A Beautiful Mess Reader Survey

Reader surveyIf you have a few minutes today, we'd really appreciate you taking the time to fill out this short reader survey. We use this information to develop and expand features you see here on the blog as well as our sponsorship program. We ran a survey about 6 months ago, and the results changed how we did things. Your answers make us better. Plus it's always fun to get to know you more (insert cheesy Awe!). There are options to skip questions should you wish, the survey is completely anonymous, and only A Beautiful Mess will be using the information provided.

The survey will only be up temporarily, so get your answers in quick (please)!

UPDATE: Thank you so much! Thousands of you took the time to complete our reader survey. We are anaylizing the results now and are very excited to see your responses. Also a big thank you for the feedback from everyone who left a comment below in addition to your survey. 

  • A Beautiful Mess has been such an inspiration to me and I’m sure millions of others. I originally started reading your blog in the beginning of 2011 and what I’ve always loved about the blog was the personal story of Elsie, how you started A Beautiful Mess and also Red Velvet. It was so inspiring for someone like me who is creative, but also wants to be an entrepreneur and how to combine the two. I’ve purchased your Blog Love course as well, which I loved. I would love to see more of that story on the blog, new projects, what’s going on with Red Velvet, that sort of thing. I also love Emma’s voice too, I can really relate with you Emma! Your blog post on fitness and health was really great. I’m all about personal journeys and updates 🙂 That’s what keeps me coming back!

  • I LOVE your blog, but would love it even more if you guys addressed how you budget all the decorating, crafting, and shopping you guys do. I know money is very personal, but buying a house, outfitting yourself in all your super cute outfits, and buying recipe ingredients/craft supplies gets pricey! I mean, I’ve looked longingly at Seychelle’s page more than a few times wondering how you all have SO MANY ADORABLE SHOES!!! 🙂 Please share some tips! I would blow my whole paycheck on thrifting/cute clothes/fleshing out my at-home-bar if I didn’t stop myself…

  • I wish you had given us a fourth Relationship Status option, e.g., “dating,” “partnered,” etc.

    Also, I had no idea the two “Everyday” blogs existed–I’m subscribed now!

  • Love your blog ladies! However I miss Foodcoma, it’s great that you guys are working together here now, but Emma has such a fun way of writing and I really miss “hearing her voice” more 🙂

    (oh and since the new blog layout, my computer freezes every time I open your blog :/ )


  • I love this blog & read it every day. You two are doing a really amazing job – I’ve loved watching the blog get more and more organized & professional without losing a drop of character/personality and charm.

    Not survey related, but I’d love another Autumn Playlist like last year’s please!

  • Why didn’t you include more countries to chose from? You might be surprised 🙂

  • Survey done! I would like to see more DIY’s that are not super complicated. More wood, sewing, home decor DIY’s. I also am a homebrewer, have you considered adding a homebrew DIY post? I could help with that.




  • Survey taken 😀 I didn’t know you had your own blogs too 😮 Oh and I’m from Sweden, so I ticked the other option (would have been nice to had more options there).

  • Married
    None of your business

    What about the option between??? In a relathionship? 🙂 I was little suprised, that there was no othe option.

  • you guys are such smart business ladies. i know you’ll use this survey to make this blog even better and that makes me excited!

  • I actually found your blog because someone posted one of you tutorials on tumblr. I’ve also seen quite a few of your tutorials and things floating around over there. I wish that had been an option in the social media section.

  • Ooh fitness and whole food yeah! Yes I agree with Sarah you might be surprised by the numbers from other countries! Love from Kpie – New Zealand

  • I’ve been reading A Beautiful Mess since the beginning (what is it? 4 years? 5 years?)

    I think it’s interesting that you’ve transitioned the CONTENT to be more professional-magazine-style, but not the writing/formatting/voice of the posts.

    For example, I find the recipes difficult to read. I want to see at a glance how many ingredients, how many steps, how complicated the steps are, but the way they are formatted all in a paragraph makes that hard.

    Another example: I would like to see a little bit more white space in between a photo and text (like in any DIY post). It’s hard on the eyes to see all those blocks of content without a little breathing room.

    I think you all know what you’re doing in creating content, but I would encourage you to look into hiring an editor to straighten out formatting/sentence structure/etc.

    Feel free to email me if you have any more questions about this.

    Thanks for everything!!


  • I would really love more healthy recipes from Emma, as well as home decor from Elsie. I’m sure you have TONS of projects you are doing for your new home Elsie since you are always brainstorming! You should share them 🙂

  • I had to mark on the survey that I’ve never made a recipe or tried one of your projects… but I fully intend to. I just started following your blog, and I’m in the midst of a inter-state move! So crafts have been kind of out of the question for a while now… but soon!

  • I like your home decor posts, but I’ve noticed some serious bashing to framing lately ;). I know some tips and tricks to get good framing ideas and what to look for in frames when Vintaging.


  • I love your blogs. They’re inspiring. I second one of the other comments about budgeting for crafts. I know this is your career, but I can’t afford to spend that much on crafts, and I have a (sort-of) craft blog.

    Also, it looks like you’re looking for what we like most about your blog. I think it’s refreshing that your blog hasn’t turned into a baby blog. I know you don’t have babies, yet, but please keep this in mind if they ever do come. I’ve been reading blogs for years, and have recently unsubscribed to so many of them because they’re turned into all baby blogs, baby crafts, baby fashion. I don’t have a baby, and those blogs that I’ve loved for so long have really isolated me. I love so much of the content on your blog. Please keep this in mind as you, your blog, and your content evolves.

  • Just did the survey- was actually pretty fast! I honestly LOVE your blog, I’ve found so much inspiration on here it’s wonderful. Thank you both so much!!

  • How do you make these surveys? Blogger polls don’t work on my blog so I might consider making one…..

  • Happy to give time to do this considering how much inspiration you guys provide! That said, I have no idea at how many dollars are in a UK pound so had to guess at my income!

  • Hey that was great I kinda wished it was longer! I must say I LOVE the “everydays” and how regularly Elsie posts 🙂 I also love your organization tips and behind the scenes “peeks” xo

  • Complete :
    When I was reading your ’10 tips for decorating’ post earlier today, I was thinking it’d be really useful if you had headers for posts with a photo and small bio of the writer. There are multiple writers at a beautiful mess but 95% of the time I find myself reading with elsie/emma in mind. It would be a lovely way of getting to know the whole team 🙂

  • I must say I really like your fashion sections – love the boho, indie, artist style but get really disappointed because most of the time can’t find it in my size (plus size). I’m use to having a harder time finding trendy clothing – but I would love to see your style on someone who is plus sized and how that translates.

  • Can I leave a bit of what I consider to be constructive criticism?

    First, I come to ABM daily, and check your personal blogs regularly as well, so you could say I’m a fan 🙂 I’m especially loving the Photoshop Elements tutorials right now. I actually bought it last week, thanks in part to ABM.

    I feel, however, that ABM could really benefit with some grammatical editing. I have no problem with slang, and the casual voices you use in your blog, but there are some really glaring errors. If I didn’t enjoy your content so much, I wouldn’t return often simply because of them. That’s my only suggestion 🙂

  • I enjoy reading your blog and I pin a ton of content from here. I do have to say with running the risk of sounding bratty, I really wish the posts got checked for spelling and grammar a little bit more. For as much as you put into this blog, I feel like it’s an important thing to double check and it raises your credibility ( I think) when things are spelled correctly. That’s just me though, I’m a spelling/grammar freak.


  • Oooh very exciting! As someone mentioned similarly above, it’d be great to see rough prices for your projects!

  • Elsie & Emma ~ I loved that the survey was short & sweet, but I agree with Spela about the awkwardness of not having an ‘in a relationship’ option. Also: I was a little confused as to what “Whole Living” meant. xo

  • I’m from Brazil and I discovered the blog like a month ago and you guys, has been an inspiration to me. Read the posts makes my routine lighter, you know? I also have a blog (http://melhorangulo.com/) about photography, design and decoration, and the tips given here, no matter the subject, give me strength to continue posting and living my dream, only seeing how the posts are created. Congratulations on the job and I’ve already answered the little research. 🙂

  • i would LOVE to see more video tutorials. you guys had the candle holders, then the sun pillow, and then that was it! i loved the videos, more please! 🙂

  • Done! I really love your blog and especially enjoy the recipes, fashion posts (3 ways to wear _____) and beauty posts. Keep up the great work! You two are so innovative and a constant source of inspiration to me personally – so much so that it makes me want to move to Springfield to see what you two are all about! (in a non-creepy way : )

  • I am not even sure how I stumbled upon you, but I am so glad I did. Top 3 of favorite blogs these days.Keep it up because I keep telling friends to check out the blog.

  • Hey, girls! Well, that survey was a great idea! I love surveys like a dork. 😉 I love all the posts you have on the blog; I don’t think I ever did not like one. I took your Blog Love e-course, and I’m really enjoying the Trade Secrets posts. Great idea. Since reading your blog, I’ve been inspired to start my own lifestyle blog, and it’s been a lot of fun. The recipes are definitely fun too. It’s like all the stuff I love is on one super, amazing, fantastic blog! I also really like reading your personal blogs because it’s fun to see what’s goin’ on behind the scenes and in your life off the blog. 😉 I recently visited your local shop and it was so beautiful. I’m also really looking forward to your book.

    Well, to sum things up, I guess there really are no comments about stuff you should change; fitness posts would be great, along with more beauty posts (more makeup tips for a beginner 🙂 I check this blog at LEAST four times a day – probably more and I always find something to look at. I appreciate all your hard work and sorry for the long comment. 😉

    xo, Ella


    PS: Elsie, I emailed you a couple weeks ago; can I send it to you again? If you’re just too busy, that’s perfectly fine too. 😀

  • Done! I’ve been following your blog since early 2010 and it has been lovely to watch and read your progress and growth over these past couple years. I don’t comment so much as I used to back then – but as you are in my daily read list, I always like to read and watch what’s going on in your world. I continue to find your passion and persistence so inspiring to my own life. I’ve loved the introduction of your own personal blogs and like following the ‘back’ story as well. I know I don’t, but through them and the time I have followed you I feel I know you like old friends. It is a pleasure to be a voyeur of your continued journey 🙂 Big hugs and best wishes for the future! XO

  • I love that you put “Married (Or together forever).” AWESOME.

  • Done! My one suggestion is to post your recipes in the classic recipe format (ie: ingredients listed in a vertical list). Having all of the ingredients listed in sentence format makes it difficult to read sometimes when actually making the recipe!

  • Well that was a quick and painless survey 🙂
    Also wanted to tell you thanks for all the tips you give on blogging.
    I strongly desire to start my own in the near future and your ideas are so helpful!

  • love your blog so much! i would definitely like to see more beauty posts. 🙂

  • Recently had a birthday and bummed to move in the age category with 40 year olds. ha! I guess I am out of your key demographic now. I’ll have to start leaving comments about “you crazy kids and your internets and the facebook!”

  • I love your blog ladies. I do have to say I miss Emma’s voice on Food Coma- you have such a way with words- it was a blog i always looked forward to reading and always made me laugh uncontrollably. But you guys are going a great job- keep it up!

  • I would love it if you finished some of the post trains you start. Like 5 ways to wear… Or ___’s beauty routine. Etc. I love your site though and look forward to more awesome posts all the time. I love the al home with ___. I love decorating spaces and the little window those posts and types of post offer.

  • Hey guys!

    In regards to the comments about grammar, I’m a freelance editor, and I live in Springfield. I’m just saying.

    I would love more behind the scenes content. A big appeal of A Beautiful Mess is that you are both very personable, and readers feel like they’re friends with you. Even if readers aren’t making the projects, they keep coming back because they want to see what you guys are up to.

    Also, I think adding how long projects take would be helpful. A lot of times posts say a project took an afternoon, and that makes me wonder about the rest of the projects.

    Adding budget/cost information to posts would be cool, too. Magazine food reviews often put the price of a dish in parentheses (i.e., mac and cheese ($3.50)) Maybe you could have an Amazon price or something similar?

  • This might sound strange…

    I really enjoy your blog(s), but I have limited time (as we all do). I like the fact that you post something regularly, but sometimes there are multiple posts per day. I read several blogs on Bloglovin’, so when I check my feeds, there are always multiple ones and sometimes I miss several of your posts because I just don’t have time. Maybe spread them out more. Just a suggestion.:)

    Thanks for being interested in our feedback!

  • I wish there was a link somewhere to check the outcomes of giveaways. Maybe I’m just not seeing it. I keep having to go backwards through entries to find the updated post.

  • I have been thrilled lately to see you guys incorporating whole living ideas like the week of salads and green smoothies and Emma’s fitness story! Please consider me if you’re ever looking for a wellness contributor, that would be such a dream come true. But personal plugging aside, the site is simply awesome, and I really love the ‘Everyday’ blogs too.
    Good luck!

  • I have been an avid reader of this blog for a couple of months now. I look forward to your posts every day. I don’t have a blog of my own, but you lovely ladies inspire me! I have been a bit financially challenged of late, but I can’t wait to try a lot of the projects and recipes on this site once I am able!

  • I felt like there were so many questions I checked “No” that I wish I could have Answered “No, but…”

    Also, why does everyone leave off tumblr when asking about social media? And I said I didn’t have a blog, because I didn’t know if a tumblr counted or not. I think not, in this case.


  • Hi ladies! I’ve been a reader for a few years and I’ve enjoyed getting a glance into both your personal and professional journeys.

    While I know the DIYs are some readers’ favorite features, I’d actually love to see more posts with tips about time management and productivity, as well as ideas to jump-start creativity. It’s great to see a fun craft and follow the steps, but sometimes readers could use a boost to do our own thing, too. 🙂

    I also really like the addition of Everyday Elsie and Everyday Emma– it’s refreshing to get your own personal perspective on what’s happening in your lives. Some of the content would be cool to see on the main page of the blog, though– for instance, with Elsie decorating a new space, that’s something a lot of readers could relate to, whether they’re moving into a dorm, a first apartment, a new house, or even just redecorating! As cute as the bear Halloween costume DIY was, I think a lot more of us are trying to create a cozy-yet-functional living space than wearing papier-maché bear heads. A quick looking-over of posts for spelling and grammar errors would be great too– it’s not a big deal, but it does get distracting and sometimes confusing. 🙂

    Have a lovely day!
    xo Julie

  • I know I’m not your normal demographic being 55 but I do enjoy your blog especially the crafts and food. I’ve made a couple of your ideas and have ordered the chalkboard paint from a recent blog idea. I just skip over the parts that don’t interest me and absorb like a sponge everything that does. It is very beautiful and I know there are links to your personal blogs but I wish they were easier to find like right at the top of the page. Or did I just overlook them. Thanks for updating your blog so often. I hate to check back every day to some other blogs and there is nothing new. Thanks again. I appreciate how hard you work.

  • I’d like to say that I LOVE reading both your personal blogs. In fact, I check it just as often as I check the main ‘A Beautiful Mess Blog’ – which is everyday 😉 Don’t change both your writing styles! It gives it a touch of personality.

    More “Mr & Mrs Style” posts please! In addition to adding “Boyfriend & Girlfriend Style” for Emma & Tray, if they want to of course 🙂

    On that notes, I love everything about this blog.

  • done! i just had to tell you, it was because of abeautifulmess that i discovered skunkboy and because of skunkboy that i came across poppy and fern on etsy, i collaborated with the lovely Rachel to make my ‘MRS’ necklace which i wore on my wedding day and everyday since! <3 love you girls and all your awesomeness!

  • I guess I have two suggestions/comments.

    First, I really loved that you didn’t make choosing either ‘male’ or ‘female’ in your poll compulsory. I have a couple of intersex friends who always have problems with which option to pick because they aren’t either. That said, those words don’t represent gender, ‘male’ and ‘female’ has to do with sex. If you wanted to know the gender of your readers more correct words to use would be ‘man’ and ‘woman’.

    Second, I would really like to see more on your blog about the ethics behind your sponsors, especially when you do posts about their products. I often decide whether to buy things based on factors like where they were made, whether they use fair labour practices, whether they are environmentally friendly, whether they engage in discriminatory or appropriative practices, etc.

  • I want to say congratulations, ladies! I have been following your blogs for months now and I love all of the new collaborations and ideas that all of you are putting together! It’s been a huge success and it keeps me reading everyday. Elsie, your pictures are stunning and I love how you’ve decorated your new home! And Emma, you make me want to eat my computer screen. Loving all of the great recipe ideas!! I’m liking the sound of the possible fitness posts and I’d really love to see more home decor tips and diys of that nature. You’re both très joli!

  • I wish you had a section in the survey for comments.

    I would REALLY like to see the formatting of the posts changed. Specifically, the recipe posts. Having the ingredients/steps in a paragraph format is off putting. I would love to see them in an list, for quick perusal– this is especially effective when actually following the recipe while cooking.

    It would also be helpful to have some more vertical space between your images and text while reading. I think this blog could benefit from having some clean white space to make it more easy on the eyes while reading. I understand that is blog is extremely image driven but the text should be displayed just as beautifully as the images and I often feel that the text is overlooked in style and editing (grammar/misspellings etc.).

  • I read your blog almost everyday from Dublin Ireland and love it! I would love to see more home decor ideas and updates on the Red Velvet shop. Loving Emma’s contributions too x

  • I’m sure I’m not your typical reader but I read your blog almost daily 🙂 You are both so fun and inspirational for doing what you love. I enjoy seeing you both grow and your successes. I share things from your blog w/ my 17 yr old daughter and come to find out her best friend also follows you! So that goes to show the diverse audience you have. Oh and BTW, I think A Beautiful Mess is just perfect and doesn’t need to change not one itty bit!

  • I’ve been a reader on an off for years and I enjoy some of the content. Something that has turned me off to ABM though is abandoning segments. What ever happened to the wedding blog that only had a few posts, videos, and other forgotten features? I feel like the blog has become a lot of hype without all the delivery. I’d love to continue reading but don’t like being let down when we don’t get content you said would happen. I do enjoy the content when it’s followed through with! 🙂

  • I love your blog! But I have to say, sometimes there are some typos in your posts. Just something to consider 🙂

  • I just found this site about two weeks ago and I love it. It’s sweet and fun and adorable with great content and cool sponsors. I’ve checked out both of your blogs and have really enjoyed reading them.Your photography is beautiful!

  • Hey good job with the survey, but it would have been great to have an “other” option for a lot of the questions.

  • I just found your blog a week or so ago and I love it! On number 15, I chose the option that said that I haven’t made any of the projects or recipes from your blog, but that’s only because I am new around here. 😉

  • I love your blog and read it almost every day. I’ve tried a few of your craft ideas, as well as some of the delicious food recipes, and I was wondering… I also have a kitty, and would love to see a craft related cat project, like a DIY pet bed or toy? Whatever the case, love what you do! <3

  • oh i forgot, about the countries… as someone said over the comments, you might be surprised, though adding each country would be a mess, perhaps a chance to type it manually next to others, would have been interesting. I’m from Uruguay,southamerica btw

  • *I visit your sponsors more than any other website I visit, and I visit a LOT of blogs daily. You guys do a fantastic job of accepting sponsors that go very well with the vibe of your blog. I haven’t purchased anything from your sponsors yet, so I had to check that box, but I have a few things earmarked, so there’s that.

    *I absolutely love your posting schedule. Having multiple posts a day keeps me coming back and gives me something to look forward to. I don’t read any other blogs that are so consistent. You guys are so disciplined! And your content is never lazy, which I personally admire and as a reader, I definitely appreciate.

  • I really like your blog (s). The variety of topics you cover is great. Your survey didn’t really cover this but I especially enjoy your posts about brainstorming / planning / blog posts , etc. I have used several of your planning ideas. Thanks so much.

  • Elsie and Emma! I just wanted to say that you both have inspired me to blog in a much smarter, efficient and fun way. I love waking up and going on my morning rounds of online blogs, vlogs and social media. Thanks for allowing me to feel confident about myself in regards to crafts, fashion, beauty and DIY things. Keep it up ladies!

  • Hi Ella,
    Please feel free to resend your e-mail. I am sorry that I didn’t catch it the first time. I hate that I sometimes miss some. XOXO! elsie

  • I have a travel blog (www.larryandjules.com) so I always look forward to your trips! I think it would be cool if you guys added a travel section where you blogged more in depth about your trips (favorite food spots, shops and landmarks with links!) OR have other people blog about their trips and tips! I remember your (Elsie’s) blog post “dream road trip search” got SO many interesting recommendations and places I had never heard of before! It’s always better when you get recommendations from people rather than reviews! When I drove cross country I stopped at a bunch of the places that were mentioned and I still refer to it whenever I go on a trip! 🙂
    Also, kind of random but I think it would be fun to see a post on different ways to dress up popcorn now that we’ll be having more movie nights!
    Also Emma, I just became a vegetarian and I would love to see what a “full meal” consists of for you or if you have any ideas that don’t include pasta or eggplant! Haha. Thanks!!

  • I would love to see some DIY clothing like skirts shirts etc also I’m in college so maybe some outfits with out heels having to walk and sit for so long heels don’t really say comfy how about some tennis shoes and outfits? Love the site 🙂

  • I think you Lovelies have done a beautiful job changing with the times. I’ve been A Beautiful Mess reader for about 2 years now and have admired your approach to growth without letting go of your distinct style and flavor. It thrills my heart to witness your success and I’m blessed to be among those whom you have captivated!

    Big Love, FeFe


  • I love this blog:) I’ve learned a lot from you girls through the past couple years. I’m always excited to see what you come up with next. As far as the survey, I noticed the no in-between on the marriage thing too. I’m divorced. There wasn’t an option for that but maybe because I don’t hit the main demographic. Other than that though, thought it was cool:-)


  • I am a vegetarian who is under 21 so many recipes don’t work for me. It would be fun to have more non-alcoholic drinks and vegetarian recipes. Another thing is I’m a high school student so I don’t have a lot of time or money for projects. Some fun, short, cheep projects would be awesome!

  • Done! Love your blog, I’ve been following for some time now and it keeps getting better every day! Good luck from Uruguay 🙂

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