A Dolled Up Old Fashioned Recipe

A Dolled Up Old Fashioned
Raise your hand if you are a girl who likes "boy drinks". Ok, me too! Sometimes girly cocktails can just be tooooo sweet. Good news, I just discovered the perfect girl meets boy cocktail! I call it a Dolled Up Old Fashioned. Don Draper would be proud! 

Side note: I have had this bottle of St-Germain around my house for a little while. I tried a few recipes (champagne based) and they were all much too sweet for me. I found the inspiration for this recipe here. The combination of whiskey and elderflower is pretty amazing. If you're a fan of sweet, but not too sweet, read on…  A (slightly more girly) Old Fashioned
Needed: Whisky, St-Germain, Angostura Bitters, Orange Slice, Homemade Sour Mix. 

Combine 2 shots whisky, 1 splash of St-Germain, 2 splashes bitters and a splash of sour mix. Serve with ice and an orange slice. 

Sour Mix: I made my own sour mix. It's just one part lemon juice, one part sugar and one part water. Simmer them on the stove top for 10 minutes until the sugar has dissolved completely. I keep mine in a little glass bottle on my bar cart. It's a great staple for lots of cocktails. Dolled Up Old Fashioned RecipeEnjoy! Elsie

  • I enjoy your new passion of drink mixing!As you always make me wanna try all your drinks,haha sadly I still need to collect a lot of liquor 🙂


  • Sounds great! I LOVE St. Germain! You should try mixing it with pear vodka and a little club soda or ginger ale. It’s a very crisp and clean drink.

  • I’ve never tried St. Germain but that really is a lovely and elegant bottle. Might be worth it just for that bottle. 😉

  • This looks perfect! It’s not uncommon for me to order an Old Fashioned, but…to be honest, I can rarely finish it (I know, wimpy girl alert!) I’ll definitely have to try this combination (and possibly reblog this gem!)

    Thanks so much!


  • Nothing beats a glass of whiskey at the end of a long day 🙂


  • I can’t wait to try this! I just bought some St. Germain and I love it!

  • Yum! I have recently become smitten with old fashioneds! I need to learn to make them so I could have them at home, too!


  • You’re right, Don Draper would be proud! 🙂


  • It sounds tasty. Must run and get the ingredients.


  • Being from Wisconsin, I love me an Old-Fashioned! Brandy is what I’m partial to, but whisky is good, too. I’ll have to try this dolled-up one!

  • ooooooh I love a classic old fashioned! I like to muddle a few extra cherries and orange peels in mine. 🙂


  • For someone who seems to be into cocktails you should get the book How To Drink by Victoria Moore. It gives you a great history of classic cocktails. That being said if any research had been done you’d have found that, Old fashions are known to be both manly and suffer from a stint as the drink that old ladies who lunch ordered. Second as someone who slings traditional cocktails for a living an old fashioned never has sour mix in it EVER. I am all for creating new cocktails but putting sour mix in an old fashioned is like putting vanilla syrup in coffee and calling it a mocha. I am sure Springfield has a great classic cocktail bar go in, talk to the bartenders. If it’s not a busy night most will want to chat with you about history cocktails. Prost!

  • That looks great. Perfect for celebration. Have a nice day.


  • That sounds amazing Elsie! I love a little bit of sweetness but too much is just overpowering!

    x missdottidee.blogspot.com

  • An Old Fashioned is probably my favorite cocktail ever. I love the mix of whiskey with orange and cherries.

  • Old fashions are my favorite! They look intimidating but I tried one by accident and never regretted it. I’m curious about this recipe!

  • I’m definitely going to have to try this one out! Anything with whiskey + sour is my favorite.

    I got some maple whiskey for christmas this year, any ideas on how to doll that up other than just coke (which is pretty yummy)?


  • Wow! Since I know your blog my friends are happier with my cocktails 😉


  • I love Whiskey and cannot agree more with the “girly” drinks being too sweet!

    Becky xo

  • Mmm that sounds yummy and dangerous, but I love any drink that involves an orange slice. Might have to try this one out!!

  • It looks so good! If it weren’t only 9am here I’d have to make myself a glass!


  • yumm!!! my boyfriend LOVES old fashionds now when he has them i can play along too!


  • sounds delicious! I love how elegant the bottles look 🙂
    Happy Xmas



  • OOOOh, I’ll have to give it a try. My husband and his friend are into drinking Old Fashioneds and they even text each other photos of the Old Fashioneds that they have while they are travelling and are always talking about what makes the drink good or not. Your recipe may be a nice twist for them. So fun!

  • Love old fashions so I am going to have to try this recipe for sure! Oh but with brandy instead of whiskey… I am from Wisconsin after all 🙂

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