A Color Story 4.0 For iOS Is Here!!

Hi, friends! Our A Color Story team has been hard at work to bring you (drumroll, please) A Color Story 4.0 for iOS! We’ve been dreaming up some of the features in 4.0 for a long time, so we’re excited to share everything that’s available with this new update. Let’s get to it!

One of the most exciting things about 4.0 is that we’re introducing a whole new section—Touch Tools! This feature allows you to use your finger to draw on the screen exactly where you want to make an adjustment. We have some really useful adjustments you can make using this tool, like brighten, darken, sharpen, and more. We know so many of our iOS users love selective edit, and we can’t wait to see what you think of touch tools! They’ll allow you to be SO much more specific about which parts of the image you’re adjusting.

When you update A Color Story, you will notice that we have a completely new look to the app. We’re so excited about this, and we think it will make your experience using it really seamless. We’ve rearranged some features and expanded the filters section of the app to be a little larger on your screen. And we’re SO excited that you can now zoom in on your photos within the app for extra fine-tune editing! If you’ve been a longtime user of A Color Story, you’ll recognize all the features you know and love have had a little makeover!

Speaking of new, we’re also introducing THREE new free filters to A Color Story 4.0! We’ve broken up the Essentials filter pack into two packs—now you’ll see Basics and Style, to help you easily find the type of filter you’re looking for. The new free filters are called Ocean, Happy Hour, and Film, and you’ll find them in the Style pack. Ocean has a warm, etherial vibe with overall light shadows and a rosy glow. Red undertones are present in Film, as well as that vintage look you get from—you guessed it—film! Happy Hour has a solid contrast with amber undertones.

Your saved presets and recent edits are easier to find than ever, and we hope you find this section to be useful! Some of you have reached out about wanting to preview your saved edits, and we are working to implement this now.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about A Color Story 4.0, and thanks for letting us share all about it! We want to give a special shoutout to our whole development team for their hard work and dedication here. As always, tag us with your incredible edits using #AColorStory, and we’ll share some of our favorites. Thanks for using and loving the app! xo, Team ACS

  • Are these updates coming to Android? I’m a subscriber and love the app so I hope so!

  • So far so good. I gave 4.0 a trial run and the touch tools are a game-changer! I have been using another app to edit my photos because they had touch tools that made editing so easy. I would use A Color Story to add filters. I’ll give it some more time but I may be doing most if not all of my editing and filtering in A Color Story.

  • I know you guys have a lot to work on, but please, please, please bring the selction and touch tools to Android! These tools would be game changers for editing pictures on the phone!

  • Can you tell me how to find all my saved filters? I cannot find them anywhere since you updated the app

    • Hi Jessica! Once you upload your photo, you’ll see a series of boxes on the right side of the screen- just click on those to see your recent + saved filters.

  • Just bought your A+ app, love it so far, but I can’t figure out how to save my photo back to my camera roll once I have the edits I like….

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