A Gold Chair ReStyle

Old wicker chair painted with Martha Stewart liquid gilding… so pretty!I've been making jokes that my husband should worry about our whole house turning gold. As it turns out, a coat of shiny gold paint is pretty much the best thing ever… and it's addictive! So in honor of my little gold obsession, here's a restyle that was really fun to work on. :) 

Chair makeover (before)I purchased this painted white vintage chair from a flea market a few weeks ago. I loved the shape, hated the cushion and couldn't wait to see it in a new color!  

Old wicker chair painted with Martha Stewart liquid gilding… so pretty! First, I painted the whole chair with this gold paint. I love this paint because it only takes one coat. The downside is that it's oil based, but if you use disposable brushes, and are careful not to spill it's not so bad. I say be careful not to spill because my favorite jeans were the victim of this project. Ruined. Haha- oh well! 🙂 One more thing to note- it's ideal to use this paint outdoors or in a VERY well ventilated area.

There was a little bit of structural damage to the chair. My dad fixed it up with a few super long screws. Now it's much more sturdy! 

DIY chair makeover!We made a new cushion. This was super easy! We used some pretty ikat fabric, bright yellow binding and quilt batting. The old cushion was used as a template to stitch up the new one. It's not perfect, but I love the pattern and color combination! 

That's my weekend project! What did you do this weekend? xo. Elsie 

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