Vans DIY Emma  Hi friends! Here is part two of our DIY collaboration with Vans Girls! I love the nineties so I decided to create a pair of shoes inspired by all the beautiful parts of that decade! If you've never transferred magazine images to canvas fabric, it's easy! Here's how…

Vans DIY by A Beautiful Mess1. Supplies needed: Vans classic canvas shoes, vintage magazine, scissors, water, liquitex and paintbrush. 2. Cut out designs from the vintage magazine. Keep in mind that the images will be flipped when you transfer them, so avoid letters and words. 3. Apply a thick coat of liquitex to the image side of the magazine cut outs. 4. Paste the images face down (adhering them to the shoe) in your desired design. Allow to dry. 5. Once dry use a spray bottle filled with water to lightly coat the images. 6. Use your finger to gently rub the paper off, revealing the image underneath. Keep in mind that this process is a bit mess, some of the image may rub off slightly as you remove the paper. 7. Use another light coat of liquitex to seal your design. 8. Elsie finished my shoes by adding drawings with a fabric maker. Note: For more photos and tips for transfering magazine images to fabric see here

Vans DIY EmmaVans DIY EmmaSo cute, right? Have fun making your own pair of summer slip on shoes… Emma

PS. See Elsie's Vans DIY here

  • Thank you Governor Walker and Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch for the good fight.

  • What a clever idea! I must try this soon 🙂


  • The black pair are cool! You can pull off vans, I have never felt like myself in them ;/


  • Wow…
    but can they be washed in the machine?


  • I just took my daughter to the VAN’s Warp Tour this past week in STL and I could gave used some spruced up van’s. I need to make a pair for next year.


  • the 90s inspiration is totally killer, love the images you chose!


  • I think I have never been so in love with pair of shoes. Those are so freakin’ perfect!

  • OMG this is soo cool! What a great idea..I will definetly try this :))



  • Gosh, Emma, you look so young in that dress! 😀
    Adorable 🙂

  • I love the shoes! The design is really amazing. I can’t believe that it’s that easy to do! Aside from liquitex, what else can we use to have the same outcome?

    Renee J.

  • I aso love the 90s! they look really cute they turned out great .


  • Awesome!! Cute collage :3


  • This is my favourite project you have done and I am fed up of sayying ‘i might try that’. I am getting some supplies and DOING it!!! Thanks ladies.



  • I’ve always wondered how to transfer kool images on to fabric. I will definitely try this out. Thanks for sharing!


  • They looks amazing I didn’t know you could paste cut outs of magazine and use them to decorate your shoes (in this case you vans)

    Love it!

    Awkwardly Dancing: Fashion, Films, Photography and Music

  • Those are seriously ballin’. I’d rep those in a heartbeat. Swoon.

  • I actually had this idea a while ago, and I paint shoes and sell them on Etsy! 🙂 Here’s a link to the ones I posted on DeviantArt, and the link to my Etsy where they are sold:


    Annie xx

  • I think this idea is amazing. I love your retro colorful style and your blog is always filled with fun unique ideas. Question, I know you have been in many magazines and I was wondering if it would be possible for you to make a list of some of your favorite magazine reads. That would be so helpful. I can’t wait to see what great new ideas will come up next. Oh and your recipies are fantastic my mocha chip frappe was so yummy <3

  • Wow super creative shoe design! I wonder if these are waterproof?

  • WHATEVEN IS THIS!!!! I WILL BE DOING! <3 x INFINITY! (ok, I know, enough with the caps!!)


  • Amazing, so creative and easy!


  • I adore your dress, too, Emma! It’s absolutely gorgeous! And those shoes are so clever + unique. I love how you can choose any clippings you want to personalize it, though I’m especially fond of those camera ones you chose. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • What a great and creative idea. I’m going to do this to my daughters shoes.

  • wow.. this is so cool… 🙂

    Love this! 🙂 http://lovesimplegreen.blogspot.com/

  • Love the shoes, and honestly I’m giddy that you have a vintage seventeen! was this one that you kept? i wish i had thought to save some of my favorite issues!!

    Kate 🙂


  • I think Elsie’s shoes are adorable, but I’m partial to any shoe I don’t have to tie. Thanks for the great tips.


  • Very cute, ladies! And so easy to dress them up, super cute!


  • Pretty awesome idea!

  • Amazing! They turned up looking awesome! cCongrats and thanks for the tut!

  • That liquitex trick looks AMAZING! I need to try it asap.


  • what kind of Liquadtex? They have paints and a million different acrylic mediums to choose from. Will any kind work? I use the Super Glossy for normal collages and a a medium for my acrylic paints.

  • Agh awesome. I like the style of these sneakers too- the slip ons are nice, plus I don’t like shoes that come up too high on my foot if that makes sense. x

  • Emma you look like a billabong girl here.. the shoes look great!

  • Love love love! Vans are so awesome. I need some really nerdy ones I think. I wonder how they wash though… Will rain or washing mess up the images?

  • I’m so curious about liquitex. I hope I can find it around here!


  • these are REALLY REALLY COOL. your use of mag clippings is pure genius.

  • cutest shoes ever! have to make these. endless possibilities!:)

  • Love the shoes. So creative. I might try it. Thanks for the tutorial.

    Heel in Mint

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