A Candy Cocktail Party


Hello there and Happy Halloween! Emma and I have created a fun candy cocktail table to share with you today! There are four different recipes that you can try. We love a cocktail party, and even moreso when there is candy involved…. Enjoy!


First up, we used gumballs and malt balls to make candy bracelets! These are a cute little favor for guests and they were fun to make. Use a tapestry needle and embroidery thread to string them together!


Lemon Drop Cocktail, makes 2

Needed: 4 ounces plain or citrus vodka, 8 ounces club soda, 4 tablespoons citrus simple syrup*, crushed lemon hard candies.

*First you will need to make your citrus simple syrup. Combine 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar in a small pot and boil on medium/high for 15-20 minutes until it reduces a little and becomes a little more syrup-y. Stir in juice from 2 lemons. You can keep this in a container in the refrigerator for up to a week to use in other cocktails or to flavor/sweeten water or tea. Garnish your martini glasses with simple syrup on and crushed lemon drop candy on the rim. Add a few whole lemon candies to the bottom of the glasses, just for fun! In a large jar or small pitcher combine ice cubes with the vodka, club soda and simple syrup. Stir it all up so it's well combined. Drain into martini glasses and serve.


Lollipop Cocktail, makes 2

Fill each glass with 6 ounces of champagne and 1/2 ounce cherry juice. Garnish with lollipops and serve.


Orange Soda Cocktail, makes 2

Needed: 4 ounces vodka, 2 ounces orange juice, 2 ounces club soda, 4 tablespoons citrus simple syrup.

In a large jar or small pitcher combine ice cubes with vodka, juice, club soda, and simple syrup. Stir it all up until it's well combined. Drain into martini glasses and garnish with ring pops on the stems!


Rock Candy Cocktail, makes 2

Needed: 12 ounces chilled champagne or prosecco, and 2 rock candies (any flavor).

Fill two flutes with champagne or prosecco, garnish with rock candy just before serving.

Have a very happy Halloween! xo, elsie + emma

PS. Don't drink? Remeber you can make any cocktail into a mocktail by replacing the alchohol with sparkling juice, club soda or ginger ale! ♥
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  • so cute! wish I had seen these before I had my halloween party. went with spiced cider, butterbeer (from harry potter!), and pumpkin beer!

  • omg the colours are great.I bet they taste amazing!

  • Yum!! What a FUN post!! I really want to try the rock candy cocktail! So Awesome!


  • I just want to pinterest your whole entire blog.

    gorgeous colors, patterns, and ideas! thanks for sharing. xo


  • this is too adorable. love the rock candy in the champagne glass!



  • SUPER cute idea! thanks for the post. 🙂

  • The rock candy cocktail is so fun. I just love the look of rock candy, it’s so pretty!

  • Those are a little bit cute! We have an annual Vodka Infusion party that is a whole lot of fun 🙂

  • 🙂
    These colours, cocktails, candy, candy bracelets(really goood idea!)…
    Soooo cute!

  • Looks fun! I love Lemon Drops, and have even had raspberry lemon drops that are amazing too! Yummy treats 🙂

  • Those all look good but sooooo sweet. I’d have to go to the dentist right away. Might be worth it though! Happy Halloween!


  • Honestly girl, do you ever sleep? It amazes me how much effort and enthusiasm you put into everything.


  • I’d like to taste all of them. Happy Halloween 😉

  • Yummy and cute! I’ve made a cake for my dad’s birthday and I tried to do something creative with the decoration, but your party seems so professional!

    Have a look if you are in the mood:


  • I love the idea of a rock candy cocktail, it looks so pretty in the glass!


  • oooo yum! thanks for sharing the little recipes! I had a swing era style dessert reception for my 21st!

  • Love these cocktail ideas! So clever. Need to try making them for a girl’s night in! 🙂

  • These are my kind of cocktails! I’m DEFINITELY going to try some of these, thanks for sharing! I think the lollipop drink is calling my name especially loud, love cherry.


  • Love the piece, but the champagne flute with rock candy killed me. Rock candy?? It would kill the flavor of any sparkling wine – not to even think about real champagne. Check plus for presentation. Check minus for mixology.
    You could achieve the same look- still have a hoppin cocktail by doing Gin, soda, canton ginger liquor, a smidge of lemon juice + the rock candy. The ginger liquor would also balance the sweetness of the candy so you have an option for those that aren’t that into total sugar shock. 😉

  • The rock candy cocktail is so pretty! I can imagine all the diff colors 🙂


  • The lollipop and rock candy cocktails look AWESOME! I love this post = )


  • This is one of my favorite posts yet, this is such a fabulous idea 🙂 Next year’s Halloween party, for SURE!


  • Can’t wait to try all these {the right way} in 6-7 months… Currently pregnant and missing my lady drinks!! 😉

  • I can’t decide whether the Lollipop Cocktail or the Rock Candy Cocktail sounds the best. I’m a big fan of champagne (and I’m a big fan of not waiting for New Years to drink it!).

  • Absolutely gorgeous! The colours, the drinks, the candy bracelets … It’s all so pretty.

  • I fell myself (ex barman) very confortable with this post!

  • Very cute! i love cocktails.. I worked in a cocktail bar for a year and a half and I really miss it

    These look lovely, I’ll have to try them x

  • now that is the perfect grow-up halloween celebration! any excuse to drink something that pretty is a-okay by me.

  • This is a great idea! The rock candy cocktail sounds delicious!

  • Oh geezepeetes, this is too cute!! We had a Halloween costume party Saturday, but maybe I need to just throw a “Candy” party or something! These all look delish!

  • Cute! I need to start working on stocking a little liquor cabinet – there are only so many cocktails you can make with Jack Daniel’s alone! The rock candy champagne is just too adorable 🙂

  • Such cute ideas, you ladies are so creative. I am so inspired by you every time I read! Have a cocktail for me!

  • Those cocktails look so yummy! Everything on the table looks soooo cute! 🙂


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