A Few of My Favorite Things

Guest bedroom dreamsWe  are (finally) about done fixing up our little home office room. Now I’m dreaming about what I want to do with our guest bedroom, as it’s in dire need of some attention. 1. Just bought this comforter—yay! 2. Making plans to paint the ceiling. Love this one. Although I’m thinking of doing a scattered design, like polka dots or triangles.Pretty jumper and shoes3. Sort of in love with this jumper. 4. And these wedges.Hot tub decks and vacation dreaming5. Trey and I are finally getting our hot tub deck built. It’s not going to look like this one, but it’s still going to be pretty cute. Wanna come over? 6. I’m already dreaming about taking a one year anniversary trip (hurry up June!). And since it’s winter I’m, of course, dreaming of somewhere warm where everything is served in banana leaves. Like this. Happy weekend! xo. Emma

A few more things I’m loving this week:

-Keep hearing about this book. Might have to check that out.
-Still dying over this home video. I am so inspired by how much footage they saved from their son’s first year of life. I would LOVE to do something like this one day when we have children.
This salad looks way too good. Must. Make. Soon. (That’s my robot voice.)
-Love everything about this outfit. Too cute.