A Few of My Favorite Things

Creative homes and get to work bookHappy weekend, everyone! Just wanted to pop in to share a few favorite things I've seen online/in real life/dreaming about lately.

1.) Loved seeing this article showcasing lots of creative folks' homes. I'm actually house shopping myself (in Springfield, MO), so I'm more obsessed than usual at looking at others' pretty homes. 2.) My "Get To Work Book" came in the mail this week, and I am beyond THRILLED. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check here. I can't wait for July now because I feel like this new planner just may change my life a tiny bit. 🙂

Pretty pizza and bookshelf3.) Oh my gosh, this tart is almost too pretty to eat! 4.) Double oh my gosh, this book shelf is just insane and I am in love with it! Probably a bit too complicated for my skill level, but I just love the idea. 

Other stuff:

—I have been (almost) 100% nail-biting free for a month now. Thinking it's time to go nuts and maybe paint my nails like this or like this…because I finally can!

This travel blog has got me so inspired to travel with Trey more in the next couple of years. You know how people do "babymoons" just before they start trying? Do you think I can just do that for 3-5 years….? 😉 Still counts, right?

—I am currently reading Station Eleven (recommended by Elise), and it's seriously SO good. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xx. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photos: Original sources linked throughout.

  • Love that bookcase and that planner looks incredible! I’ve been eyeing the bando planners myself, but yours has me reconsidering! XX

  • That Get to Work Book looks great! I switched back to a paper planner last year and it has made such a difference, so much more intuitive for me that online or iPhone calendars. Enjoy!

  • Omg that Tarte is sooo pretty!!! 😮

    And that book shelf… Dayummmm 😮 imagine if there was one, but of the world!! How cool would it look? 🙂


    Xoxo Jessy

  • I have also remained nail biting free for about the same time! I’ve tried to stop many times before and I always ended up failing haha. So, congrats! It’s really hard to kick that habit!

  • That bookshelf is AMAZING. And congrats on being 1-month nail biting free! That is something I have struggled with for a long time. I actually find that keeping my nails painted helps because if I bite them with polish it really makes them look bad.

  • House shopping, huh? 😉
    Have fun! My hubby and I are moving in August so we are in a similar sitch (even though we will just be renting).

    Kristin // thepeculiartreasureblog.com

  • I loooooooved Station Eleven and it has really stayed with me in the months since I read it. I was recently in in Ravello Italy and there, in the most beautiful garden with amazing views, I saw a woman who was reading it and not looking at the view. And I knew exactly how she felt! I waited till she got up to go, and then spoke to her about the book. She said she was having trouble being on vacation because all she wanted to do was read.

  • Station Eleven was one of my two favourite reads last year (Kate Atkinson’s ‘Life after Life’ was the other).
    Please do more Book Club posts!! xox

  • I’ve been DREAMING about that bookshelf for YEARS now! One day I’ll be the proud owner of an America bookshelf. One day.

  • thank you, Emma, for your always lovely and inspiring recommendations.

  • Nice post Emma. Congrats on growing your nails! It’s so strange that when you last posted about biting your nails I was having a really bad time with mine too. However, last weekend I was able to paint my nails for the first time in so, so long (pun totally intended!). As always, thank you for sharing xx

  • Ahh I love all this stuff! That tart really does look too pretty to chop up and that bookshelf is amazing! Of course I’d want a map of Canada rather than the US but it would still look amazing I’m sure.

  • OMG that bookshelf is to die for. And i’m so looking forward to seeing your tons of ideas on net

    Tokyo blogger the explorer

  • You don’t need a reason to pick up and go. Just do it. I think as a married couple in the US aside from the honeymoon, it seems weird to constantly travel pre-kids. People have gotten used to it with my husband and I 🙂

    If travel is important to you, you’ll do it.

  • Oh I love that bookcase so much. I wonder if it would be easier to do in the shape of Australia?… probably not. I have seriously got the travel bug at the moment as well so I am totally understanding where you are at. The catch is it costs so much to go anywhere from Australia so I have to save up for one BIG trip and do it all. Good luck with your house hunting. x

  • Station Eleven was the best book I read last year! And I need to stop biting my nails (again) so I can try those watermelon nails!

  • I adore that bookcase. It would be awesome to organize books by the authors’ home states. Random question: Will the Dream Job ecourse be back anytime soon?

  • Oh my gosh now I am obsessed with the get to work book! Thanks so much for sharing what you’re excited about! Also, I love watermelon (I call it sandia cuz that’s its name in Spanish:) and I have my own sandia manicure that I wish I could show you 🙂

  • I’m that way too. I really do love digital/internet (obviously). But there’s just something about writing things down and having a paper planner for me. It just works better… maybe I’m an “old soul” or something. 😉


  • I have one nail I bit off a few weeks ago that i’m waiting to grow back. It’s actually helped bc I can see how unattractive that one is (to me) over the others so it’s helping me stay on course.

    Let’s call “failing” something else, like “starting over” OK? Because, I start over a lot. Work in progress. 🙂


  • We are working on a new version right now (of Dream Job). It’s been over I think a little over 3 years since we wrote the last one and we’ve learned a TON since then so we wanted to write a new version. It will be very different from the first so it’s not exactly a “new edition” of the same thing, but it will be about small business. We’ll likely be ready to launch it in the fall. 🙂


  • I always used to bite my nails too! I can’t have painted nails anyway because it feels weird and a will end up picking at and it will look worse than not painted. Although I do want to clear coat my nails so they break less, but I hate painting nails…

    Ruby xx

  • I really like that little home office space – so creative 🙂 Also, yumm – I became hungry just looking at that tart..

  • I would LOVE to see a blog post all about everyone’s favorite planners and how you use them (including Elsie, Emma, Laura, etc). I’m always on the hunt for “the perfect planner.” The GET TO WORK BOOK looks like something I’d enjoy but I love to see more details about how you use it! It’s a little bit expensive for my budget so I want to make sure it’s something I’ll really use!

  • how did you stop biting your nails?? i need some serious help with that…

  • Really interested in the Get To Work Book. Would love to see a post later on about how it worked for you.

  • Emma–get a gel manicure stat! It will be some positive reinforcement for you breaking your habit! They’ll look so shiny and beautiful you may mistake them for candy though!! :-0

    Going to order that planner tomorrow. Second half of my year is going to be a fresh start for me – abandoning the planner I got in January and starting fresh! Thanks for sharing.

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