A Color Story: New Effects from Kate La Vie are Magical!!

Happy Friday!! We have a huge creator crush on Kate Spiers of the blog Kate La Vie, and we were SO excited to work with her on this new effects +pack, Prism! Inspired by sunny days and rainbow prisms, these effects mimic that magical feeling we get when light dances in a way only light can.  You know that feeling!! And I think we could all use a little extra light right now. ❤️

We love Kate’s style, and we’re so excited about these effects! The above photo was edited with Wave Length. This effect is really cool because it not only adds a rainbow prism, but it gives the whole photo a film vibe as well. This definitely feels like something you’d see come out of a roll of expired film and we are here for it!

Ahhh, a day at the pool. Edited with Lapis, this one’s making me daydream!! Love how the effect in this one mimics light hitting water. One cool thing to remember about our effects is that you can drag them to different parts of your image and even turn down their opacity for a more intense or subtle effect, depending on what you’re going for. I really like how the effect is mostly focused on the water in this image.

OK, cute!! I love the intensity on this one, edited with Spectrum. You can imagine how different this effect could look depending on how you adjust it to focus on your subject.

Thanks for letting me share about this effects +pack! Wishing you all a little magic and light always, and especially now. ❤️

xo, Team ACS

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