A few of my favorite things

Favorite things 11. I love this neutral, textured space. 2. Need to try this white bean potato soup recipe.

Favorite things 23. This pattern is incredible. 4. We’re traveling today (and missing the Super Bowl) but if I was home hosting a party I’d make these for sure.

Favorite things 35. A great solution for creating a gallery wall around a television (I need this!) 6. My favorite dessert of all time.

Favorite things 47. Beautiful paintings by Lisa Madigan. I love this feel. 8. Did you know you can emboss velvet? I can’t wait to try this.

And a few more things I’m loving this week:

• Taking this class, just for fun.
• Love me Love me Say that you love me?
• An inspiring embroidery project.
Love this # series. I want to start one (but what?)
•The new episodes of Girls are SO good.

Hope your weekend is lovely! xo. Elsie