A Beautiful Mess: The Documentary (Trailer!!!)

A Beautiful Mess Doc PosterWe are soooo excited to finally announce A Beautiful Mess: The Documentary!! It’s been so hard keeping it a secret after almost a year of having cameras following us around all the time gathering footage.

Our good friend Brandon Goodwin had just wrapped up his work on Linotype and was looking for his next documentary project. He approached us about potentially doing one on A Beautiful Mess, and at first we kind of shrugged it off. We just didn’t think he’d get much of a story out of us, but this past year has been such a roller coaster! It’s so amazing he was here to capture it all. Anyway, we’ll blog more about the whole process and everything that went into it later, but for now check out the trailer!!

A big thank you and congrats to Brandon and everyone at Goodwin Films for bringing this project to life. It turned out so beautiful! xo. Elsie + Emma

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