A Design Kit: New Word Poetry +Pack!

Ummm, amazing!! That’s how we’d describe the newest Collage +pack from A Design Kit. We’re introducing Word Poetry just in time for you to send some digital Valentine’s Day cards—no stamps needed! Let’s take a look at some inspo from the newest +pack.

With over 120 scans, Word Poetry is our largest Collage +pack yet! We’re excited to see all of the ways you put these words together, and we’ve included lots of options for commonly used phrases, as well as numbers and days of the week. This filter +pack is perfect for letting your creativity take the driver’s seat to put together unique + fun word combos!

We love stringing together longer phrases and sentences on backgrounds—the one above was created using one of our speckled textures as a background. Below, we’re using a shorter phrase to add to the photo. Each of these scans are hand-cut for a nostalgic feel, and we hope you love resizing them and adding each one to create a special message.

We hope you love playing with this +pack and can’t wait to see what you make with it! Be sure to tag us in your designs using #adesignkit, so we can repost some of our favorites. Add a little poetry to your week!

xo, Team ACS

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