A Design Kit: Cute New Lines +Pack!

New to our design app, A Design Kit, is this cuuuuute Collage +pack full of lines! A total of 33 custom lines, curves, and squiggles add a lot of personality to your designs. These designs range in color from bright neons, warm hues, pastels, and more.

Each of these lines are one-of-a-kind, and we love the detail added to this one pictured above! It adds a really fun touch to this special photo of Elsie and Marigold. 😍

This design was created with just one of the lines in the +pack! Some are individual lines, and many are preselected color palettes like this one. The Lines +pack was inspired in part by the images we share a lot on our Instagram, where A Design Kit users have used the brush tool to create a line drawing behind them. With this +pack, a lot of the lines end in hard edges, so you can scoot them close to a person or object so it looks like it’s behind them.

This photo of Emma is an example of how you can add the lines behind someone! For this, we used the same one twice, and pushed it close to her jacket. We hope you love this +pack, and we can’t wait to see what you create using it! Be sure to tag us in your posts using #adesignkit.

xo! Team ACS

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