A Chocolate Collaboration

Askinosie Chocolate If you had told me in high school that one day I would get to help in the process of making a chocolate bar, I would have laughed. And yet, it happened.

First, let me back up and say that I have ALWAYS been a chocolate lover. My mom can tell you stories of how I would eat so much chocolate as a child that I would get headaches, but I kept on eating it anyway. There are numerous photos floating around in my grandmother’s photo albums of me holding a half-eaten fudgesicle, chocolate smeared around my mouth. I am a lifetime member of the chocolate lover’s club.

Second, Elsie and I have been fans of Askinosie Chocolate for years now. Their factory is just down the street from our studio, and over the years we’ve gotten to know Shawn, the owner, mainly from visiting his factory and seeing him around town. He’s a really cool guy with an absolutely amazing story of how he got into chocolate making. His businesses effort to be socially responsible in every way they can inspires Elsie and I to work to be better business owners ourselves. You can read more about his story here if you’re interested (be ready to tear up—it’s a doozy). Earlier this past year the Askinosie team asked if A Beautiful Mess would be interested in working on their next collaBARation bar with them. Over the years they’ve made some pretty amazing (and delicious) chocolate bars with companies like Intelligentsia, Zingerman’s and Jeni’s Ice Cream, to name a few. You can see all their collaBARation bars here.  We couldn’t imagine a better just-for-fun project than this!

Askinosie Chocolate Askinosie Chocolate Askinosie Chocolate Askinosie Chocolate First we met with Shawn and his team and discussed LOTS of different flavor combination ideas. Since there isn’t just one flavor that ABM showcases most often, the door was wide open to do something that we were all excited about. We finally landed on toasted coconut.

Next his team produced around six different combinations for us and our team to try. We all found what we felt was the best of all the options, but man, was it a tough day at the office trying out all that chocolate. 🙂 Then they went to work making the chocolate while we helped out with the design of the package and the poem that goes on the front.

My favorite part of the entire process was getting to spend an afternoon making some of our chocolate bars with the Askinosie team. We got to temper the chocolate, pour it into molds, and add the toasted coconut to the top. Then we unmolded a few and even got to take some home. It was a total blast!

We take chocolate making and eating very seriously, obviously.

Askinosie Chocolate + A Beautiful Mess Askinosie Chocolate + A Beautiful Mess Askinosie Chocolate + A Beautiful Mess Askinosie Chocolate + A Beautiful Mess Askinosie Chocolate + A Beautiful Mess Askinosie Chocolate + A Beautiful Mess If you like dark chocolate and coconut, we HIGHLY recommend you check out the final product. Thanks for letting us share this just-for-fun collaboration with you. As we say often, we love our hometown (Springfield, MO), as there are so many talented and inspiring people and businesses here. We are proud that we got to work with a few of them this season. 🙂 xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • Looks so delicious, this has seriously gotten my chocolate cravings going!! What an awesome project 🙂


  • that looks DELICIOUS!!! i’m lucky enough to have a friend that owns a candy store (www.jeanlouisecandies.com) so i get to indulge in chocolate all the time! looks like you guys had so much fun!!


  • Congratulations! This is wonderful! And love his story…life-changing for so many people (him, the farmers they use!) We live near Theo Chocolates in Seattle that has a similar bend and it sure takes the guilt out of eating chocolate!

  • What a dream job, I bet you’re still pinching yourselves out of a chocolate coma! Hoping the ship to Canada! Super cool guys!

    Xx, Sabrina


  • I would kill to do this! Chocolate has always been a weak spot of mine too. I’ve also created a few dairy-free chocolaty recipes, so check it out on my blog if you want! xx

  • What a brilliant experience! Toasted coconut with dark chocolate sounds delicious.

  • OMG that’s awesome!! Sounds so tasty, I love dark chocolate. Wow this day would be like a dream come true for me, haha.

  • This is such an awesome idea! The chocolate you created sounds delicious btw <3


  • Looks both fun and delicious! Too bad I’m allergic to chocolate. It might be worth the migraine to check out that coconut bar.

  • How cool is that?!? You have your own chocolate bar! That is a dream come true for all chocolate lovers


  • That looks like such a fun and delicious day!


  • As I’m reading this I’m actually eating chocolate. Looks so good! such a cool thing to be involved in!x
    Holly x


  • Wow, this is an amazingly fun opportunity! I am so jealous. Glad you had fun designing, making and tasting the chocolate! 🙂

    Cool Gear Cavalier // Men’s Style and Lifestyle

  • You make living in Missouri seem like so much fun! I would love to work near a chocolate factory.

  • That looks like fun! I have alway wanted to check out Theo chocolate in Seattle (they do tours)…Maybe someday!

  • Looks like so much fun! Just hanging out with the girls while having a chocolate tasting. That’s just wonderful.

    Lots of love from Helsinki, Finland!


  • Looks like fun! Anything with chocolate is a winner; and then adding coconut is a massive bonus 🙂


  • So awesome! I remember seeing a photo on Sarah’s instagram about tasting the collaboration chocolate a while ago and I’ve been waiting to hear about it! David and I absolutely adored Askinosie chocolate when we went there in the spring. In fact, their chocolate bars were our souvenirs and our gifts for all of our family and friends back home. They were a huge hit!


  • Sounds delicious and I would love to try one, but they don’t ship to Canada 🙁

  • What an opportunity! Love love love dark chocolate – love the packaging!

    Warm Regards,

  • Oooh that sounds delicious! That’s so exciting that you got to be involved in the process – looks like a lot of fun!


  • Toasted coconut sounds like such a delicious choice! Plus, I love the packaging on your bar! Great collaBARation 🙂

    M – Mocha and Moccasins

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