A Color Story: New Texture Effects +Pack!

I am so excited to introduce my newest effects +pack for A Color Story, Texture!

I’m very excited about this +pack since it’s so different from all of the other effects in A Color Story. You may have noticed them on some of my photos lately. I love the subtle imperfections and noise it adds to photos. It’s an editing look I am really into right now!

I named all of the effects witchcraft- and sorcery-related names (think Harry Potter meets Hocus Pocus meets Sabrina The Teenage Witch). I hope you love this new pack as much as I do!

Photo by @elsielarson, edited with Trick from #AColorStoryTexture

Photo by @elsielarson, edited with Illusion from #AColorStoryTexture

Texture comes with 15 different effects that vary between subtle scratches, scuffs, grain, and light leaks. These effects give photos a nostalgic look, as if they came from an old photo album. I LOVE it!!

Photo by @elsielarson, edited with Magic from #AColorStoryTexture

Photo by @elsielarson, edited with Jinx from #AColorStoryTexture

Photo by @elsielarson, edited with Power from #AColorStoryTexture

You can download the Texture effects +pack in our app, A Color Story! Use #AColorStoryTexture so I can see how you use them! xx. Elsie

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