A Beautiful Mess + Vans Girls DIY Project

Vans DIY Elsie  Today we're partnering with Vans Girls to teach you how to create your own polka dot shoes! I love to wear patterned textiles, and they're even better when they are handmade. Can you guess what we used to stamp this pattern? Here are the details… 

Vans DIY steps1. Supplies Needed: Simple canvas shoes (I used a classic denim pair provided by Vans), fabric paint (we love Martha Stewart all surface craft paint), a paintbrush and a thimble. 2. Removes laces. 3. Dip the open part of a thimble into your paint and use it to stamp the surface of your shoe. Cover the fabric portion completely. 4. Use a paint brush to touch up any spots where the stamp impression isn't complete. This usually happens on the seams. Allow your shoes to dry completely before putting laces in and ENJOY! 

Vans DIY ElsieVans DIY ElsieI'm loving my new casual sneakers! They're perfect for jersey dresses, maxi skirts and cut off shorts. Xo. Elsie 

PS. Check back late this afternoon for Emma's Vans Makeover… her pair is 90s inspired! 

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