A Design Kit: Two New Packs for Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re a huge Valentine’s Day fan or not, you can’t deny this holiday has an aesthetic. 😍 Personally, I’m here for the bubblegum pink + bold reds, and I find Valentine’s Day to be a fun distraction from the cold, grey reality that is a Midwest winter. We’re SO excited to introduce not one, but TWO, new +packs to A Design Kit that can be used year-round, but are extra fun for Valentine’s.
You can see both new features in the design above!! First, we’re obsessed with this new +pack called Reminders, which includes 33 stickers focused around self-love and acceptance, with blank templates for you to create your own affirmations.

You can see another style from the Reminders +pack above. Reminders includes alerts in varied styles—some that look like notifications, search bars, messages, and others that look like a phone on “dark mode”. We’re having so much fun adding these messages to our designs and writing our own, too!
The next +pack, which you may have guessed already, is Glitter Textures!! These are 25 new colors of Glitter we’ve added to the app, and we’re SO excited about these. The really cool thing about our textures is that you can use them as backgrounds, brushes, designs, and text—so if you can imagine it, you can design it in glitter.

Download A Design Kit to try the new features, and if you already have the app, ADK+ subscribers will be getting the new +packs for free! If you create a Valentine’s Day design, we’d love to see it. You can share it with us on Instagram by tagging #adesignkit.

xo, Team ACS

  • Hi! I’m having trouble finding the new glitter designs within the app. Where are they? Thanks!

    • No problem, they are a little hard to find! If you open the app and tap on Backgrounds to start a design, they will be there and called Glitter textures. You can download them from that page, and then they will be available everywhere you can use them in the app!

    • You may need to redownload it from the App Store. If you have trouble please reach out to support and they can help you. support AT acolorstory DOT com

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