A Design Kit: Paper Collage +Pack is Here!!

One of my favorite hobbies from high school days was making magazine collages! I would sit on my bedroom floor for hours and look for the perfect piece of paper to add to my creation. That experience is a lot of what inspired our newest design +pack, Paper! We’re thrilled to bring these paper scans to A Design Kit. Now you can take this analog experience digital, with over 50 scans to create custom collages. It’s so fun!!

The scans in this Collage +pack are all different colors and styles, so they’re perfect for lots of different types of designs. Above, you can see some lighter cutouts that mesh seamlessly with the bright, airy photo. Below, we’re going all in on color and pattern with a playful, summery vibe!

And next up, we have a design that was made using one of our speckled backgrounds! This one shows off so many of the options available in the new Paper +pack, and we love the variety. Plus, “be your own muse” is one of our favorite sentiments.

You can download the new Paper +pack today, and as a reminder, ADK+ subscribers will get it for free! Share your designs with us using #adesignkit—we love to see what you create. ❤️

xo, Team ACS

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