A Color Story 1.1 Update!!

A Color Story 1.1 UpdatePhoto: @elsielarson

We’re super excited to announce our A Color Story 1.1 app update!! We’ve added in a handful of fun features based on feedback and suggestions from you guys! Watching the app grow has been super exciting, as we’re already up to over 900,000 installs. So we want to make sure we’re keeping it exciting for users with new features for an overall better experience.

A Color Story Fvorites Feature!!Favorites!

So this is a big one, since one piece of feedback we get often is that the sheer quantity of filters available can be overwhelming—especially for users who’ve bought all the +packs we have available. So we wanted to make it faster to find your go-to filters or effects. Now each filter and effect has a small heart icon that when tapped, will add that filter to the new Favorites folder. There’s a folder for filters as well as a folder for effects.

A Color Story Update 1.1 Photo: @whitneyleighmorris

Tools Updates

Highlights + Shadows: We have the option to adjust isolated RGB for highlights and shadows but not total highlights and shadows (outside curves), so we’ve added those two options.

Better crop + tilt: To help align any cropping and tilting as you’re making the adjustment, we’ve added a live grid that works dynamically with your adjustments as you edit.

EXIF Data on iOS

We had a handful of iOS users request this, so photos saved with the app in iOS now retain original EXIF and geo-location.

A Color Story Update 1.1 Photo: @isntthatcharming

If you haven’t gotten a chance, head on over to the App Store or Google Play and get the new update! We’ve also got a couple new filter +packs in the works that we can’t wait to share with you guys. Stay tuned. xoxo. Elsie + the ACS Team

P.S. If you like using the app, please take a minute to review this version of the app. It helps us out so, so much!!

  • This has become my all time favourite photo editing app! I use it basically on any and every photo, even to make the slightest adjustments. I love how similar it is to photoshop and how easy it is to use! You guys are seriously geniuses, thank you for making the best app ever! Excited for these new adjustments and update


  • You guys, I almost wish I used my phone more to take pictures, because if I did I’d have bought this the second it came out on Android. Unfortunately, though, I don’t, and you guys don’t have any Photoshop actions or presets that I can buy. Any of those coming in the future out of curiosity? Or not enough people interested you think?

  • You’re in luck, we’ve been working on new actions for both Photoshop and Lightroom and they are coming out next week! We created our original ABM actions in early 2014 and we felt ready for a refresh after learning more tricks over the past few years. 🙂 Can’t wait to share them with you next week!


  • It’s like you guys read my mind with these new features! Especially the shadows/highlights tools. Thank you!

  • These are amazing updates! Thank you – especially the addition of the grid!

  • Are there any ABM app updates planned? Like new doodles or borders and fonts? I love A Color Story and use it constantly! I also still use ABM though, just wondering if there was anything in the works. Thanks!

  • The updates look awesome! Love the app, it always works GREAT for me (on android). 😀

  • You know what else would be epic a selective adjustment tool to brighten whites… (Right now I use snapseed just got these two things then import to aca…And a clone /healing tool.. Then I’d really have everything I use all in one app that would literally make my dreams come true. Also as a photographer I’m excited about the Lightroom update!!! Having my Instagram pics edited like my actual images gives such a good consistency the ought my shooting style. I hope the Lightroom update has the light leaks!

  • The photos save to your camera roll after you edit them, so you can delete them from there, or you can click on Start Over if you don’t want to save them. 🙂 -Jacki

  • ah… if only it was available for windows phones! ….. I’ve been using the app on my android tablet but having this app on my phone would be a dream ! Anny chances that you will develop it for windows phones as well ?

  • And here I thought this app couldn’t GET any better! Sounds like you’ve made some great updates – off to go download now! Thanks so much, ladies! 🙂

  • Stop promoting an app that only seems to work for i-phones, particularly if trying to get a response or refund is completely ignored by your app developer.

  • The app is compatible for Android (versions 5.0 and up) too. If you’re having having trouble, contact us via colorstory.com/support. You’ll hear back from us the same day. -Jacki

  • I love love LOVE this app! I’ve stopped using any other editing app (and I’ve used quite a few). My only teeny tiniest complaint is that I wish/hope that there may be an iPad version in the works 😀

  • Ummm did not see your comment but came back here after seeing your latest headline. Have not looked through the article yet but soooo excited 🙂

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