A Color Story: Introducing Advanced Filters on iOS!!

Hi, friends! We are here with a REALLY exciting update from A Color Story (if we do say so ourselves). 🥳🎉Today, we are introducing Advanced Filter adjustments on iOS!

This has been one of our most-requested features, and we are so excited to get it into your hands. Let’s take a look at what it entails!

While this new tool is a big update, we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to access! After applying a filter, you will see the advanced filter slider icon that appears on top of the filter preview. Then, tap on the icon to reveal the additional adjustment options—Brightness, Warmth, and Saturation!

Then, slide the Opacity, Brightness, Warmth and Saturation to your liking. This new tool will allow you to customize your favorite filters more than ever before, as it allows you to make adjustments to the filter itself before applying additional tools such as Curves, Tint, etc.

Another way we’re excited to see you use the advanced filters is in your Saved Edits. If you have a go-to filter but wish it was a liiittle brighter, use the Brightness slider to adjust it—then save your custom filter recipe to use over and over again. We made a little video to show you how it works in the app and give a few examples of how you can customize some of our favorite filters.

If you haven’t tried this tool yet, we hope you love it! We have already been hearing some great feedback on this update from some of you over on Instagram, and we SO appreciate your support. It means the world to us! ❤️

xo, Team ACS

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