A Beautiful Mess + Zooey Magazine

A Beautiful Mess + Zooey MagazineWe're honored to be featured in the Spring issue of Zooey Magazine. We had such a great time shooting with them. It is our first time to be on a magazine cover together, so I can't wait to give a copy to my grandma. Fun times!

A Beautiful Mess + Zooey Magazine A Beautiful Mess + Zooey Magazine A Beautiful Mess + Zooey Magazine   A Beautiful Mess + Zooey Magazine   A Beautiful Mess + Zooey Magazine      Photographer: Heather Hixon, Stylist: Kristina Van Dyk, Stylist’s Assistant: Reed Van Dyk, Hair and Makeup: Amber Bruehl and Emma Fortini, Manicures by Staci Nguyen

Thanks so much, Zooey! We can't wait to see the issue in real life! xoxo. 

  • How exciting to be on a magazine cover together! Congratulations, ladies!! 🙂

  • AMAZING pics ! Congrats girls…

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • Amazing photos, congrats on the front cover! 🙂 xx


  • fantastic! you ladies look GORGEOUS!!!


  • Very nice. I’m sure your family is thrilled to see their beautiful girls together in such a nice feature. You both look gorgeous of course. Congratulations!

  • you both look so gorgeous <3
    congratulations ladies!
    Cheray x

  • WOW! What an unbelievable experience!
    Thankyou so much for letting us in to celebrate all these milestones with you and watch your journey as a blogger too! http://ittybittypolkadot.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/day-6-what-are-3-blogs-you-visit-read.html

  • Congratulations!! Do you approach Zooey Magazine for something like this or do they approach you?? Thank you!


  • These are GORGEOUS you guys! You guys are such baaaabes!



  • Kelsey, I’m sorry I’m not sure. I would tweet @zooeymagazine and ask!

  • Oh this is exciting! I think your Grandma will be very proud of you both! You both look amazing 🙂

    Lulu xx


  • Where can I get those too-cute lace up wedges? So excited for you both and to read the spring issue!!

  • Congratulations! There photos are so adorable, and I love your outfits!

  • I’m sure that must have been so much fun! I love the bright colors 🙂

  • Wow! This is such a huge achievement for y’all! Congrats. I’m in love the pictures, they’re really amazing and fun to look at. Your grandmother will be beyond proud! <3

  • Ahh, that’s wonderful! Congratulations! The pics look so good!

  • Beautiful, beautiful girls! Congratulations! If I were in the states, I’d run out and buy a copy right away. You two are inspirations!

  • congrats, ladies!
    ps: elsie’s blue dress and tribal pants outfit are awesome

  • Congrats you both!!You both look gorgeous and that seems like a fun photoshoot 🙂
    Sofia G

  • Oh gosh! You guys look so incredibly stunning! Well done! What an achievement. Your grandma must be so proud 🙂

    Maria xx

  • You two are so pretty! Congrats!


  • That’s fabulous news! Congrats you two, you really deserve it Lubna

  • Such beautiful pictures, you both look stunning!


  • You both look stunning! It must be so exciting 🙂 x


  • awesome! that’s so good for you! 🙂

  • this is so lovely! your grandma should be so proud of you 🙂 lovely photos + outfits! x
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  • You two look gorgeous! Congrats on such a big achievement!


  • great photos! Congrats on the cover. What’s really awesome is seeing two sisters achieve great things together and be an example of love and support!

  • You guys look absolutely stunning! Congratulations :):)

  • Congratulations to both of you – that is incredibly exciting!

  • Love these!! Can’t wait to see you both on the cover of a magazine!!



  • Congrats! Super cute photos!

    xo Jennifer


  • That’s so awesome!! Congratulations! Isn’t Zooey the coolest name?!

  • Oh ladies, you look so gorgeous! But isn’t Emma not a Chapman anymore 😉
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • super cute pictures! and hahah love the part about giving a copy to your grandma, so adorable.

  • Congratulations ladies, the photos (and you both) look beautiful 🙂

    Alex from www.polkadottedpixels.com

  • Aw you both look so lovely in these photos! (Not that you don’t always!!)

  • Wooow! This is so cool! You in a magazine!! 😀 Congratulations! You look so beautiful <3

  • Congrats Miss Famous Bloggers!

    Love the pictures, it was a fab photo shoot.

  • cant wait to grab a copy! i <3 you gals!

    congrats on everything!

    you truly deserve it! (:

  • Congratulations! You gals look so adorable!


  • The photos are wonderful. I watched the video on youtube too. Just Amazing. Good luck to you both.

    Janaki R

  • I love the way they styled you guys! Congratulations on the magazine cover!

  • Congrats on the mag! Lookit you two all dolled up! Can’t wait to read article!

  • Congratulations! You both look gorgeous!!!

    xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

  • These photos are so great! I want everything that you are both wearing in them!

  • Congratulations you two! It has been so fun and inspiring to watch your journey and I love how close you are as sisters. Excited to see the magazine feature!

  • Congrats girls! That’s so exciting! You both look amazing 🙂


  • absolutely gorgeous, ladies! I love that aztec dress on you , Elsie!


  • Wow this is just fabulous! Are you both wearing the same lip color in the first photo? It is beautiful, do you know what it is???

  • This is wonderful,
    congratulations girls!!!


  • Photos are awesome! You both look amazing!!!!


  • You guys are so cute together!


  • You Girls look Great! Congrats!!



  • I have been drooling and dying over that cutout Lauren Moffatt dress since forever.

  • Congratulations with this big achievement! Love the photos.


  • Elsie, I’m in LOVE with your outfits! Especially that second dress!
    You both look beautiful – HUGE congrats on the cover. You two are going to take over the world I’m sure of it!


  • Wow, you two look wonderful. Such a great opportunity to work with a magazine, right?


  • Emma’s eyes look so piercing and blue, and Elsie, I love that polka-dotted dress. Congrats on the feature!


  • so exciting! you ladies are such beauty queens

  • Congrats you gals – the photos look fab and what a wonderful achievement!!


  • oh my goodness beautiful!!


  • Oh congratulations! This is so so exciting! These photos are perfection. You two are soooo beautiful. I will have to pick up a copy! When does it hit newsstands? Or has it already?

    Juliette Laura

  • Wow, the photos look great! I love Emma’s patterned trousers.
    Congratulations on the photo shoot.
    Claire x

  • your grandma (and your mom and dad and brother and husbands and yourselves) will be so proud of you:)

  • That is really neat. Good for you! The pictures are so cute and fun. Your grandma will be very proud.

  • such gorgeous photos! can’t wait to see the magazine in person :).

  • You both look beautiful. Such good pictures, I love the colours they’ve used x

  • congrats guys! you deserve it. And you both look beautiful!


  • Truly awesome and can’t wait to read it in the actual magazine. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  • Congratulations! That’s awesome, and you both look stunning as usual! xxx


  • congratulations ! I bet it was a very great experience !!
    you guys look amazing !

  • Congratulations! What a wonderful experience! It is really exciting to see people from a blog that I follow daily have such a great experience.

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