A Color Story: New Hologram Effects +Pack!

Yay, it’s finally here! I’m so excited to share the new effects pack that I helped create for A Color Story over the past few months. The pack is called Hologram and it’s available now in iOS and Android. I’m a big fan of lots of light, prisms, and shimmery pastel tones and I thought that a set of holographic-inspired effects would be perfect for the type of photos that I love to create and look at (and I’m a child of the ’80s/’90s so you know I love me some hologram vibes).

The pack has 12 effects to add some rainbow sherbet-colored shimmer to your photos and even has some holographic glitter effects too (which I love).

Photo by @gummergal, edited with Positive Waves from #AColorStoryHologram

This effect is called Positive Waves and it’s got the classic holographic color waves to it with a bit of texture pixelation you’d find on an old TV set—perfect for adding a soft pattern of rainbow haze.

Photo by @gummergal, edited with Mood Ring from #AColorStoryHologram

There are two effects in the pack that create a rainbow light radius so you can accent a particular item or person (or use it as a sun flare in a corner) and this one is called Mood Ring. This is one that I can think of lots of uses for and you can turn the effect way down for a gentle accent as well.

Photo by @elsielarson, edited with Sparkler from #AColorStoryHologram

I certainly couldn’t do this effects pack without glitter and this holographic glitter effect is called Sparkler. It is one of three glitter effects in the pack and each glitter is unique with a different scale and feel, and this one has the bonus of some added warm pink/yellow tones as well to keep the pastel feel going.

Photo by @gummergal, edited with Slick from #AColorStoryHologram

This effect is called Slick (as in Oil Slick), but this one won’t hurt the environment, it will just make your photos cuter 🙂 The color waves have a marbled look too, which I think is super pretty.

Photo by @elsielarson, edited with Rose Water from #AColorStoryHologram

Rose Water is one of my favorites as it gives your photos a light pink glow with some iridescent waves that remind me of how light reflects off of water. Such a dreamy feel, don’t you think?

You can download the Hologram effects pack in A Color Story app! Use #AColorStoryHologram so I can see how you use them! xo. Laura

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