A Few of My Favorite Things

Tofu and plant standsFeeling more and more excited to get into personal projects lately. I think the winter blues are finally on their way out, and I’m feeling more myself! 1.) Love this tutorial for making tofu from chickpeas. I’ve gotta try this! 2.) What pretty plant stands. I am just in love with copper pipe projects lately.Planter and instax3.) Love, love this dip dyed plant hanger. Too pretty. 4.) Oh, man. This reminds me I NEED to pull out my Instax more often. I’ve hardly used it since our wedding last June. Shame on me. Edited with ABM actionsEdited with ABM actions Edited with ABM actions It makes us smile real wide when we see folks using the ABM actions. Love these: red dress, cute baby, pretty horses.

Other fun stuff around the internet lately:

Elise has a podcast now?! You cannot stop that lady.

•Now that I’ve seen this coffee french toast, I can’t un-see it. You know. Yum!

This makes me wanna have babies. Like, ASAP. I wonder if I can get my husband on board.

•Read this super good article on the current state of news media. Go, online publishers!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo. Emma