for years and have stopped reading for fun because I have to read so much un-fun stuff during the days! I’m hoping this will help me get back into it! Thanks girls! 😀

  • I LOVE this idea! I’ve been a member of several IRL book clubs, but they’ve all inevitably fizzled because real life gets in the way. What a great way to still get a sense of fun community discussion without having to juggle family/friends/work to make a gathering. Thanks for offering a venue, and I’m looking forward to getting started!

  • I’ve been wanting to start/join a book club! I’m so down, and I think some of my girlfriends will join me! Reading more is definitely on my new years resolutions, so thanks for the extra push!

  • It might be helpful to give the books for months coming beofre the month begins, For example, I went to my libarary and this book has 55 holds. If I would have known the book beforehand I could have requested it sooner. Just food for though.

  • I’m sorry, I think there was some text in this post but I couldn’t read because I was blinded by the bookshelf porn…

  • I absolutely love this idea! And I love this blog! So it’s just the perfect combination. I got a Kindle for Christmas so I am all for joining a book club!!

  • I have been wanting to do a book club for so long now! My friend and I were about to start one ourselves and be the 2 sole members, that’s how much we wanted one! I love this idea and what perfect timing! I’m in!

  • I love this idea! I’m a huge fan of reading, but once school starts I find myself not finding time for myself to enjoy what I really love doing. I think a book club (even if it isn’t a strict obligated one) would make me want to find more time for books. Can’t wait for this to start!



  • One of my goals for 2014 was to read on “classic” book every month but this sounds so much more fun! Hmm, I may be reading two books each month:)

  • Love this idea, will download tomorrow to read :)!
    I love that we’re all potterheads!x

  • I have a long, long flight to London next week – I think I’ll be downloading this to read along the way. Looking forward to the discussions at the end of each month 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  • This is an awesome idea!
    I am also a huge reading fan but work also keeps me too buss often.
    I have just ordered the book online, I cannot wait to get started!
    2014 will be different 😉

    Thanks 🙂

  • Im so excited for this! I love reading but with three kids (whom I am busy reading to, although I don’t think reading knuffle bunny all day counts) it doesn’t happen very often. I have a hard time finding books I like but the past month or so I’ve gone through at least three a week. I’m in the middle of a trilogy right now (I’m on the second book, The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly) and it’s so good. I didn’t even go to bed last night because I was trying to finish it up. After I finish the book in the series I’m starting the Outlander series a friend recommended. I think I will throw this one in now too.

  • I’ll join!! I love the idea!! And will be good for me to keep the reading habit!

  • what a great idea! Right on time, when I actually made a resolution to read more interesting fiction. I am always reading books that relate to my profession. I have pigeonholed myself recently, so I am ready for a fun expansion!

  • I really really love this idea. For the past few years, I’ve been wanting to read a book a month, but it always falls by the wayside. This is a perfect reason to try again! Plus, I already had this book on my list of things to read! Ahhh! 😉

    The Rambling Fangirl

  • I am so in! Harry Potter has a special place in my heart, too. Can’t wait to get started! Maybe I’ll hit the library today!

    Thanks for creating such a wonderful atmosphere for us <3

  • I am so excited to have another book club! Will your discussions be a live online chat or comment forum such as this one?

  • I’m definitely joining in, as making more time for reading is one of my new year’s resolution 🙂 Cool idea !

  • A really fun idea! I wanted to start a book club at my university last year, but somehow… I had forgotten about it. Too bad. Maybe I’ll really give it a try this year!

    I would love to read a post about your favorite books, I’m always looking for new books to fill my bookshelves (and to be read, of course)!

  • I just put my copy on hold at the library. Hopefully it’s in soon! I love book clubs. Not only do they get you in the reading loop again, but you expand your reading horizons. I am in a book club for my library branch and I love it!Thanks for starting this!

  • I’m already on a book club and I absolutely LOVE it!! Looking forward to see what y’all are reading!

  • Can’t wait to do this! I’ve been slacking with reading so much lately and this is the perfect thing to get me back into it! 🙂 Getting myself a copy asap!

  • I just ordered it! I’ve been wanting to read more this year, it’s been so long since I have sat down to just read, I miss it. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • This is a great idea!! I think many people around the world know the feeling that they want to read good books but forget to prioritize it – atleast I know that feeling. Maybe you could try and see if you could find books to read which is translated into as many languages as possible, so as many people as possible kan follow your book club. I know that if you follow your blog you understand and read English, but for sine people to follow a blog in English is one thing, but to read a whole book is something else…. just an idea 🙂

    Best regards,
    Anja from Denmark 😉

  • Try listening to it on audio book. If you join audible you get free credits, and a free 30 day trial. I love audible. I listen on my way to work, when I’m doing the dishes and often when I’m cooking. I’ve been listening to Game of Thrones and I love it. Not all readers are amazing I will admit that, and sometimes the beginnings of books are really confusing, but listening still takes you to the escaped world of reading. I highly recommend it. (And if you read the text at the same time it will increase your reading fluency… Also helpful for beginning readers).

  • Thanks for starting this! I’m struggling to find an in person book club so until I do. . . here’s a great solution! I started the book today!

  • So excited about this idea! Got my copy today. Can’t wait to start reading.

  • OMG! I was literally just thinking of wanting to join a book club, and then poof! I came across this post. It must be fate 🙂 I am so excited. I am definitely going to get a copy of this book and get reading.

  • Well this is fate – I decided this would be the year I got back into reading, and finding more blogs about things that make me happy. This was one of the first blogs I found; talk about perfect! 😀 x

  • this is a grate idea, I think it was Matilda bay Roald Dalh. I have always loved reeding, but never seem to find the time for it. I will defently tray to join in!

  • oh, I am ALL. OVER. THIS.

    I’ve been looking for a good book club(s!!) and yep. I think this one will do just fine 🙂

  • I’m in! P.S. I nearly cried out when I recognized which book you were describing, even before you said that it was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I am a HUGE fan of reading, but I am and even HUGER (is that a word?) fan of Harry Potter!

  • I read this book last April but I would love to join in on the discussion and I look forward to what you’re reading next! I love to read, and I have a goal set for 40 books this year! I’m very excited for this (I loved your book posts on your personal blog space! It inspired me to write about what I read on my blog!)!

  • I’m so excited for this book club! I’ve bought the book and started reading… Perfect escape from the winter cold. Any idea when the online discussion will take place?

  • I am reading this on my kindle and have read about 40% of it and am having a hard time putting it down and working! It is very different than I thought it would be but very good and has been cause for some reflection on my own life. I am so very excited to be doing this book of the month club with you all!!

  • I want to read more this year too. I have always been the child who would hide under the covers with a flashlight to read *just a few more* pages of a book until I absolutely couldn’t keep my eyes open. I feel like college killed it a bit for me because I did so much reading for school I wanted to do other things for pleasure, but I miss it now and I want to get started back in earnest. I will definitely look in to this book and see about joining in! Even if I don’t, I think this is an awesome idea!

  • Love this idea! I’m always looking for more groups to discuss books with, so this is perfect. Plus, my book club chose this book as our most recent read, and I’m about 3/4 of the way through. Enjoying it so far!

  • Love this idea! I’m always looking for more groups to discuss books with, so this is perfect. Plus, my book club chose this book as our most recent read, and I’m about 3/4 of the way through. Enjoying it so far!

  • Just reserve a copy @ the library can’t wait to start!! This is a great idea! And just in time for me ! Ive been meaning to read more this year!!


  • Oh sweet! I just read it over the holidays! So looking forward to group discussion at the end of the month!


  • This sounds like a really fun idea! I won’t be joining because there’s just so much stuff that I have to do and I already feel very bussy, but maybe next time.

  • I GOT IT!!! Finally! This book is on high demand around my necks! I can’t wait to start reading it and when I told my friends that I was joining an online book cub they thought i was the dorkiest person ever, but can I just tell ya that I am so super excited over this!!!

  • Gah! I’m so excited! After many years spent thinking I didn’t like to read, I recently discovered I’m just really bad at picking books I’ll enjoy. So this is perfect, because you get to do the picking for me. : )

  • I love reading, but have been neglecting that for months. This year, one of my many decisions was to get back to it too- one book a month (coincidentally). There aren’t any book clubs where i live so joining you would be fantastic! It’s inspiring to know that there are others who are reading the same book as you, around the same time, even if on a different continent. It’ll also take the pressure off for picking out a book for the month.

    P.s. This is the first time i’m commenting here, although I’ve been following your blog for years.

  • Just put it on hold at my library! Excited for a year of good books 🙂

  • Hey Emma, I just purchased my copy. I was reading another book for my real life book group which I had to finish first. When will you be hosting your online chat? Really want to finish before so I won’t see spoilers. This is a great idea too, I love how your lifestyle blog really covers more areas of life now. Thanks. Zoe

  • Amazing idea! Is there a way to receive a notification for when this will happen at the end of the month?

  • i’m joining in. 🙂 a little late i guess, but i don’t mind! i’m flying from dc to san fran and back, so i’ve got a lot of reading time ahead of me in the next week!

  • I just finished it…wow. Can’t wait for the discussion! Feels like in high school when my best friend & I used to read the same book and had to wait for the other one to finish before we could talk about it! xo

  • Thanks for starting the book club! I had been neglecting my love of books and this has reminded me how very much I enjoy reading. I’m looking forward to starting the next one ?

  • Just started reading this book! Book club is a fantastic idea. I am such an avid reader so it’s nice to have a suggested book for each month.

  • Please help me guyz I’m lazy to read but I wanna fight that and read more often

  • A wonderful idea to have an online book club. A book club gets me reading books I might not have chosen myself, a big plus, but a real life club takes time and so much real life chatter. When will you be discussing the book. I got a Kindle version from the library and am enjoying it.
    Thanks for starting this.

  • I actually just finished this, not knowing you guys were having a book club… so excited for the discussion now. yay reading! 🙂

  • This is the perfect thing to add to my “try 14 new things in 14” list. I’ve never been a part of a book club of any sorts and have always wanted to.

  • I am in! I have just downloaded the book for February The Fault in our Stars. I am so excited about this can’t wait to go into work tomorrow to tell the girls about this online reading club. Thank you.

  • The first book that really got me into reading was also Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! I was about 10 or 11 and all I would do is read nonstop! I miss those days! It’s sad how much life really takes a hold of you and makes it hard to sit down and enjoy the things I used to love! I’m a bit late, but I plan on joining ABM’s Book Club! My goal this year is to AT LEAST read 12 books – 1 a month! Very excited 🙂 I see February’s selection is AFIOS – I’ve read just over half so I’m ahead of the game! YAY!

  • Hi, this sounds awesome! I’ve been wanting to join an online book club. How can I officially join and how will I know you’re having the live discussion? Is there an email that will go out?

    Please don’t laugh! Lol I’m just not familiar with the blogosphere. Thanks so much!

  • Same age (probably). My sister was a younger reader (she started with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone too!) and my mom used to read all the time as a child (as in Agatha Christie material), but I just wasn’t. Then I read Claudia Gray’s “Evernight” and that was it for me. It sparked the inner reader in me and I haven’t stopped ever since!

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