A Few of My Favorite Things

Lime chess pie and a pretty gardenSummer is winding down here in my little corner of the world. And although I’m excited for all the fall vibes that are on the horizon, I don’t want to say goodbye to summer! I have a few last things on my summer bucket list, including making at least one more citrus-themed pie (maybe this one?). And although it’s way too late to start a garden, what about a few more pretty potted plants like this space.

Pop tarts and beautiful viewsTrey and I started having a new dream this summer: creating our own campground! Love these canvas tents, found here, and wish I could borrow those mountains for, like, ever. And, man, I haven’t made homemade pop tarts in a long time. Must fix that oversight soon. I mean, don’t these look absolutely mouthwatering? 

Things I’m loving lately:

·I think I’m addicted to (faux) leather jackets. I really want this one. Too cute.

·Thought this article on giving away your work was really interesting.

·Love these adorable handmade horse shoe earrings. (Husband, are you reading this?)

·Been investigating local pottery classes. I’d just love to learn to use a pottery wheel. 

Hope you are having an awesome weekend! xo. Emma