A Beautiful Mess + Vans Girls DIY Project

Vans DIY Elsie  Today we're partnering with Vans Girls to teach you how to create your own polka dot shoes! I love to wear patterned textiles, and they're even better when they are handmade. Can you guess what we used to stamp this pattern? Here are the details… 

Vans DIY steps1. Supplies Needed: Simple canvas shoes (I used a classic denim pair provided by Vans), fabric paint (we love Martha Stewart all surface craft paint), a paintbrush and a thimble. 2. Removes laces. 3. Dip the open part of a thimble into your paint and use it to stamp the surface of your shoe. Cover the fabric portion completely. 4. Use a paint brush to touch up any spots where the stamp impression isn't complete. This usually happens on the seams. Allow your shoes to dry completely before putting laces in and ENJOY! 

Vans DIY ElsieVans DIY ElsieI'm loving my new casual sneakers! They're perfect for jersey dresses, maxi skirts and cut off shorts. Xo. Elsie 

PS. Check back late this afternoon for Emma's Vans Makeover… her pair is 90s inspired! 

  • This is such a cute DIY! Using a thimble is such a nifty idea…might try this on something else other than shoes…don’t know what yet! haha.


  • What a CUTE idea! I love painting and stamping designs on fabric, but it hadn’t occurred to me to do that with shoes. Thanks for sharing!

    -Jennifer @ JennJill Designs

  • Lovely ! I just bought new vans but i’m not ready to custom them now ! I’ll wait a little longer !

  • I saw the coolest pair of Vans (or Keds?) the other day. They were red, the edge of the soles were green, and they had black seeds all over the red. Voila! Easy DIY Watermelon Vans! (Although I think there are “authentic” ones out there.)

  • I just love this! It’s so easy to do! I can just imagine gow I’ll do mine! Gaahh~ I’m getting excited! ♥

    Renee J.

  • I don’t wear sneakers but if I did, I’d totally try this.


  • That is VERY cool. It seriously looks amazing – I would definitely wear something like this. Gorgeous photo of you too, Elsie. 🙂
    Ronnie xo

  • I love that outfit! I’ve developed a thing for jean jackets lately.

  • So love this! Unfortunately, my Vans have all fallen apart but I have a few Converse laying around still. It’s going to be a polka dot party for my feet!

  • Love these! I never would have known the stamp was a thimble 🙂

  • Very creative! It’s like getting a whole new pair of shoes!

  • love how these turned out! i think my sister would really dig a pair. might just have to make her some!

  • i absolutely love this outfit!! perfect for summer days! please tell me, where did you have this lovely red dress from?

  • so cool. i will definitely do this, but to a pair of converse instead.


  • So cute and such an easy way to dress up a plan pair of shoes! Loving these!

  • these shoes are awesome i love all the D.I.Y. you guys do i almost have done like all of them they are fun and creative things to do in my free time. thanks for all the fun things to keep me occupied. Keep it up love the site

    P.S. have you guys considered making an app for the iphone with all your D.I.Y. and beauty tips and fashion guides??? you should look into it i would download it!

  • I will have to show my sister this – she has an obsession with Vans! x

    Kate {Modette}

  • Dude, they probably make designer kicks just like these. And you can MAKE them. Awesomesauce.

  • I love this! I’ve got my eye on a pair of Vans in a really pretty sea foam green that I’d love to try this technique on. Also, your whole outfit is adorable.

  • Great job. It really looks like you didn’t hand paint!

  • omg how simple is that?? Now I have to run out and grab a new pair of canvas shoes!!

  • Love a bit of 90s! These are so cute 🙂

    Enter to WIN my Havaianas SHOE Competition!

  • Very cute! Love. B&W makes for a great addition.


  • Love it! Looking forward to seeing Emma’s. 🙂

    Kayla ☆ http://www.kaylanaut.com

  • This is so cool! I really like the end result. You would never know this is a DIY. Looks professional.


  • They turned out lovely! Really smart to stamp with a thimble.


  • So cute! I’m going to try this with an old pair that I have!


  • These are adorable, love the polka dots! I now want to make pretty patterns on my old sneakers!

  • These are so darling! What a way to dress up a plain pair of sneaks.

  • It is always fun to play around with polka dots. another nice DIY of yours!

  • I love these 🙂 Super cute! Especially since you used a thimble 😉 ♥

  • Absolutely love these but would be terrified to paint new vans!……maybe an amazing method to revamp old ones 🙂

    Great post!

  • sweet kicks! I DIY’d a boring pair of white VANS knock-offs into a neon pink hit among my friends! Love making shoes my own and adding personality to them! 🙂


    neha made

  • Brilliant! I’d want to colour in the middle of each dot with different colours! Inspired use of the thimble too!

  • So in love! I always wore vans in my childhood through highschool, I need to revisit! You look so cute in yours Elsie!

  • i love Vans! and i love how imperfect your circles are. if i saw those on the shelves, i’d buy it in a second.

  • So cool! I need Vans too 😉


  • These look amazing! I’d be to scared to ruin my perfectly new shoes, though 😀

  • I am such a sucker for anything with polka dots and I LOOOVE how you transformed these Vans.

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