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You guys!! The A Color Story Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions are officially live and available! A Color Story | Desktop has been almost a year in the making, and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you all. While we know many of you are good to do 100% of your editing directly in the ACS app (on your phone), we also heard from lots of users who start their photos in an Adobe program and then have to import the photo to their phone for the finishing touches. While it was no small task, we wanted to streamline that workflow. So for the last year we have been working to bring the look and feel that ACS helps you create to a desktop version through presets and actions. Enter A Color Story | Desktop.

A Color Story | Desktop is launching with five of our most essential +packs for all of our desktop users, including over 150 adjustments! With the help of a team of incredibly talented creators, we rebuilt our app filters from the ground up in Lightroom and Photoshop to capture the essence of a particular filter, but better fit it to the needs of a DSLR photo, including RAW compatibility.

Scroll down to see which sets are available at launch. And yes, we will definitely be releasing more in the coming months. It’s just a very intensive process as we work to get them just right.

The Blush Set

The Blush Set, which includes 27 presets/actions, has softer and more muted tones than most other adjustments in A Color Story. This set works best for photos of florals, skin tones, and indoor photos since it slightly moves the shadows and highlights while still giving just enough boost of color.

The Chroma Set

photo by rosie clayton

The Chroma Set is for those who love bold colors! This set of 57 presets/actions is packed full of adjustments that push the vibrancy and saturation of photos while still maintaining realistic looking skin tones. All of the adjustments are best for colorful photos, high contrast settings, murals and everyday life.

The Weekend Set

photo by arielle vey

The Weekend Set was crafted by incredibly talented photographer Arielle Vey. All 33 actions/presets were inspired by her life in San Diego and showcase her amazing eye for hue. Pushing the hues and warmth in photos, these adjustments give the perfect vacation vibe! This pack is best for skies, beaches, and plants.

The Essentials Set

The Essentials Set is a true representation of what A Color Story is all about. These adjustments produce clean, bright photos while also making photos pop. All 30 presets/actions will give your photo just the right amount of adjustments you need in your everyday life. This set is best for everyday, cityscapes, and food.

The Flashes of Delight Set

photo by lisa says gah

Crafted by Taylor Sterling of Glitter Guide, the Flashes of Delight Set brings a softer side to A Color Story. This set includes 42 actions/presets which lighten up shadows and warmth in photos to give them a light and airy feel. All adjustments are best for skin tones, lifestyle, and indoor photos.

The Color Collection

photo by rosie clayton

If you can’t choose just one set, The Color Collection is the way to go! This collection has three of the main A Color Story | Desktop sets, including Chroma, Essentials and Blush. These adjustments will have you covered for all situations!

All of the A Color Story | Desktop sets also include 18 tools to help with basic photo adjustments, nine Black & White presets/actions, Camera Raw Presets of your adjustments, and a handy Getting Started guide. None of this would have been possible without the creative help of some of the most talented people out there, and we’re so thankful to get to work alongside such a talented community! If you post a photo using any of our new sets, don’t forget to use #AColorStory so we can see your creations! We seriously cannot wait to see how you all will use these. xoxo. Emma, Elsie, and the A Color Story team

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Rosie Clayton, Lisa Says Gah, Arielle Vey, Amber Ulmer, Elsie Larson, and Elise Abigail.

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