A Beautiful Mess: The Documentary (Trailer!!!)

A Beautiful Mess Doc PosterWe are soooo excited to finally announce A Beautiful Mess: The Documentary!! It’s been so hard keeping it a secret after almost a year of having cameras following us around all the time gathering footage.

Our good friend Brandon Goodwin had just wrapped up his work on Linotype and was looking for his next documentary project. He approached us about potentially doing one on A Beautiful Mess, and at first we kind of shrugged it off. We just didn’t think he’d get much of a story out of us, but this past year has been such a roller coaster! It’s so amazing he was here to capture it all. Anyway, we’ll blog more about the whole process and everything that went into it later, but for now check out the trailer!!

A big thank you and congrats to Brandon and everyone at Goodwin Films for bringing this project to life. It turned out so beautiful! xo. Elsie + Emma

  • I’m late to the party, but that was awesome. Excellent work.

  • So, I’m a little behind…I just watched it and I loved it. This was genius!

  • this was super rad! loved seeing your light-hearted take on your blog. love love loved the bleeped out cursing <3

  • Um, I’m late to this. But this is adorbs and I just giggled so hard that I dropped ramen on my pants. I love you guys.

  • This TOTALLY got me. You guys do such amazing things and have been so successful, I mean, why shouldn’t you have a documentary? I’d love to see it! Haha. But anyway, I watched this for the first time with my husband and I think he knew right away it wasn’t real but I didn’t know until it said April Fool. I died. What a great joke! I thought it was just a goofy trailer but when I watched it knowing it was fake, it was ten times funnier even. SO GOOD!

  • Oh that’s amazing! Looking forward to checking it out.


  • haha that was fun 😀 I would soooo go see this if it was for real!! :))


  • lol i know this was posted yesterday but i didnt get a chance to comment til now. i usually read my feedly posts in the morning as soon as i wake up (to help me wake up :P) and i watched the video and i was like, oh cool! they’re doing a documentary! haha i totally fell for it at first. there were a few things i thought were weird, like when elsie was saying “i should put this cute stuff on the internet because i’m good at making it.” lol no offense but i thought, how strange, that seems a little shallow, hahahhahaa. halfway thru, when i got to the photoshop segment, is when i realized it was april fool’s :D. in my defense, it was 6 am! anyone would have thought the same that early in the morning 😛
    the end 😉
    ps the swearing and bleeps had me giggling pretty hard the rest of the day

  • I’ve watched this trailer four times already, it is so freaking funny! I can’t handle Emma’s voice, she sounds almost too cute! The cursing part was so adorable.

    Kindness is the best accessory,
    Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

  • Very funny. I totally think you guys could do a documentary for real, though. Your story is pretty amazing!

  • Oh NOOOOOOOO!!! Not the succulents!!! Always a prickly ending…… 😉

  • so good! I would actually watch it if it was a documentary ! you guys rock

  • Aaaaw I was so excited when I saw there was coming a documentary!! 😉 no but seriously 🙂 x

  • Thanks for the laughs!! Made our day…especially the finite idea and idea wheel. Hilarious! Best was hearing Elsie try to throw some curse words…haha. So great!

  • This is absolutely hilarious! It makes me want to be legitimate friends with you guys! “Why don’t I just make all this cute stuff and then put it on the internet?” Overspending on succulents! The idea wheel! Hahaha! Happy April. =) *dancing girl emoji*

  • THATS SO EXCITING ! looking forward to it !xxx
    – thecoralpineapple.blogspot.ca

  • That was hilarious thank you I was having a bit of a grump. Also I really need to see that glitter plant now Laura 😉

  • god bless america, i totally fell for it! just when i thought i could escape April Fools un-fooled!

  • You totally had me! Especially as I saw this on the 2nd of April, so it being an April Fools didn’t even cross my mind!

  • Second time commenting here, but, seriously, I think you found THE way to spot people who commented without watching the video 😛

  • April’s Fool? Please make this happen, I’d LOVE to watch it! x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

  • April’s Fool? Please make this happen, I’d LOVE to watch it! x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

  • Every year I promise to myself that you girls are not gonna fool me on April Fool’s Day and then the day comes and…

  • Brilliant video!! I’m so sad there isn’t going to be a real ABM film though..


  • This is so good! Portlandia Good!!!! You guys nailed it!
    I absolutely loved this and I want to see more episodes.
    LOL gold leaf budget.. succulents budget …
    I’m going to work quotes from this into my daily banter.
    “Damn it idea wheel”

  • this is so so so good! i saw it on IG and came to the website… thinking what? i love laughing this hard! trey, you are fabulous! i’m still laughing. thank you! seriously ladies, more spoofs, please. i love the DIY, but the spoof is so so good. best ever april fools. (still laughing)!

  • LOVE! My husband and I made fake trailers for our wedding, the format is so fun!

  • I’m dying over here! The end scene with Elsie’s bedazzled hat had me rolling!

  • I kinda wish it wasn’t just an April fools prank…hehehe. I would totally watch a doco on your beautiful mess!!!! Xo

  • So good. Sooooooo good haha. I had a terribly week at work and this made me laugh so hard.

    And btw you got me. I started it out believing you were going to make a documentary.

    Thanks ABM!! You made my day brighter 🙂

  • SO EPIC!!!! You totally fooled me!!!!! Well done! Loooooove the pie chart with the succulent overspending! ? And the idea spinner!!! ?

  • You crafty b******! I was SO completely psyched thinking there was going to be an A Beautiful Mess documentary. haha

  • Ok that could easily be true. Best April’s fools ever.

  • This was so good! Hahaha it was really funny and creative, great job!


  • Best. April. Fools. Ever. But really. And you guys are really good actors. Maybe you SHOULD make a documentary. I mean behind the scenes of what it takes to make a blog a real life career? So interesting. and hilarious. thank you.

  • Hahaha!! Totally got me. Also, I need a succulent budget & an idea wheel. 🙂

  • AHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS LIKE THE BEST, MOST WONDERFUL APRIL FOOLS EVER! The way you guys put so much effort into a prank is inspiring! I really think you guys should start a comedy show or something after this because, frankly, this is too good! You guys are so hilarious!

    Alive as Always

  • Ugh, definitely fell for this, haha! I still think you should make a documentary tho 🙂 🙂

  • ok. so I honestly thought this was real and i became SUPER excited. Then when Elsie went “How about I just make all this cute stuff?? and put it on the internet?!” it cracked me up. AHHH DARN YOU APRIL FOOLS. but you guys are hilarious. BUT FOR REALZ< MAKE A DOCUMENTARY ALREADY! *dancing girl emoji*

  • LOLOL “this is the story of when creative people try to run a business”… Damn succulents….

  • I didn’t realize this was a joke until the burglary part. You got me good. Real good.

  • BAH HA HA! Love it. Nicely done, Ladies (and gent…)



  • literally so mad right now because I would have definitely watched it!!!

  • That was amazing!!!! I laughed so hard! XD
    YOu guys are awesome <3 <3 <3

  • Wait… so there IS a film coming out, or that was a joke??? Because I wanna see it!!!!!

  • LOL! You are sooo freaking awesome! I was so sure it was all real and now im laughing at the “idea wheel”! You get me EVERY YEAR you guys!

  • Wooow, so exiting!!! Can’t wait to see the full documentary!!! 🙂

  • Omg! Congratulations! That’s amazing 😀


  • I don’t think you even know how much I wish this was true! This documentary would possibly be the best thing on the planet!

  • So fantastic! Great prank! I saw it on Instagram and thought “What?!? They made a documentary of them!!!” The thing is you all are so talented I would’ve totally believed it (and watched it)!
    Still smiling… Can’t wait till next year!


  • Hahahahah you got me again, can’t believe. I’d love a documentary about ABM though 🙂
    Last year Elsie broke my heart when she was “giving away her doggies” haha that one was super hilarious. You guyyyyyssss 😀

  • Absolutely love this! Best April Fool of the day although I’m totally gutted that there isn’t actually going to be A Beautiful Mess Docu. They should soooo make that!

  • Claps.
    That was great! I fell for it until emma said succulents, then I scrolled up to the date and went…. ahhhh

  • This is SO MUCH FUN!! hahaha! Literally laughing out loud (channeling chris traegar)!

  • This is so cool you guys…knew it was a prank when i read the title but the video, and you guys acting, and succulent s, lol…so cute!!! Loved it!


  • you totally got me – until it showed the amount you overspent on succulents!

    awesome. 🙂

  • This is amazing! It’s so nice to see your funny sides like this! I give the whole thing a dancing girl emoji 😉

  • I love that when I saw 23K in succulents I was like “ya, I guess I could see that.”

  • Succulent-debt? Oh my goodness… that is priceless! I love this. I think a REAL documentary would also be fabulous. But this is the best April Fool’s joke I’ve seen today. Well done!

  • This was hilarious haha, great april fools prank – you guys always pull the best ones!

  • …seriously girls. I think you just found your niche (pronounce. nitch, not neesh!) :p

    Have a fun day!

  • ui was bummin it because i just lost my car and then i saw this and i was like NO EFFIN way and then before i played it i was like wait, its april 1st! never mind.

    still so funny!

    lets start a fund me fund so we can help support your succulent addiction lol!!!!

    “i want a dancing girl emoji!”


  • “I think we overspent on succulents” had me rolling. Happy April Fool’s Day, ladies!

  • I barely ever comment on this, but this time I had to. You’re so funny! I LOVED it!!!!!

  • Brilliant! We celebrate this day on December 28th in Spain so it took me a while to realize, ha, ha
    Best regards from Barcelona, Spain,

  • Laughing aloud very loudly at my neighborhood coffee shop, no big deal. Emma, you got a chance to put those acting skills to work on ABM! Comin’ full circle 🙂 Thanks for making me smile, y’all!

    xo Mary
    Mostly Salty Blog

  • just…..so….damn….good!!!!
    ladys, you are an amazing beautiful mess!
    rock on!

    greetings from germany

  • I totally thought this was real until you got to the succulents part. (the “this is a fake film festival – Best Movie Ever Prize” should have tipped me off, though.) LOVE IT! Also, yes, please make an actual documentary!

  • haha! You guys totally had me for a minute! You all crack me up! It was great to see a video of you all being so silly.


  • Noooo!! As soon as I saw this post, all thoughts of Aprils Fools tomfoolery left my mind and I was completely ecstatic over the thought of ABM releasing a Documentary 😀

    And then came the end of the video… shucks! You guys should really make a documentary though! I would watch it in a heart beat <3


  • “I think we overspent on succulents.” Hahahaha! My life. You guys are awesome!

  • This was fantastic!!! — Except now I really want you to make one! 🙂
    Well done.

  • Hysterical and oh so creative…but I’m still sad there won’t be a documentary 🙁

  • OMG! This totally had me! As I am watching it didn’t even dawn on me that it was April 1st! I really was thinking as that “trailer” was playing, I hope that actually documentary is not like this and is REAL! HaHa!!! Best prank of the day!

  • This is sooo funny !! It totally bought it… Until I watched the trailer !
    Amazing, thank you guys for making me laugh this morning.


  • You guys are the best! Long time reader first time commenter… thanks for the fun over the years!

  • I’m so impressed by your level of commitment! This made me smile real big, so thanks for that. And thanks for not taking things too seriously. This is seriously marketing gold. Well done!

  • Hahaha this was a good one!

    xo Ida

  • Hahahahaha… I was so proud of you when I read the post…. you got me!

  • I thought it was for real until I read some of the comments!! I would totally watch this documentary!

  • You guys are the best, love this so much!! ‘We overspent on succulents’ heheheh….

  • Hahahaha this is too cute for words haha! But I mean if it were real I’d so BUY it not just watch it!

    The Chronic Dreamer

  • Simply adorable. I was actually looking forward to the documentary. You got me!!!

  • So awesome! I really wish there was an actual documentary… but this was great too! You got me 😉

  • You guys: this is the BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST gift you could have given your blog following. I’m like scrolling thru instagram like Oh wow yeah I’d love to see a documentary about them. And then I watch the trailer and I’m giggling and snorting at my desk. Oh my god. SUCCULENTS. Lol. Thumbs up ABM team.

  • Oooohhhhkkkaaayyyy. This is hilarious!

    You should really do a documentary though…life for real. I would watch it.

    Get on it. Now.

  • This is the BEST April Fool’s for sure!! I’m glad you found a way to solve your succulent money problems! 😉

  • This is so great! It’s awesome to get to see a different side of all of you! A documentary would be a stellar idea!

  • cheered me right up after my phone interview. can you guys just do this silly documentary? not gonna lie, i’d like to see the end of how you guys deal with your succulent debt.

  • To be honest, I’d tots watch this! Haha.

    I knew it was an April Fool’s joke, but the first minute seemed believable!

    You guys have honestly done almost every single idea out there, I don’t know how you keep doing it! 🙂

  • You girls have a real talent for comedy! “&$%!ing idea wheel”!

  • Haha! Good one!
    I thought it could happened, course you guys are so good!!

  • Brilliant. I was wishing that this was a trailer for a real film just done in a super silly way.

  • The BEST EVER!!! Although, I did get super excited about seeing a documentary on ABM. 🙂

  • This. Was. AMAZING! HILARIOUS! and adorable! I love it! Dancing girl emojis for sure!! Hahahaha!! <3

  • You guys are the BEST! I can’t wait to show this to my husband tonight. So funny! Those succulents will get you every time!

  • You always have the best April Fools, you get me every time!


  • Lol Dog costumes and fake eyelashes? You guys crack me up! Keep rolling!

  • Man, if this were real, I’d TOTALLY be watching it! Haha, good one 🙂

  • Man, if this were real, I’d TOTALLY be watching it! Haha, good one 🙂

  • Too funny. Especially the bit about overspending on succulents.


  • That was perfect! only figured it out when i paused to see what all those “awards” were! HAHAHA

  • So this is hilarious,, but I thought it would actually be an awesome reality show.. just saying

  • Haaaaan I almost believe it !
    Awesome april fool’s! The video is really funny!

  • Well you got us!Although i think i speak for pretty much every follower of yours when i say JUST DO IT! a short documentary on how you run things, and how you work with all the people involved on a beautiful mess! DO it ! DO it!

    Lorelai <3

  • This is great. At first I thought it was real but then I saw the pie chart and the succulent overspend and I was like AHA!

  • That. Was. AWESOME!!! HAHAHA 😀
    From following this blog I knew you all had a sense of humor, and this was a perfect display of that humor!!
    Thanks for making me laugh!

  • This was so incredibly funny! And obviously you did a good job because some people here think it’s a real documentary! 🙂

  • Ahahah excellent ! That joke is totally epic. Happy April Fool girl !

  • OMG that was the best!!!!! But please tell me you’re kidding about the documentary not happening….

  • Crippling succulent debt actually made me keel over. Great April Fools joke guys!!!

  • Hilarious! Love it, you guys are the best. Best April Fools ever, but seriously I would watch an hour of succulent debt jokes….

  • Hahaha I kinda believe it and I couldn’t stop thinking wait -WHAT?? And the first think I thoughts in the morning was: BEWARE APRIL FOOLS DAY! (this day does not even exists here in spain…)

  • hahah… great! A few seconds in I was really hoping that this was a dark humor, critical look at the occasionally superficial world of blogging…. really hoping, because if it wasn’t a spoof, that would have been pretty bleak. Great work ladies.

  • I knew you would come up with something for April 1 (so you didn’t have me for a minute), but I’m so glad I clicked over!! hahaha! THIS WAS AWESOME!!!!!! Trey’s serious face cracked me up the most. hahaha.

  • That’s bloody marvellous!! If you could stretch that humour to an a hour and a half….We’d go for it in the UK xx

  • NO!!! Please say there IS going to be a documentary! Maybe if enough people ask you??? OK, well it was a perfect April Fool’s gag, one of the best. But what else could we expect from you? Thank you!

  • Good grief guys LOL you killed me with this! Poster and everything LOL i was surprised! I’m sitting here like August?!! dang they been BUSY! lol

  • Excellent, excellent, excellent! This started my 4/1 right! HOWEVER–I dunno, now I’m thinking a blogging mockumentary is great idea. Ha!

    Nice work!


  • OMG!!!! This might be my favorite thing you guys have EVER done. I laughed out loud at my desk at the part about the succulents budget and hearing Elsie say “son of a b!”

    I love seeing you guys make fun of yourselves–it shows you all are human and probably have tons of fun every single day!

  • You had me at “crippling succulent debt.” Also: Trey is a grade-A straight man. lol

  • Hahahaha! You totally got me! The sad thing is I’d see a movie about blogging bank robbers with a succulent problem! 🙂

  • So good! I always look forward to your April fools jokes- and still I usually forget it’s April 1st until i’m 1/2 way through with it. Haha good job- I love that y’all don’t take yourselves too seriously.

  • it started out all serious like an episode of hoarders, and i was like- whoa this is going to show us the real trials of ABM. then turned into total hipster cliche!!!! $23G on succulents! hahaha loved it!!

  • hahaha I was expecting something else, but i absolutely love it. Can’t wait to see it!


  • HAHHAHAHA alright guys!!!! bravo!!! this…would be a fabulous freakin’ documentary i would totally watch but…announce this on any day other than **april fool’s** and i’ll believe it beyond a shadow of a doubt 😉 hahahahaha i love you guys!!! <3 laughing so hard at that perfect trailer.

    xoxox, Naomi | http://bunnyandfawn.blogspot.com/

  • Ahhhhh! I didn’t think it was possible for me to love you girls any more than I already did! 🙂 Thanks for the laughs this morning.

  • Oh wow. Very well done guys! You totally got me. I was laughing at the succulent debt and the bedazzled beanie thing so much! I only wish the ABM documentary was true. It would be awesome to see all the behind the scenes in video format. The thought is simply amazing.


  • Hahahaha I fell for it! Amazing. A documentary would be so good though!!


  • I believe it until the last moment!! Anyway I think the idea wheel is kinda of a good idea!

  • I loved it!! FUN! But really I would watch a documentary to see what goes on in the daily life of a blogger.

  • I’m secretly wanting this to be real! Well, not so secret anymore!


  • You guys get me every year! Was just thinking this morning what you guys would post and that I would remember but I didnt ?. Best one so far!!

  • This was awesome!! I came to this blog first thing today because I thought you guys would have something funny for April Fool’s… and once again you have outdone yourselves!! Well done!!!!!

  • Bravo! Everything about this was so so funny and well made, I may have to watch it again. Great the self aware humor you all have,great acting too. Love your blog and hard work and this made me love it and even more! Congrats, awesome April fools play 🙂

  • You guys! that was mean!! But seriously, at first i was really excited. And then I was like “hmmm, this is really contrived. Not sure I can make it through an entire documentary like this…”
    Good one.

  • Wow!! This is the best April Fools joke ever! 🙂

  • Wow!! This is the best April Fools joke ever! 🙂

  • That was … amazing. “We’re out of ideas! We used them all up.”

  • Best April Fools prank yet!!! Though it would be awesome to actually see a documentary about A Beautiful Mess too! 😉

  • That was an amazing start to the day! Thank you all for making that, even that was beyond cute! Though I do think a real documentary on what you all do would be amazing.

  • Oh, you guys, this is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so much (Emma – you were *so* funny in the last bit!!!!!!!)……thank you!!!! Totally made my morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Best. April. Fools. Joke. Ever.

    I totally thought this was real at first

  • Omggg I fall for this EVERY SINGLE YEAR!
    You’re the best! hahahahah

  • LMAO…I have to hand it to you too that you ROCK at the April Fools thing! Last year I was ready to get in my car to go cross country to snatch up two dogs lol and you had me on this one totally until the ski masks…when I saw the trailer I thought WOW how awesome…you had me the whole way!!!! Thanks for the laugh…you should write a book on April Fool’s pranks!!! You are Queens and Kings at it! Hugs!

  • Brilliant! You really had me going there for awhile. 🙂 You have the best April Fools day jokes-thanks for making me laugh!

  • Will you be documenting about the time you posted an opportunity to adopt your gorgeous puppy Suki..I believe it was exactly one year ago today when it happened (wink wink) hee hee.

  • That was awesome!!! So funny, and creative!! Thanks for the laugh…..

  • For real…April fooling aside…
    I would be the first in line to see a documentary about your blogging life.

  • This was one of the best videos I’ve watched! You guys are hilarious!
    Have such a fantabulous day!

  • Exciting! However, I think I’m gonna have to call April Fool shenanigans. I trust no one on April 1st.

  • This is AMAZING!!! I’m laughing so much right now! I can’t believe you guys actually made a trailer, it was awesome. How did Trey managed to be serious saying: “They will be pretty shocked when they see… the mess”? hahahahaha
    You guys rock.

  • Oh my goodness, I’m so very excited! Congratulations on another great adventure!

  • ???? oh my god, I got so excited when I read you’d been making a documentary – Dammit! That “Oh sh*t, we overspent on succulents” was amazing. Happy April 1st A Beautiful Mess!

  • Omg! Love!!! I was kind of lost half way through like there is no way this is serious. They have to be making a mocumentary like the office or something. Then I thought maybe they are hoping to get a sitcom. Had me all the way till the end!!

  • Oh god you guys are amazing! I actually would love a documentary on bloggers I love- something to show friends/family that don’t get it 😉 But this was almost just as fabulous. Efffiin succulents, man! xo

    Warm Regards,

  • You guys always kill it on April Fools! ?
    Is it weird that I could see this as a genuine comedy show?! ?

  • OMG!! You just KILLED April Fools! The only bummer was I was so looking forward to seeing the movie! xox!

  • I knew this was an April fools prank before i pressed play. But this one was amazing. You topped the others of years past.
    But seriously, succulent debt is a real thing! Well, at least it is in my house.

    Thanks for making my morning a little brighter.

    Now if only i could find myself an idea wheel…

  • Bwahahaha!!! This made my morning! I would totally go see this documentary. And thanks for showing us the agony of succulent debt. 🙂

  • LOVE IT !! Particularly the end. You gals rock out loud. Xo thanks for starting my day with a big fat smile!

  • i know my day just started, (and it’s my birthday even!) but this is definitely the best part of it. so. awesome. 🙂

  • Wow congrats! where will it play? How can we actually Watch it from France?
    Thanks and bravo you guys! julie

  • You guys, rock! You also have great ideas for April’s fool??? Amazing! thanks for the video!I had so much fun watching it! (something is telling me you had great time doing it too!) xoxo

  • That was actually pretty funny. The little jokes at yourselves/the blog totally earns respect from this girl. I love people who can bring a bit of humour about their quirks and habits. Great April fool xx

  • Maybe because it is early… ugh. But you totally got me. 🙂 im going back to bed.

    I will say I was really worried for a sec thinking ” this makes them look so bad!” So well played ABM, well played.

  • Ah, this is so so near. I can’t wait!

    xx, rn

  • Oh my gosh, as a HUGE fan of your blog I am so so so excited!
    Can’t wait to see the final result. The poster looks adorable as well. THOUGHTS IN TIFFANY BLUE

  • Congratulations ladies! You totally deserve this next step in your fabulous careers! You’ve been such an inspiration for my blogging ventures along with many others, I’m sure. Can’t wait to watch this!


  • Great video! 🙂

    Would you check out my new blog 🙂

  • THAT was brilliant. For a few minutes there, I was definitely convinced you were making a mockumentary!

  • You guys are soooo funny! Completely made my day! Bring on the glitter plants!

  • Okay, it took me three seconds to remember what day it was today. How funny! This is your best joke yet!

  • Lol! It took me a minute to remember is is April 1. The trailor is pure gold and i love the poster! Thanks for the laugh to start off my day!

  • You crazy people!
    i loved it!
    thanks a bunch for making this rainy croatian day funnier…

  • I love you gals! I am down under where it is currently night time – wetting myself (that’s Aussie for laughing my butt off) at your video while my kids are sleep! Awesome! Love you beautiful girls (sorry & guys) to bits – inspiring and funny! Huge fan down here.

  • Guys! I’m so break broken that this isn’t real!!! A documentary about ABM would be AMAZING!

  • Started giggling as soon as the emotional music kicked in. Hilarious guys.

  • I think only you guys would go into debt because of succulents XD Can’t wait to see this!

  • Hahahaha you’re the best !
    I expected a fun “trailer” for April 1st, but this is hilarious !
    Thank you ABM team for celebrating this wonderful day 🙂
    Laughing and loving from France !

  • Hahahaha i was laughing out loud during the trailer!!! it is going to be sooo good, can’t wait! hope will see the bloopers!

  • so nice to see that. at the beginning it seemed kinda real 🙂
    i enjoy watching the ideas of all the bloggers and big businesses on the internet today. it’s fun!
    regards from germany

  • OMG again, just watched the trailer. Can’t believe you got me fooled again! Good job 😉

  • Ha! You had me at succulent debt. Awesome idea, and even awesomer video!

  • OMG I’ve never laughed so hard at an April Fools joke! This is seriously the best one ever. And of course I totally fell for it. ^_^ #SucculentDebt

    xo Mandy | A Girl, Obsessed

  • OMG you guys, this is amazing! Can’t wait to see the whole thing! 🙂

  • I got so excited and then my dreams were glitter bombed! Funny funny stuff!

  • 😀 For the first minute I thought you were serious!!!!
    Jajajajaja (that’s laughing in Spanish 😉

  • Hahaahaha, this was so fun! Succulents and the idea wheel two favorite jokes 🙂 🙂 Big thumbs up (or lots of dancing girls if you prefer ;P) for you guys for being always such a down to earth creative & inspiring people!

  • Hilarious! If only more thieves bedazzled their balaclavas (if your out of ideas, there’s one for you!)

  • Nice April’s fool 😀 But an A Beautiful Mess documentary could be nice nevertheless! 😉

  • I was genuinely horrified. Thank you for this. Just, thank you.


  • Oh, that’s amazing! When I saw the announcement for the trailer in my feed, I squeaked . You are a true role model with “A Beautiful Mess”. A film about everything and especially about you, is like the cherry on the cupcake.
    I’m really looking forward to August.
    Dearest Greetings,

  • You guys had me for a second! Until I got to the part about succulents, that is. Lol. I love it!

  • this is the best April Fools ever!!! It took me about 90 seconds to realise!! 😀

  • Hahaha! I thought this was legit! I WOULD love to see a documentary of this blog though! 😉 😉

  • haha I’m not gonna lie, I’m really disappointed this isnt actually real!

  • Again…can’t believe you got me again… Isn’t is last year that you were giving your dogs away or the year before that you were both pregnant at the same time. The worst of all, I was talking about your april fools, yesterday with my husband and saying that there were no way you would get me again this year! This one is one of your best though! Loved it! (and the elsie burglars mask… 🙂

  • Ahahah this trailer is hilarious! I love it! Can’t wait to see the full documentary 🙂 Congratulations guys!!!


  • Hahaha I was totally fooled until the succulent debt! Thanks for a goos laugh girls! x

    Loren | cloudycoconut.blogspot.com.au

  • I know this was an April Fools joke, but I think it make a really good Mockumentary.

  • How exciting! I bet this has been loads of fun to be involved with. Looking forward to seeing it.

  • Oh my goodness, congratulations! I’ve been following your growth for years and have always found it an amazing journey. You inspire so much creativity in the world and I’m excited to get an inside peek at your world!


  • That’s amazing! I’m so excited for all of you! You’re truly an inspiration.


  • Hysterical, you guys rock. All kidding aside, if you think you need help Succulents Anonymous is always there for you!

  • HA! You gals are amazing! Can’t wait to see it in theaters! ;D

  • Oh my gosh, I just died. That was the best!!! But…I was excited about an actual documentary. ?

  • HA!! Oh my gosh, love you guys! Can’t wait to see it in theaters! ;D

  • Oh dear! I really think you girls are making a documentary!! secretly wishing it will come true.. >.<

  • Hahahhahahahahahaha- you got me good 😛

    Here ins Australia April Fools is almost over and this is the FIRST prank I have fallen for- well done 🙂

  • You guys are hysterical. No more succulents or glitter for you!

  • Oh my god, I’m dying! Too funny! Also, I would totally watch this documentary.

  • Hahahahahahaha. Excellent!
    From the beginning I was like “wait, if it’s a documentary why are they seem like they’re acting and making fun of us?” and then I got it with the succulents.
    Happy new month then! 😀

  • This is amazing! Congrats you guys! You are a role model living every blogger’s dream!


  • YOU GUYS. I was so confused until about 20 seconds in haha! It’s a little early here for April 1st so I wasn’t quite sure. Always looking forward to your April fools posts!

  • Ha!!!! Totally fell for it. Until the succulents… Well done. (Also, would totally watch a documentary about your company.)

  • HAHAHAHAHA one of the best april fools ever! I believed it for about 10 seconds 🙂

  • OK, I would watch that for reals!! That gave me a much needed guffaw.

  • Oh my GOSH! The trailer looks so awesome!! Can’t wait for it to come out 😀 I hope it’ll be available in Europe too. Keep up the good work, you guys! XO

  • At first, I thought it was just going to be a funny parody mockumentory…but a real one haha.

  • This is amazing! I’m so excited! How will it be broadcast? I can’t wait to see it! Xoxo

  • Your best april fools prank yet!!! Love it!!!
    Also I’d totally watch it.

  • FOOLED! I feel like this is the next Parks and Rec. Also, I would totally watch that. You could call it Glitter Wars! 🙂

  • Oh my God, you guys! This was beyond hilarious. And, up to the point of the succulent debt, I was really into it, like wow they made a documentary 😀 Ha, you are too funny, girls and boys!

  • April fools? 😉
    Although, if it was true {because I will not completely, 100%, disbelieve it} it would be kind of aweosome. I’d watch it!

  • THIS! IS! AMAZING! Best April fools day joke ever! I literally lol’d multiple times…the succulent budget 🙂

  • Joke all you want, but I’d TOTALLY actually watch this! Also, the movie poster is the absolute cutest ever

  • I LOVE THIS. Don’t wanna give anything away, but I’d totally want to watch the (actual) thing. Make the thing!! I love what Trey says at 0:46 🙂 And 1:58 LOL. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • April fools!!! you totally had me for a minute :)))) Good one hahahah i love it!

  • I am dying laughing over this trailer! Also the movie poster is legit!!!

    You are so funny!!!
    Best joke ever.

    Greetings & Love

  • Congratulations! You are so amazing.
    I think its no April Joke, or?????
    Ha ha ha.

    Greetings & Love

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