A Design Kit: New Brush Stroke Collage +Pack!!!

Hi, friends!! We are SO excited about this new Collage +pack for A Design Kit. You may have heard about this +pack on Instagram, and I’m excited to share more in this post!

Brush Stroke features over 25 realistic paints, and we all know this is the perfect time to hunker down and get creative! You can adjust the size of these brush strokes with the pinch motion on iOS to become bigger or smaller as you add them to your designs.

As you can see in the design above, we have a huge variety in these paints! Some of the brush strokes have multiple colors, while others are just one hue. We have all the shades of the rainbow in this Collage +pack, plus some black brush strokes that I can see being very versatile to lots of different design styles!

Many of our A Design Kit +packs begin in the “real world,” and this one was no exception! Rachel and I (Ana) had so much fun creating some of the brush strokes you see in this +pack, and we couldn’t have done it all without our whole team at A Color Story! Just wanted to give a little peek behind the scenes.

We hope you’re all having a great weekend already, and we’d love to see what you’re creating! When you use our app, be sure to tag #adesignkit so we can see what you make!

xo, Team ACS

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