A fun little idea for nail polish!



Hi there! The other day I came up with a fun new use for nail polish. I've always loved to look of vintage clothes pins and I collect the colorful plastic kind. I tried painting some wooden clothes pins, just for fun…




I think they turned out really pretty. This is a great use for half used bottles of nail polish. It's the little things… XO. elsie

  • When I was in elementary and middle school, I used to paint all of my pencils with nail polish! So cute!

  • When I was 17, I used my sparkly black nail polish to paint my spectacle frames to add that extra flashy look to it and everyone loved it!! And I had tons of compliments in school 🙂 Nail polish is great fun that’s for sure!!

  • That’s such a great idea! I have loads of half-used bottles of nail polish I can’t bear to throw away, but at the same time, I don’t want to wear those colors anymore. Never thought to use them as craft paint!

  • very cute. think i’ll have to try this idea out soon… i have way too many bottles of half used nail polish.

  • one of the things i love most about your blog is that you post nearly every day! and by golly its always something so cute and fun. you are my first stop for fun crafts and outfit inspiration!

  • Thats so cool, I did it the other week, and used the pegs to hang up images on my bedroom wall!! I love how shiny they look.

  • Nail polish is so versatile, fun, and easy to work with because it dries so quickly.

    I’ve used nail polish to change an undesirable color on a $5 generic sunflower picture I bought once, and instantly transformed it! The nail polish blended in perfectly and actually added depth to the picture.

    I’ve also used nail polish to change the color of buttons I’ve used as eyes in crafts 🙂


  • Nail polish is versatile, fun and easy to work with, especially since they already come with a small brush 🙂

    I’ve used it to change colors on generic prints – instant transformation, and button eyes in arts & crafts projects.

    I love working with nail polish in art projects.


  • I love the colors you picked elsie! This is such a cute idea. Nail polish is one of my favorite little treat items… xo

  • Great use of nail polish remainders. Everyone should also note that the EPA considers nail polish to be a hazardous material- so please use it up in projects such as this, or make sure to recycle properly! Please don’t throw it in the garbage!

  • Ok, what brand is that pea green nail polish? It’s the color of my dreams and up until now I haven’t been able to find it in real life!

  • OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! I’ve been working on my studio space all weekend and was thinking of garlands and how much I love penants. I’m dying right now! These are so awesome I want to go straight to my studio and craft all of them! Love Love it all!

    Thanks Elsie!

  • You know, I really use to enjoy your blog. But the posts you’ve been doing along this vein actually make me die inside a bit.

  • Cute because it prevents you from buying paint you won’t need or use AND using your nail polish before they go bad.

  • I have a friend who is an artist, and all her paintings are done in nail polish. Can’t remember which nail polish company started giving her free polish when they found out….she would love this! Her cell phone is decorated with nail polish, too.

    Love this idea! Never would have thought of it. I’m going to decorate some for bag clips and magnets, if I get the chance. Thanks! So excited to try your garland ideas, too.

  • Really love your ideas! I tried this one out for myself, here is the result! Thanks for the inspiration ❤

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  • (Health and Beauty) I purchased this Sinful Colors at a local store, thughot wow its rather cheap but I’ve tried other polishes before that were cheap. This polish is the worst I’ve ever used though! I put a Revlon base coat on, followed by the polish and it creates a flat finish like no shine at all! Looks horrible! I can say it’s not the base coat causing it, because never had this problem before. Nail polish remover is calling my name!

  • I wasn’t all about jumping on the shetatr bandwagon but then it came in silver. So I gave it a shot. My first application did not go well. However, I figured out that it IS truly all in the application. 1. Be sure your polish is completely dry before applying the shetatr. 2. Be sure to shake thoroughly. 3. BE SURE TO APPLY THE THINNEST COAT!! This is what gives you the best shetatr experience. I was skeptical that it would look anything like the pictures. If applied correctly, it looks great!

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  • have you found a polish that dosen’t chip? i use sally hsnaen, and sephora by o.p.i. and they both chip horribly. i wash dishes constantly. i need a suggestion for maybe a top coat. if anyone knows you do. i just started painting my nails , i have to say i am an addict. but i hate chipping polish . it looks like prostitute nails. (crack whores) .i just can’t dig it.thnx Amy

  • (Health and Beauty) I recently puchrased the set of polish and got it very quickly. I looked at all the different colors then realized that I had 2 of the exact same colors but different names. I emailed the seller and they replaced one of them for free! No charge for anything and got to keep the extra one of the same color. Have to say that was pretty cool!

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  • Amyyyyy you play tooooooo much with ALL THESE nail phsiloes. Holy shi*! lol how in the world do you keep track and not accidentally purchase duplicates??? And then to top it off, the dogs are just sitting there like ooooh just chillin with my mom’s nail polish collection lol your nail color is cute though!

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