a little shop update…

just a baby one! :D 

here are a few of the new things Erin & I put up today…. 

IMG_7653 (my favorite new painting … tie with this one. )


this painting is based on a daydream i had about the last living creature in the universe (a baby fawn) who was raised by loving robots. 


this rad wooden nerd glasses necklace


and these adorable mustaches by Something's Hiding in Here!

Photo 358

see the rest here!


i already have one list started & saved from a while back, but tell me some things from your *wish list* that you'd like to see in the RVA shop this summer & maybe even Autumn… i like to hear your ideas! 

XO. elsie 

PS. we've extended our gift vinyl (comes free with all $75+ purchases!), by request, until tomorrow morning at 10am CST…last chance :D 

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  • and yayyyyyyyy I have still managed to post to each entry!!!!!!!!!!

    ooo and perler bead patterns would be cool. random thought.
    and you gotta make a tear a day calendar. i think you and rachel should make one together. hahah. i’m giving you work now.
    ummmm, i’ll think of more!

    OMG I MIGHT NEED YOU TO PAINT A FAKE TATTOO ON MY SISTER AND I. (we are sadly NOT allowed to get tats) but we keep telling my mom we are getting htem in missouri. hahaha. so you might have to paint fake ones! 🙂

  • Does that vinyl lettering come on and off the wall easily? I’m interested in some!

    This is a far fetched wish, but I wish that RVA made small backpacks. It’s hard to find a cute backpack anywhere besides Dickies brand, and lately all they make are plain canvas colors. I’d love to see red gingham and patchwork quilt style packs, that would be so great. And I could dec’ mine out in pins and patches and embroidery patterns from the RVA store!

  • Girl, your art is getting better all the time. Adorable painting! I would love to see more wall decals in the online shop. How about t-shirts, maybe even kids/babies’ sizes?

  • I’d love to see some more embroidery patterns and art journal kits. Wouldn’t it be cool if ya’ll did some of the embroidery patterns and brooches and even the stickers in vinyl? I’d totally buy some of those.

  • YES temporary tattoos!!!!
    And photo books and maybe personalised (blank) polaroids? I’ve seen some hello kitty ones lately 😀 so so cute!

    love the painting 🙂

  • planners/calendars would be great. AND–I randomly requested this once before, but I am doing it again–an Elsie coloring book!
    This has been **so** much fun.

  • I love all the ideas above, but my favorite one is a coloring book. I know a 6 years old girl that would love to color Elsie’s fawns, and a happy mom who would be happy to frame and put on the wall!

  • I’m loving the planner idea that Katherine mentioned above… I’ve been trying to make one myself but I never have the time to finish it! hehe It’d be sooo much easier to just buy one that’s already cute-d out. 🙂

  • coloring book



    more aprons

    more tshirts

    temp tattoos

    oh so much! i looooove it all!


  • the usual votes for:

    -art journal kits

    -embroidery patterns (perhaps do like sublime stitching and have artist/guests do exclusive patterns that you sell?)

    -coloring book

    -temporary tattoos


    other ideas:

    -books / ‘zines (on a theme a color a techinique or whatever)

    -art in embroidery hoops

    -teddy/panda bears (like stuffed animals or kits to make them or both)

    -nametags (‘hello, my name is’ kind)

    -scrap packs (fabric, ribbon, thread, notions, etc)

  • I would love to see more of the vinyl wall decals, especially for kids rooms. And maybe rub ons for fabric or scrapbooking. or cute iron on patches.

  • oooh!! hand printed/painted/dyed fabric (and ribbon, thread, lace, etc.) ! 🙂

    –patches (sew on, not iron on)

    –lip balm

    –notebooks (like spiral bound kind used for school)

    -silje’s kool-aid dyed yarn

    -as always, online classes. 🙂




    what does Erin and Victoria and others make/do? It is always fun to incorporate people who work there or whatever, but I don’t know either of them so I can’t say anything specific..

  • OMGGG, elsie that is seeeeriously my most favorite painting you have ever done in the history of elsiecake paintings! ever! like more than the undie love, holy cow…. great work miss elsie. loves!

  • i might be drooling. so sad too that im gonna miss out on the vinyl. boo hoo:(

    elsie, i would love to see the beautiful mess art journal kit and goodies that you did at the craft weekend, go up in the store. ah, just the thought. lovin everything!!!

  • can’t wait to get mine!! I ordered a bunch of stuff last week and am very excited 🙂

    i’d love to see mugs in the store. handpainted. pretty. 🙂

    thanks for this day elsie…it’s been wonderful.

  • more ideas –

    the rva dinosaur as a softie kit…

    dream catchers

    luggage tags

    and the idea for an online RVA community group. You sell memberships to us – we will be your cute girl brigade and we can make things and talk to each other on a forum.

  • omg your new painting is SOOOOOO cute. i like the idea of a fawn being the last living animal. :] it makes me warm and fuzzy. haha

  • More art journal kits 🙂 I was thinking “Where the Wild Things Are” since the movie comes out soon. I am OBSESSED with your kits–they make me feel so happy.

  • sooo lovin the painting!!! temporaty tats would be sooo fun!!!! have you made the girls into actual dolls of material?? those would be soo freakin cute

  • anything ” where the wild things are” (one of my fave books and so excited about the movie coming out… like paintings and journals and monsters would be very cool 🙂

  • I would love to see some art magnets.

    T -shirts with your paintings on it.

    Embroidered T-Shirts.

    I love your new painting. It´s great.

    The fawn is sooooo cute.

  • I would love to see felt and fabric toys, maybe even DIY kits for them. Silje’s mittens and some cute scarfs for fall/winter. Uh, maybe some colorful tights as well.
    And I love all your kits, I have purchased a couple, love them.

  • your new painting is so beautiful and cute and amazing – i love it!!!
    p.s. thank you for the awesome blog party 🙂

  • ooh! also, i would loooove to see DIY kits for fabric toys/ dolls (like the ones in the first online class that were felt); umm, felt laptop cases/ covers; a really cute coffee flask; DEFINITELY planners; cute stationary – like pencil cases and stuff; and maybe cute little things for decorating the inside of cars? like those little toys and stuff that you hang up on the mirror… don’t know if any of that made sense but i totally agree with everyone else’s suggestions – i think top of the list should be an elsie colouring book 😉


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