A Dolled Up Old Fashioned Recipe

A Dolled Up Old Fashioned
Raise your hand if you are a girl who likes "boy drinks". Ok, me too! Sometimes girly cocktails can just be tooooo sweet. Good news, I just discovered the perfect girl meets boy cocktail! I call it a Dolled Up Old Fashioned. Don Draper would be proud! 

Side note: I have had this bottle of St-Germain around my house for a little while. I tried a few recipes (champagne based) and they were all much too sweet for me. I found the inspiration for this recipe here. The combination of whiskey and elderflower is pretty amazing. If you're a fan of sweet, but not too sweet, read on…  A (slightly more girly) Old Fashioned
Needed: Whisky, St-Germain, Angostura Bitters, Orange Slice, Homemade Sour Mix. 

Combine 2 shots whisky, 1 splash of St-Germain, 2 splashes bitters and a splash of sour mix. Serve with ice and an orange slice. 

Sour Mix: I made my own sour mix. It's just one part lemon juice, one part sugar and one part water. Simmer them on the stove top for 10 minutes until the sugar has dissolved completely. I keep mine in a little glass bottle on my bar cart. It's a great staple for lots of cocktails. Dolled Up Old Fashioned RecipeEnjoy! Elsie

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