A Day Without A Woman

17075789_1874104286200058_8436290722625224704_n*Art by Marisol Muro.

Hi, friends. On Wednesday we will be taking a 24 hour break from blogging and social media to participate in A Day Without A Woman on International Women’s Day. As two women business owners who work with lots of talented women (and a few rad men too!), it is important to us to allow them the opportunity to participate if they so choose, and the best way to do that is to take the day off.

But not everyone gets the option to take the day off, and we get that. We actually believe that there are lots of positive actions we can take to support women and equality for all. It’s not a one day thing, it’s an ongoing conversation we should be having together respectfully. And one thing we can all do is to support other women-owned small businesses. So here’s a fun little shopping guide full of women-owned businesses that totally RULE!

*Get To Work Book Our favorite planner!

*Big Bud Press Enamel pins and apparel.

*Kailo Chic Handbags and accessories.

*Annie Williams Leather goods made in Nashville, Tennessee.

*Shop Studio DIY Cactus balloons… need I say more?

*The Home Edit For getting organized.

*Marley & Alfie Those pom pom earrings you’re always seeing…

*Little Arrow Studio Cute accessories and good vibes.

*Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Did you know you can order it online? You can.

*Hedley & Bennett. World’s best aprons.

*Whurl An iPhone App for vintage shopping (I buy tons of clothes, amazing deals!)

*Moorea Seal Perfectly curated accessories, beauty and home goods.

*Ultra Violet Kids One of my favorite kids shops. I started hoarding her pieces three years ago (you know, for future baby Larsons!).

*Annie Bukhman Lovely accessories and leather goods.

*OuiFresh Our own biz baby. We obviously have to mention our The Babe With The Power tee.

(Note—these are just a few of our favorites… We promise to continue supporting women-owned-businesses 4-EV-ER!)

Hope you guys have a wonderful day! I do just want to say that we are not super interested in being overly political, but we are happy to actively work to show respect and love to everyone. We are not interested in picking “sides” other than to side with love and to stand up for equality for all. Supporting women, especially our fellow small business owning women, is important to us… today, tomorrow and forever. Love you guys! Elsie + Emma