A Color Story: New Autumn Collection!

Hi, friends! We are welcoming the season of crisp air and changing leaves with one of our BEST. DEALS. EVER. OK, I know I sound crazy, but this collection really is incredible—all of our favorite +packs for fall packaged together for over 50% off. If you love a sale as much as I do, you’re squealing right now! And better yet, the Autumn Collection includes seven +packs, so you’ll have a huge range of filters and effects to capture this season with. Let’s take a look!

Golden — Elsie’s bestselling Golden filters are inspired by desert sunsets, ’70s film, and classic lifestyle photography. The filters lean heavily into blush, orange, and golden tones, making them perfect for fall! Shadows are present but understated in this powerhouse filter +pack.

Fawn — We partnered with Courtney Halverson, the blogger behind Pretty Little Fawn, to bring these filters to life. The cover photo for this post and the one above both showcase Courtney’s style featuring warmth and neutrals, best for capturing yellow, red, and brown tones.

Seasons — Rebecca Stice AKA A Clothes Horse is the creator of the Seasons filter +pack, complete with 12 different filters that represent each month. The above photo was edited with October, rich and vibrant, bringing out bright yellow and green hues. “October” is just one of the fantastic edits you can achieve using this filter pack.

Harvest Moon — We’re big fans of Steffy’s Harvest Moon +pack for skin tones, autumn leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes. Steffy’s “Flannel” filter is one of our go-to’s, bringing warmth and the perfect amount of saturation. Turn to Steffy’s “Pumpkin Spice” for an emphasis on oranges and blues that transform to teal.

On The Road — As we’ve been featuring our “Scary Good Edits” on our Instagram this month, the “Bricklane” filter from Alex Zouaghi’s +pack has come up, time and time again! Bricklane turns bright, green tones into a warm red for a truly one-of-a-kind edit. The filters in this +pack range in saturation, giving many different options for your editing style.

Twilight — Turn to Jag Lever’s filter +pack, Twilight, to capture the darker shades of this season. Many of the filters in Twilight feature desaturated tones with bold contrast, making this the perfect pack for your moody fall edits.

Dust — And finally, our go-to effects +pack for adding texture and grain! The effects in Dust range from understated to can’t-miss-it, so there is something for everyone in this effects pack inspired by analog photography.

You see what I mean about a great deal, right?! So many good edits await you in the Autumn Collection. When you share your photos, please be sure to tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #AColorStory! We absolutely love seeing what you create.

xo, Team ACS

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