A Design Kit: New Confetti Sparkles Are Here!

Introducing our newest Collage +pack in A Design Kit: Confetti! We are so excited to celebrate the sparkliest season of all with 17 brand new scans.

This cozy photo of Elsie’s tree last year looks SO cute with the fluttery stars from our new Confetti +pack. We love how the stars almost blend in to the gold hues in this image, to add a really subtle, sweet effect.

Here’s another sweet design with the confetti added to the background of the image! This +pack includes plenty of metallic confetti, like we’re showing here, and some cute multi-colored confetti as well! All of these scans would be perfect on holiday designs and year-round celebrations. 😍

One more fun design featuring the littlest Christmas tree! We hope you love these confetti scans and that they add a little something special to your holiday photos. We’d love to see any photos you edit using the Confetti +pack! Feel free to tag any edits you create using #adesignkit, and keep up with us on Instagram. We love to hear from you!

xo, Team ACS

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